Binge Watch Complete: The Santa Clarita Diet

I’ve been doing a lot of binge-watching lately and I thought it would be fun to stray a bit from books and talk about some more TV shows! With this feature, I’ll be sharing a little bit about my binge-watching experience and things I liked about the show! 

** Disclaimer: These posts may contain VERY MINOR spoilers for the shows in discussion. I will never reveal big twists or plot points but if you haven’t watched the show, there may be some very broad plot points discussed. **

METHOD OF VIEWING: Netflix (Seasons 1 – 3)
SHOW COMPLETE? No, but caught up through currently released seasons

I really love a good dark comedy and surprisingly zombie shows seem to be getting added to my Netflix watchlist. I’m not usually a big zombie person but add some comedy into it, and I am so there. (I’m also currently watching iZombie right now. I think I’m almost done with season 2). I had heard good things about The Santa Clarita Diet and I’m so glad I finally watched it!

I zipped through the first two seasons so quickly! They’re so easy and fun to watch and it was a great show to watch while I was working. Light enough that it kept me motivated and my focus was able to drift a bit but still with an interesting plot and that great comedic punch. I love that Drew Berrymore took on this role and I think it’s so much fun seeing big actors taking on roles for Netflix movies and TV shows! I feel like Netflix originals were kind of low-budget at first and not something people really cared to be a part of (maybe that was just my perception? Who knows) and I love how they’re kind of the most amazing shows out there right now. So many of my favorites are Netflix originals and we’re starting to see a lot more big name actors bringing them to life!

Anyway, I digress. The show is just absolutely delightful. I love the entire cast and I think Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant have a great chemistry.  I really, really love how the zombie concept isn’t hidden from their daughter as well and it’s really a whole family affair. I love the nerdy boy next door and how his zombie folk lore knowledge really starts to help everyone out.

It’s also just a really fun take on the zombie concept! I was never a fan of zombie stories but this has a bit more of a different plot line and I like how each season takes the characters a little bit closer to discovering why and how this happened and if there’s anything they can do to stop it or reverse it. There are little mysteries that each season solves and leaves open to pick up in the next season and nothing is solved too quickly. We meet other undead/living dead and see how their interactions with main character Sheila (Drew Barrymore) affect the entire crew.

If you love dark comedy and haven’t watched this one yet, I highly recommend it! I’m sad that I flew through season 3 so quickly because I always want more of this show but I’ll be anxiously awaiting its next season!

Have you watched The Santa Clarita Diet? Tell me some of your other dark comedy favorites! I always want to watch more!

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Hi, I'm Brittany!

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