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1/7/20: 2020 Bookish Resolutions: Let’s see what I can accomplish in 2020 with some simple goals!

5/15/19: Someone Just Said “Audiobooks Aren’t Books” and You’re About to Get a Rant: If audiobooks aren’t books, I haven’t read in years…

3/21/18: Book-to-Screen Adaptations: Is the book always better?

10/5/17: Getting Real With Ratings! It’s been harder to find 5 star reads lately…

7/20/17: Falling Out of Love with an Author/Series: It happens but I hate it!

2/27/17: Spoilers… How Soon is Too Soon? How long do you have to say things in spoiler tags?

2/22/17: On Being the Black Sheep: Too often I’m the only person who dislikes popular books/series!

10/14/16: Do Character Deaths Affect Your Rating? Can a character death make a book worse (or better?) for you??

10/5/16: Blogging Slumps: It happens to the best of us! Do you get blog burn out?

6/15/16: Kicking ARCs to the Curb (sort of): ARCs are a lot of responsibility!

4/27/16: On Book Slumps: We all get them! How do you get out of a reading slump?

4/19/16: Reflections after Blogging for Four Years: Looking back on my experiences!

2/5/16: It’s Hard to Say No: Have trouble saying no to opportunities? Gather around, fellow “yes” people!

8/25/16: Blogging Statistics: More Than Just Followers: I’m a person who loves stats! I think they’re interesting and help you grow, and numbers aren’t always about the reach for more followers.

7/29/15: In Defense of Insta-Love Insta-love isn’t ALL bad. It may not all be good but I think it CAN be done well!

7/24/15: On Going In Blind: I LOVE going into books blind. I think it leaves more surprises that way! How do you guys approach starting a new read?

7/7/15: 17 Books to Give You a Book Hangover Personally I love book hangovers! Bring on the emotion any day! Here are some more books to give you all the feeeeels!

6/15/15: I Believe in American Hogwarts J.K. Rowling revealed that there’s a school of magic in the US! I theorize where it might be & what it might look like!

3/9/15: Why We Need to Cut Ourselves Some Slack We as book bloggers put a bit TOO much pressure on ourselves. It’s a hobby! Go easy on yourself!

1/21/15: On Changing Ratings Have you ever changed a rating for a book after you’ve already rated it? What factors go into your decisions?

7/8/14: Why DNFs Are Not A Bad Thing! Not finishing a book MAY make you feel guilty… But it’s for the better! Trust me! (For you and for authors!)

6/9/14: Whatever You Do… Don’t Look Back! (Thoughts on Old Reviews) Have you ever looked back on old posts and reviews and been embarrassed? Or are you proud of where you started and where you are now? We’re discussing the emotions and reactions to older posts versus newer!

6/4/14: BEA 2014 Recap! Everything from BEA 2014 I could possibly recap in a post!

5/17/14: I’m Ready for #BEA14! Look for me at BEA 2014! The places I’ll be, authors I want to meet, books I want to grab, and a very special quick VLOG!

5/12/14: Total Romance Domination? I love a good romance in a book, but do you ever feel like romances are taking over books nowadays? Do you feel like world building and character development is taking a backseat?

4/16/14: Do the Endings of Books/Series Affect Your Overall Opinion? Have you ever read a book, got to the ending and then felt the need to change your whole opinion? Has the last book in a series caused you NOT to recommend that series anymore?

3/7/14: So You’re Going to BEA For the First Time? I’m sharing my tips and tricks and everything I learned as a BEA newbie last year!

3/6/14: Book Therapy Session: Do we put too much pressure on ourselves as readers/bloggers/reviewers to read a certain number of books? Of ARCs? To meet our self-imposed goals?

1/31/14: Branching Out Into Fantasy: ON THE SAME PAGE features DAYS OF BLOOD AND STARLIGHT and I talk about how this series brought me around to really appreciate & love fantasy!

1/15/14: The Slow Start: Do you have issues when books start off slowly? Does this affect your overall rating?

1/10/14: A ROOMIE story & giveaway! I shared my roommate story with the world in promotion of the fantastic book ROOMIES by Tara Altebrando and Sara Zarr! (Giveaway now closed)

1/7/14: Celebrity Doppelgangers on YA Covers: Have you ever noticed that a ton of YA cover models just HAPPEN to look like celebs? I share the ones I’ve spotted!

1/1/14: Reading Resolutions: My new goals for 2014!

12/30/13: Why I Read YA (and How It’s Changed My Life): The reasons — both funny and serious — about why I read young adult fiction and how it’s changed my life for the better!

7/25/13: Spoiler Alert or Spoiler-Free? I’m terrified of accidental spoilers! How do you handle spoilers in reviews?

7/2/13: A (Healthy) Fear of Commitment: I’ve had my hand in a LOT of things lately… Time to chill out for the summer and get organized again! No more speed-requesting!

6/6/13: BEA Recap! I went to BEA this year!!! It was amaaaazing. See what I did, who I met, and what books I took home!

5/22/13: Proud to Be a Nerd!: I love being a nerd! Books, TV shows, you name it.

4/30/13: DNF Reviews: Is it “reasonable” to post a review for a book I didn’t finish? How much of a book do I read before I decide not to finish?

2/15/13: The Second in a Series Slump: A phenomenon when Book Two just doesn’t live up to Book One (and more).

2/8/13: The Best-Friend-Turned-Boyfriend Romance: My favorite kind.

2/1/13: Communication Breakdown: Talking about genre mash-up & confusion – The good, the bad, and the really ugly

12/3/12: Saying ‘So Long’ to the Twilight Saga: My feelings about the books & movies, looking back

11/16/12: Let’s Talk [1]: Series: As part of the “Let’s Talk” meme, I chose a few series and standalones to discuss!

10/31/12: The Elementals: A Perfect Example of New Adult: Talking about how I think this book fits perfectly in the “New Adult” age range

8/1/12: Are Books Back? (Or How Harry Potter Led to Accidental Theivery): Are books regaining popularity? And a Harry Potter anecdote

7/9/12: My Opinion on… Letting Reviews Influence My Reading Habits: Should I or should I not let other people’s reviews help my choose?

4/14/12: My Opinion on YA Novels: My very first (and slightly embarrassing) discussion post – Talking about my feelings on YA…. before I really read YA!!

Hi, I'm Brittany!
Hi, I'm Brittany!

I'm an avid reader, candle-maker, and audiobook lover! Here you'll find book reviews, fun blog posts, and my other loves of photography & craft beer!

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