30 Days of Books: Day 12

First things first (before I get to Top Ten Tuesday!)

30 Days of Books: Day #12

A book that disappointed you…

Well, I’ve made a few mentions which are now my “go-to” books that I’ve been disappointed with (Wicked, Shatter Me, Murder Is Binding), but I’m going to go with something new today. Since I read so much, there are the times when I’m not happy with a book. Hey, it’s gonna happen. Not everyone will like everything as we all know.

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

After seeing such great ratings for this book, and back in the day when GoodReads bookswap was still open and countless people were requesting it, when I finally snagged a copy I was like, “Yes! I can finally read this book that so many people have been going nuts over!”

So in the beginning I was like, “Okay, interesting concept. I can follow” and then little by little, interest started to wane. I felt like the story wasn’t really moving. There were plenty of characters and little side stories, anecdotes, etc. Somehow it just wasn’t keeping my attention. I was over 250 pages in and the end was no where in sight. I don’t have a problem with reading long books, but for me, this one wasn’t going anywhere.

One day I got another book that I was really excited about so I put The Book Thief down and read that one instead… And I never picked it up again. I just couldn’t bring myself to keep pushing through over half a book left when I wasn’t enjoying it. So to the bookswap it went. I gave it two stars for what I did read and left it at DNF. What a bummer!

Hi, I'm Brittany!
Hi, I'm Brittany!

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2 thoughts on “30 Days of Books: Day 12

  1. smallhandwriting

    Really? I found almost every aspect of The Book Thief utterly compelling. Before you read any historical fiction novel, you must have an open mind and be willing to read in-between the lines: especially with this one. In my opinion, the way the book is broken up and the timeline it follows makes it seem slightly cryptic; Zusak hides his messages and key points within those “side stories and anecdotes” you mentioned. And the ending chapters are so crucial to the plot… but I suppose if you did not take anything away from the beginning, why would one bother to try to make it to the end.

    1. Brittany S

      I always try to read with an open mind, but for some reason I think I just wasn’t getting it. Maybe I wasn’t getting those hidden messages – And that’s true, I supposed everything really would come together in the end, but I just didn’t make it there. I’m also not big on historical fiction (history was never really my thing) so I really did try, but unfortunately the beautiful message of the book just got lost on me.

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