Blog Tour: Nil on Fire by Lynne Matson | Guest Post

Blog Tour: Nil on Fire by Lynne Matson | Guest Post

Welcome to the blog tour for
NIL ON FIRE by Lynne Matson

Today I’m sharing my blog post for NIL ON FIRE by Lynne Matson as a part of the blog tour! Thanks to the team at Macmillan and Fierce Reads for inviting me to be a part of it!! I’ve been on the blog tour for each NIL book so far and I’m so excited to share one last NIL post with some fun survival tips from author Lynne Matson!

Before we jump into the tour, let’s take a second to check out some details about the book:

Blog Tour: Nil on Fire by Lynne Matson | Guest PostTitle: Nil on Fire (Nil #3) by Lynne Matson
Publishing Info: May 31, 2016 by Macmillan
Genres: Young Adult, Science Fiction
Find it on the web: Buy from Amazon // GoodreadsDate Completed: April 18, 2016
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Despite Rives and Skye's attempt to destroy Nil, the island remains. And back in this world, Nil won't let Skye go. Haunted by a darkness she can't ignore, Skye wrestles with Nil nightmares that worsen by the day and threaten to tear her apart. As Skye fights to keep her mind intact, she realizes that to finally break free of Nil, she must end Nil's vicious cycle once and for all--and she can't do it alone.
Who will return to Nil, and in the end, who will survive? In this thrilling final installment of the Nil series, the stakes have never been higher: everyone's fate hangs in the balance, including Nil's own--and Nil will fight to the death. When the full force of the island is unleashed, Skye faces an impossible choice, a cruel one she'd never imagined she'd have to make. Soon one Nil truth becomes painfully clear: only one side can win.
Losing isn't an option, but winning will cost Skye everything.
Perfect for fans of Lost and survivalist stories, NIL ON FIRE is a stunning conclusion to the Nil trilogy that will leave readers breathless.


A quick note to all my readers:  Finishing a trilogy is both bitter and sweet, and saying goodbye to my characters and the Nil world was HARD.  But it’s not over…yet. And if you find yourself on Nil, maybe these tips will help you survive. If I could, I’d protect you from ALL THE CREATURES. Good luck, and Godspeed home.

Lynne’s Handy Tips for Surviving Nil

Before we get going, let’s talk about the post. How do you make a Nil survival kit? The problem is, whatever you pack won’t make it to Nil, right? Because when you go through a gate, you fall out the other side NAKED. Without clothes, without shoes, without that handy sling pack you spent so much time lovingly preparing. You’ll show up without a cell phone, sat phone, a survival guide, or much of a clue.

Unless you prepared yourself—and I’m no longer talking about gear.

So let’s get down to the business of being prepared—physically, mentally, and emotionally. Because those three parts of the equation are what will help you survive Nil.:) Ready?

1) Get ready to run. 

To survive Nil, it helps to be in shape. I’m not saying you need to be in Baywatch form, but generally being fit helps. If you aren’t fit when you arrive, you’ll probably be in shape fairly soon, because Nil is physically demanding. You have to find—and catch—your food, and you have to find—and catch—a gate, which is your ticket home. On any given day, there is a ton of running involved on Nil—running toward gates, and away from things that might eat you.

And speaking of eating, on Nil, everyone is on a paleo diet—lots of fish, shrimp, plants, eggs, and a few other animals if the teens have been lucky (and the animals, unlucky). So to prepare physically, you might want to cut processed foods ahead of time and suffer through sugar and caffeine withdrawal sooner rather than later. Or not.:) Up to you…

2) Get your head straight.

Half of surviving Nil is mental. Maybe more than half. Isn’t that the way life is anyway?

On Nil, the teens have one year to escape or they die. Even as the series goes on, escape is never guaranteed. So every day the teens live with a personal countdown looming over their head… not unlike Justin Timberlake’s movie, IN TIME.

How would you live knowing each day might be your last, and that you definitely only have a year (at least, in the one place)?  The answer is up to you, but I think knowing about the deadline in advance might help you prepare mentally.

So…when you’re on Nil, you need to stay strong. You have to decide I’m going to survive. You have to believe it. And above all, you don’t let Nil get in your head…

3) Guard your heart—and your humanity.

Nil is packed with tough choices, presented on a daily basis. Remember, Nil is an island of teens, without the comforts of civilization. No TVs (no ARROW, Sherlock, Dr. Who, Bloodlines, etc—pick your favorite TV obsession…it’s not there!), no phones, no parents. But (assuming you made it to Nil City) you’re not alone, and—despite the mania of noon and the constant tick tock in your own head—there’s plenty of downtime. You might make friends, and you might lose them…or you might save them. Don’t let fear hold you back from caring about people, or letting them in to your life—and maybe your heart. Stay true to yourself, always. And don’t lose hope—in yourself, in others, in your ability to survive and, if you end up there soon, in the dream of ending Nil once and for all. Keep your hope safe in your heart, and guard it with your life. 🙂

Thank you so much for having me, Brittany!:)

Happy reading everyone! And thank you sweet readers, for staying until the end. NIL ON FIRE is for you. 🙂

Thanks, Lynne! That was such a fun post and I TOTALLY agree with your fantastic tips! I’d personally have to do a lot of physical training before I got to Nil, otherwise I’d be sure to be eaten up by some wild animals haha!!

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