Just One Day/Gayle Forman Read Along – Week 4

Jenna Does Books is our lovely host for this leg of the Gayle Forman Read Along! She’s been a fantastic host for us so far with some really great questions! Onto week four!

September 18th (Chapters 1-9): Questions week 1
September 25th (Chapters 10-19): Answers week 1, questions week 2
October 2nd (Chapters 20-29): Answers week 2, questions week 3
October 9th (Chapters 30-39): Answers week 3, questions week 4
October 16th: Answers week 4, Recap, Winner Announcement


  1. Why do you think Allyson was able travel to Paris alone, even without the “protection” of the faux identity, “Lulu”, or Willem? What is the significance of this accomplishment?
    I think Allyson is finally growing up. Well honestly, I probably wouldn’t be able to travel to Paris alone so that’s really impressive! But she’s really taking a step towards not only being independent, but being her own person and not feeling like she needs to rely on anyone. She wants to take that dive and seek adventure on her own. Sure, she goes back to Paris to find Willem, but she also goes back to Paris for HER. She changed a lot in Paris and I think she also wants to go back to feel the way she had before.
  2. Did you ever fear throughout the trip that Allyson would revert to her earlier ways?
    I actually didn’t. I think she made it that far to Paris… What else was she going to do there? She’s too responsible to waste her own hard-earned money and I think she had already set her mind on this trip and exactly what she aimed to accomplish there. There was maybe a moment in the very beginning, but I’m glad she got over that quickly!
  3. In what ways does Allyson’s second trip to Paris/Europe differ from her first?
    Allyson does a lot of things on her own this trip. She does have help from her friends, but SHE takes the leaps and she was in control of her own destiny. It was good to see her like that! I like that we got taken back to Paris and we got to see how different she really became.
  4. Speculation: Who do you think the girl was with Willem? (Don’t spoil this if you have read Just One Year.)
    Oh. Then I can’t! 🙂
  5. Final thoughts: What was going through your head when the door opened at the end of the book?
    “KISS HER, YOU FOOL!” Then after that, I started wondering what happened with Willem (probably because I knew Just One Year was coming) and if he had been looking for Allyson too!

Another HUGE thank you to Jenna at Jenna Does Books for hosting this leg of the read along! I hope everyone had fun reading (or re-reading) JUST ONE DAY and don’t forget — We’re starting JUST ONE YEAR in just a few days! I’ll be posting the questions for week one of the read along on Friday 10/18 and then we start reading! Let me know if you’ll be joining in the comments below! I can’t wait to hear what everyone thinks!

October 18th: Questions week 1
October 23rd: Answers week 1, week 2 questions
October 30th: Answers week 2, week 3 questions
November 6th: Answers week 3, week 4 questions
November 13th: Answers week 4, wrap-up

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