Freaky Friday #2: June 1, 2012

Welcome back to Freaky Friday!! Last week I switched myself with the Hunger Games heroine Katniss Everdeen. Since that was kind of a heavy topic, I figured I’d go a little bit lighter this week with one of my favorite characters from one of my favorites series…

In this week’s Freaky Friday, I will be switching places with HERMIONE GRANGER from THE HARRY POTTER SERIES

In Case You Forgot… Hermione Granger, best friend of Harry Potter (the boy who lived!) – Intelligent, kind, sometimes smarty pants, brave, always has a plan. Harry saved her from a troll and the rest was history. Come on, we all know Harry Potter. Do I really have to tell you the whole story?

So I Wake Up In… Hogwarts! One can only hope, since that’s where most of the story takes place. Ahhh, a dream to be in Hogwarts! So now I get a feel of what it feels like to have magic in my blood. Poor girl, I’d probably mess up her reputation since I’ve never done magic before. But if I still had her skills, this is where we’re similar – I’d totally be proud of being bright and studious and a little bit of a smartass – “It’s le-vi-o-sa. Not le-vi-o-SA!” Take that, you slackers! Hey, hanging out in the library? Sounds like my kind of deal. And bummin’ around Hogwarts with Harry and Ron sounds like a stellar plan. Mischief managed!

Wingardium Leviosa!

Family Life… Well, the only similarities that our families have in common is that my parents are Muggles too. They’re not dentists. They’re not British. And I’m not an only child. But seeing as Hermione doesn’t see much of her family throughout the series, doesn’t seem like a huge deal! To Hermione, her family is her friends, and I’m with her on that one.

So Then it Gets Complicated… First off, I’d be fumbling with magic this whole time. Most likely lighting people’s eyebrows on fire, levitating things and bouncing them off walls, blowing things up, and never mind transfiguration or apparating! That would end in disaster for sure. I’d be a pod-Hermione and people would definitely wonder where the real one went! I think I’d be able to take on her demeanor well, but definitely not the skills (although I’d be very willing to learn and practice!!!) – But I think a wand in my hand would definitely start out dangerous. So then there’s the fact of Voldemort (Oh yeah, the whole reason the series is taking place). I simply would not have the bravery to deal with that! Granted, I stand behind my friends and I’d be behind Harry and Ron 100%… But I’d have to stand behind them, literally – Shield me, you real wizards! Slow and poor magic does not a good witch make. Put me in Ravenclaw because I do not have the Gryffindor bravery necessary to fight these battles!

Just a Crush… Oh, Ron Weasley… I love the Ron-Hermione relationship that spans throughout the series. First they hate each other, then they’re friends, and I love the uncomfortable yet completely logical progression from friends to more than that. They go through a lot together and I’d definitely love hanging out with Ron – His humor is bottomless and actually Ron is my favorite character out of the whole series. I love the banter back and forth that he and Hermione have and their relationship although laborious to begin with develops effortlessly.

Hermione: “He seems like a very good teacher. But I wish I could have had a turn with the boggart –“

Ron: “What would it have been for you? A piece of homework that only got nine out of ten?”

I probably would have handled the Krum/Ron situation the same way as well as the Ron/Lavender situation. Even though Hermione’s got brains beyond belief, she’s still a girl and don’t we all get emotional when it comes to boys!

Welcome to My Life… Hmm, Muggle life is pretty boring! But at least Hermione has plenty of knowledge in Muggle Studies so she’d be able to manage without her magic. She’s extremely bright so she’d be able to figure out how things work and she does go back to the Muggle world when she’s with her parents since they’re of the non-magic persuasion. Then there’s the fact that she’s well-versed in Polyjuice Potion and magic is a normal in her world, so if she happened to Freaky Friday switch with me, I think she’d be able to handle it quite well! Much better than I would… She’s used to adapting to situations where she has to put herself in someone else’s shoes, having to hide undercover when the hunt is on for Harry and she’d probably be the one figure out how to switch us back!

Hi, I'm Brittany!
Hi, I'm Brittany!

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