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I was chatting with my dear friend Andi from Andi’s ABCs the other day, mulling over what kind of new blog post I could possibly come up with for my blog. After blogging for five years and feeling like I’m repeating so many things and having candles take over my life with Novelly Yours (in a good way), I just don’t have as much time or energy to create some of those fun graphics and infographics that I used to love to spend hours and even days creating! Book and a Beverage really kind of died out with so many people having already done it and me having a hard time keeping track of blog posts sometimes so she suggested I switch things up to fit my life with more of what I’m doing now… and do a little switch from books & beverages to books & candles! I already post quite a bit of books & candles on my Instagram account and it seemed like the perfect way to really tie everything back together!

Here on A Book and a Candle, I share two of my favorite things! I started my own candle shop about two years ago and ever since then, my candle addiction has only grown exponentially! I share a lot of my photos on Instagram but not many really make it to my blog so this seemed like a great opportunity to talk some more about books and candles and how one enhances the other!

Today I’m sharing a photo of my beautiful, special edition copy of OUTLANDER and an Outlander-inspired candle from Canterbury Road Co!

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THE CANDLE: Air Like Cider from Canterbury Road Co
Candle scents: hot cider, smoky nutmeg, autumn fog

I actually haven’t read OUTLANDER yet but I’ve been meaning to for a very long time! It’s such a big series — in the number of pages and number of books — that it’s been a little intimidating to start but I’ve started a sort of unintentional tradition where I read a big series (or at least start one) each year. Since I’m all caught up in Brandon Sanderson books and those seem to be go-tos for big series selections, I’m looking towards Outlander as the large series that I want to start in 2018!

I received this beautiful copy from my best friend Amy as wedding present and it’s so special to me! My bridesmaids each gifted me a book that was special to them and wrote a personal note inside to me for my wedding day and it was such a wonderful and perfect gift! Not only is this one of Amy’s favorite books/series, but her hand-written note inside makes this special edition even more special!

I’m not sure which format I’ll choose for my OUTLANDER read yet. I’ve been doing a lot of audiobook reads for my longer books because they’re easier to get through and less intimidating sometimes, so I may end up listening to the audiobooks for these! I’ve heard they’re very good and then I can treasure my special copy of the book and not worry about spilling something on it or toting it around.

Even though I haven’t read the series yet, I knew I needed this candle from Canterbury Road Co! I looove autumn scents and this candle is delicious perfection. It’s spicy, a little smoky, and a little earthy to combine all of my favorite things about fall. I haven’t burned it yet but I absolutely love the scent and I’m hoping to burn it while I read OUTLANDER next year!

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Hi, I'm Brittany!
Hi, I'm Brittany!

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