Fortnight of Fright 2014: Short Story – “The Hole” (Michelle from Unraveling Books)


Welcome to our third annual FORTNIGHT OF FRIGHT event!
October 17th – October 31st, 2013

Two years ago, Alyssa (Books Take You Places) and I really bonded over our mutual love of Halloween and came up with the idea for A FORTNIGHT OF FRIGHT: a two-week long event celebrating everything Halloween and horror-related! We decided to bring it back again for the third annual Fortnight of Fright event, this time along with Amy (Tripping Over Books), so this event is brought to you by all of the gals from On the Same Page!

Today, Michelle from Unraveling Books wrote a short story called “The Hole”! It’s lots of fun and quick read so I hope you enjoy her Halloween short!!

“The Hole”

    “Shh, he’s coming!”
“Ow! Timmy you’re stepping on my foot!”
“Anna be quiet. We have to scare Conor this time! On the count of three. 1, 2, 3…NOW!”
Anna and Timmy threw the closet door open and yelled “BOO!”
“Really? That’s the best you two could come up with?”
“Ugh, we’re never going to be able to scare you!” exclaimed Anna.
“I know,” Conor said with a smirk. “Come on, it’s time to go to the pumpkin patch.
Timmy and Anna followed Conor downstairs to his parents’ car waiting out front.
“Alright kids, buckle up!” said Mr. Davis.

     “Ooh look at this one!” Anna yelled from across the patch. “Conor, Timmy come look!”
The boys run over and find Anna holding a pumpkin the size of her palm.
“Anna, you called us all the way over here for that?” asked Conor with disbelief.
“Look how cute it is!”
“Oh my God, I’m going back. Call us if you actually find a REAL pumpkin.”
“Yeah. I’m with him.” Timmy said and followed Conor.
After twenty minutes, the place began getting more crowded so Anna headed closer to the trees surrounding the pumpkin patch. When she got there, she noticed Timmy, too.
“Hey, any luck?”
Timmy just stared at the trees.
“Timmy?” Anna tried again.
“Let’s go in here,” he finally said.

“Ok, hold on. Hey! Conor! Conor! Come with us!”
Conor ran over.
“What’s going on? Where are we going?”
“In here,” said Timmy.
After about five minutes, they came to a run down looking house and right there in the front were three of the largest pumpkins they had ever seen.
“Whoa! Awesome!” exclaimed Conor. “Look at these!”
The three kids ran to the pumpkins.
“Timmy, how did you know to come in here?”
“I don’t know. It just felt like I should.”
“We need to find something to cut them off their vines,” said Conor.
The three kids walked around the house and found a shed in the back. Walking in, they found all kinds of tools, including a giant pair of gardening shears.
“Perfect.” Conor grabbed the shears and they all walked back to the front of the house. Timmy picked up the first vine pulling it tight so that Conor could cut it. Once the vine was cut, the two boys started pushing the first pumpkin out of the way. But then suddenly as they were pushing the second one, a vine reached out and wrapped itself around Timmy and yanked him to the ground!
“Ahhh! Guys help! HELP!”
“Anna, grab Timmy’s hand and help me pull him!”
The ground suddenly opened up and Anna screamed and let go of Timmy’s hand.
But Anna just stood there screaming as Conor’s grip loosened from the strength of the vine pulling on Timmy.
“Conor, please don’t let go!”
“I’m trying Timmy but I’m not strong enough.”
     Suddenly another vine reached out and grabbed Conor, and the hole in the ground shot out a bright light. The light was so bright that Anna covered her eyes, but when she opened them, her friends were gone.
Scared, Anna turned around to run back to the pumpkin patch, but right in front of her was the pumpkin they had cut loose earlier and this time it had a face with an evil grin.
“What in the-“
The pumpkin let out a loud roar, the wind picked up and next thing Anna knew she was flying in the air, trapped like she was in a twister. The hole opened back up and then she was thrown in the hole, joining Conor and Timmy.

    “Wow, kids those pumpkins look great! Where’d you find them?”
“It’s a secret, Mr. Davis.”
Mr. Davis laughed. “Okay, well let’s get these in the trunk and then tonight we can carve them.”
The pumpkins were loaded into the trunk and everyone piled into the car.
“Guys, how come you all look a little orange?”
“Because we used to be pumpkins but we took Conor, Timmy and Anna, sucked them into a hole in the ground and took over their bodies. We’re not even human.”
“You kids and your imagination.”

Thanks, Michelle! What a fun little story! I hope you all enjoyed it and also importantly, I hope you have a great Halloween! Thanks for making this year’s Fortnight of Fright just as great!

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Hi, I'm Brittany!

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