My Latest Bookish Addiction [17] – Fandom Bookmarks


In keeping with the theme of my blog, I decided to start bringing you updates of the newest and greatest bookish addictions in my life so I can share with you some awesomely bookish things or discuss if maybe we share the same bookish loves. It seemed like a great way to get a little discussion going in a very relaxed way.

This Edition’s Bookish Addiction? Fandom bookmarks! 

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these since my latest addictions tend to be the same (audiobooks, The Lunar Chronicles, Instagram, more audiobooks…) but lately I’ve been getting more and more into book-related merch! My shelves are STACKED and I always have too many books to read (seriously, when will I ever get through my TBR!) so I’m not as crazy about adding new books to my shelves as I used to be. I just don’t want so many books to go unread and then money going to waste if I never get to them. Instead, I’ve been putting my allotted book money towards merchandise and fandom-related items! They’re wonderful decorations for my shelves and great props for bookstagram photos, plus they just bring me general joy!

I’ve been really getting into bookmarks. I think I love them so much because they’re so beautiful and great expressions of fandoms and they don’t destroy your bank account. I’ve shelled out more money for some heftier bookmarks but for the most part, they’re so affordable and shipping doesn’t kill you either because they can be shipped in an envelope! Here are some of my favorite shops:

fandom bookmarks

  • Marquis du Soleil | Caitlin creates such beautiful water color bookmarks! There’s such a large variety for so many books and the bookmarks themselves are just wonderful. The paper is high quality, designs are beautiful, and shipping is fast!
  • Skinny Hues | I just ADORE these bookmarks. They were some of the first fandom ones that I purchased and they’re always amazing. They ship from Germany but shipping is cheap since it’s just in an envelope so I usually stock up and buy a few at a time!
  • Marked by Mary | Mary’s bookmarks are gorgeous. They’re handlettered and woodburned. I purchased one and simply love it!
  • Behind the Pages | I love Gina’s unique bookmark design! Her bookmarks ship from Australia so shipping (transit) takes a little bit to get to me in the US but she gets them out the door so quickly and I’m always happy with my purchases!

What are your favorite book-inspired bookmarks? Do you have any favorite Etsy (or other) shops?

Hi, I'm Brittany!
Hi, I'm Brittany!

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