Freaky Friday #1: May 25, 2012

Happy Friday all my reading friends! It’s almost time for a long holiday weekend 🙂

As some of you may have read, I’ve been trying to jazz up the blog a bit to get out of a routine of strictly reviews. I started up with Top Ten Tuesday this past week, which I look forward to participating in each Tuesday, but I also wanted to establish something new – my own weekly feature. So I did some thinking and I came up with… Ta-da!

So Freaky Friday is going to be my new weekly feature. To my knowledge, no one is currently running this on their blog, so I’m excited to be starting something completely new. Okay, so here’s the deal on how it’s going to work: Like the movie (and remake), I’m going to “Freaky Friday” myself and put myself in the shoes of a character from one of my favorite books (and put them in my world, which is probably much less exciting). I’ll go through the basic plot of the story as well as relationships and critical moments our hero/heroine has to deal with. So without further ado…

In this week’s Freaky Friday, I will be switching places with KATNISS EVERDEEN from THE HUNGER GAMES

In Case You Forgot… Katniss and her family live in a dystopia North America now called Panem, a nation dominated and strictly ruled by the Big Brother – the Capitol.  Each year, 24 children/teens (a boy and girl from each district) are required to participate in the Hunger Games – a fight to the death where only one survives, and a reminder that the Capitol is in full control, a warning against rebellion. When Katniss’s younger sister Prim is selected against the odds, Katniss volunteers to take her place in the fight to survive the Hunger Games.

So I Wake Up In… District 12 in Panem. I’m assuming this is somewhere in the eastern part of the US (maybe West Virginia-ish) with all the coal mines. I’d probably be terrible at providing for the whole family like Katniss does. I love being the woods and I have actually had some experience with a bow and arrow… But it’s just recreational and well, I’m still not very good. I can hit a target, but shooting at cans isn’t as easy as it seems! I’ve also never hunted before, so I don’t think I’d want to kill animals (this doesn’t look good for me in the Hunger Games…), and that’s also really tricky to do.

Map of Panem – I like this version

 Family Life… I’d have a soft spot for Prim, just like Katniss. I know she wouldn’t be my real sister, but I do have an older sister that I’d do anything for, so I’d do my best to do right by Prim. I think I’d have a hard time with her mom since I go to my mom for everything. She’d be the one I look to for comfort, and I don’t think I’d find it there.

So Then it Gets Complicated… Now I have to go into the Hunger Games. What!? I’m sure everyone would be like, “What the hell is wrong with Katniss?” because I’d just be crying non-stop. Maybe Cinna could calm me down and Haymitch could get something going with some kind of training (what in the world would I use as an advantage?), but I’d probably just end up getting sloshed with Haymitch instead. As for being in the actual games, let’s just say I wouldn’t be the winner…… Maybe I’d still have Katniss’s speed/agility/physical abilities, but I don’t think I’d be able to beat out 23 other kids, especially against the tributes. I could fare well in the wooded-type area that made up the arena, but camping skills only takes you so far in a situation like that!

Just a Crush… Sorry, Peeta-lovers, I think I’m on Team Gale on this one! I know after being selected for the games, Katniss didn’t get much time with Gale, but that would be the person I would choose above all others for support for the games. He’s her best friend and you know there’s a little more than friendship there. He would have been the one to learn all the skills from and you know he’s always got your back. Plus, Katniss’s family would then have to rely on him. I know our hearts go out to Peeta because we find out about his real affections for Katniss, but I just never saw the two of them together. She starts by faking her love for Peeta, and I just don’t see a real relationship starting like that (even though they did build a real trust in the end). If I came back from the games, I’d go right back to Gale! He’s Katniss’s real support system and I really wanted that to develop into a full-on relationship!

Welcome to My Life…Welcome to Illinois, part of future District 10 (probably) which is the Livestock district. Let’s see… Katniss in my life. I guess she’d have it easy! An apartment stocked with food, a car to use, places to go thataren’tfalling apart, and freedom from the Capitol – Probably a dream come true! I’d probably get fired if she went to work in my place because it’s a lot of customer service, not to mention she probably wouldn’t know how to do a lot of stuff in my world which in her life would be time traveling into the past! I’d probably recommend just laying low in my apartment and watching TV or reading some of the tons of books I have there!

Well, that’ll wrap it up for Freaky Friday! I hope it’ll be an enjoyable segment each week, and I’ll try to mix it up a lot with the types of books I choose, and maybe not always main characters so I can put myself in a variety of situations. I hope it was fun for you to read, and I had fun doing it. As of right now, that’s all that counts. Happy weekend, everyone!

Hi, I'm Brittany!
Hi, I'm Brittany!

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