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I was chatting with my dear friend Andi from Andi’s ABCs the other day, mulling over what kind of new blog post I could possibly come up with for my blog. After blogging for five years and feeling like I’m repeating so many things and having candles take over my life with Novelly Yours (in a good way), I just don’t have as much time or energy to create some of those fun graphics and infographics that I used to love to spend hours and even days creating! Book and a Beverage really kind of died out with so many people having already done it and me having a hard time keeping track of blog posts sometimes so she suggested I switch things up to fit my life with more of what I’m doing now… and do a little switch from books & beverages to books & candles! I already post quite a bit of books & candles on my Instagram account and it seemed like the perfect way to really tie everything back together!

Here on A Book and a Candle, I share two of my favorite things! I started my own candle shop about two years ago and ever since then, my candle addiction has only grown exponentially! I share a lot of my photos on Instagram but not many really make it to my blog so this seemed like a great opportunity to talk some more about books and candles and how one enhances the other!

Today I’m sharing a photo of my one and only piece of WONDER WOMAN merch along with my copy of the book! I actually have the hardcover sitting on my shelf but I was too lazy to take it down (I have so much merch sitting on top of book, it’s crazy) so I used my ARC instead! I recently purchased this candle from Flickering Tales and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to talk about it a little bit more!

THE CANDLE: Themyscira from Flickering Tales
Candle scents: ocean, sandalwood, citrus

It’s no secret that I’m a huge Leigh Bardugo fan so when I heard she was writing a Wonder Woman story, I was instantly excited and intrigued! I’m not a big super hero/comic person so the concept of DC origin stories was fun but not really in my wheelhouse, but nevertheless, I was excited for each one of them!

I finished WONDER WOMAN: WARBRINGER a month or two ago and really enjoyed it! Diana was actually my least favorite character of the book because she’s so… wholesome haha! I adore Leigh Bardugo’s sassy and/or morally gray characters so those were the ones I was more drawn to. But the story was fun and creative and so it was so interesting reading something that wasn’t the Grishaverse!

I actually didn’t plan on collecting any WONDER WOMAN merch because the Grishaverse is where my heart truly lies and if I planned on collecting all the WW books and candles and such, well, I would have to have a whole new bookcase just for Leigh Bardugo items (which realistically, I may need anyway)! I have so many items relating to Shadow and Bone and The Dregs that I didn’t want to add WW candles to it too (and ya know, I should listen to my bank account) but I was so happy to receive the Themyscira candle in Flickering Tales’ Leigh Barudgo locations box!

Flickering Tales has started releasing special edition boxes based on a theme, as many candle shops now do, and I couldn’t pass the opportunity to grab one based on Leigh Bardugo’s books and special locations within them. To be honest, I totally forgot about WW and didn’t think of it being included and I’m SUPER glad it was because the Themyscira candle is actually my favorite of the bunch! I don’t know what it is about it but it just makes my heart happy and reminds me of something comforting and that is truly the best kind of candle magic!

Rachael’s Themyscira candle smells like ocean, sandalwood, and citrus and the scent combination is a perfect balance! I can smell the calming notes of the ocean waves and the vibe of the candle is like being outdoors, standing on the shoreline. I’m not the biggest fan of sandalwood but I love it in this candle, adding a musky and earthy note to the overall profile without overwhelming the other scents as sandalwood can sometimes too. And the citrus blends beautifully with the other two scents, rolling into the overall affect of the rolling sea. These scents just really blended together beautifully and the final effect is simply wonderful!

This candle was a part of a special release box so unfortunately, it’s not on sale on its own but Flickering Tales has a few other candles that have ocean or sea notes that you might want to check out if this sounded interesting to you! She has candles inspired by DAUGHTER OF THE PIRATE KING, Shades of Magic, Stalking Jack the Ripper, and more!

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** All candles featured in A Book and a Candle have been obtained by my own choosing, whether by direct purchase or in a candle swap and there have been no exchanges or free product sent to me to feature. Candle shops featured are of my choosing and each candle summary/review are my own words and opinions. I have not been influenced in any way to write these posts other than my own pure enjoyment of each candle! I’m just sharing what I love! ** 

Hi, I'm Brittany!
Hi, I'm Brittany!

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