Top Ten Tuesday – June 19, 2012: Top Ten Books on my Summer TBR list

Today’s Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by the wonderful blog at The Broke and the Bookish, is Top Ten Books on my Summer TBR list.

Let me tell you, my TBR list is HUGE. But since we’re all pretty much obsessed with books here as bloggers, I’m sure the same goes for almost everyone! I’m really excited about this list though because I get to narrow it down and almost kind of make a goal list for myself. I’m sticking to ONLY books that I have in my possession right now. If I made up a list of books I want to read but don’t have yet, it would literally be hundreds of books! So here we go:

1. Struck by Jennifer Bosworth: I guess this one is cheating since I’m already two thirds done, but to be fair, it was already summer when I started it so I’m still counting it! She was one of the ladies I was fortunate enough to meet on the Fierce Reads tour and it made me all the more excited to read her book. Always extremely interested to hear what the author has to say about the book as well as the creative process behind the writing!

2. Midnight In Death (In Death #7.5) by JD Robb: The “In Death” series quickly became one of my favorites. This is an “in between the books” short story, but I’m determined to read them all in order! Should be a very quick read since it’s not a full novel, but I bet it’ll still be jam packed full of action.

3. Monument 14 by Emmy Laybourne: Emmy was another one of the awesome ladies on the Fierce Reads tour and she was so much fun to hear from! I had seen some reviews around before I actually picked up her book and when I read about the Fierce Reads tour and I had an opportunity to meet her, I couldn’t pass it up! Very excited to read it.

4. Scorch Trials (Maze Runner #2) by James Dashner: When I read the Maze Trials last year (last year? I think… Regardless…) I wasn’t too sure about it when I started. Then there came a certain point where I was racing through to see how this book ended! Somehow I got hooked. I’ve been anticipating picking up the sequel to continue on in this story, but so far haven’t actually made it along to starting it, so hoping to do that this summer!

5. Shades of Grey (Shades of Grey #1) by Jasper Fforde: NO, this is not Fifty Shades of Grey (I refuse to read it). This Shades of Grey is a fantasy/dystopia/post-apocalyptic novel where the ability to see different spectrums of color determines your social standing. I came across this in my suggestions from GoodReads and thought it sounded really interesting! I just got the book from Book Mooch the other day and I’m pretty excited about reading it.

6. Summer Rental by Mary Kay Andrews: First off, summer is the in the title. So it only makes sense. It’s about three best friends who all went to Catholic grade school together and now find themselves at a crossroads in their 30s. Since I happen to have spent 10 years in Catholic grade school and I happen to have two best friends who I still talk to from that school, this book seemed like it was screaming at me to read it!

7. Glitch by Heather Anastasiu:  I have also seen reviews for this one around the blogisphere and when I saw I could request a copy for review on NetGalley, I was excited that they approved my request! Hoping to read this one within the next month or two, depending on how my book schedule goes.

8. Beauty to Die For by Kim Alexis: Another request from NetGalley – Should be a cute little cozy mystery written by former Supermodel Kim Alexis, and it looks like she uses a lot of her knowledge of the modeling world to create her characters. I always get nervous when celebrities write books, but so far so good. I just started a couple pages and haven’t had time to get much further yet.

9. Size 12 and Ready to Rock by Meg Cabot: This is coming out in July!!! This is book #4 in the Heather Wells series which has always been one of my favorite, so this is probably one of the rare times I’ll actually buy the book brand new.

10. A Killing in Antiques by Mary Moody: Another nice little cozy mystery that I think I’ll pick up soon. I got a whole bunch of cozies at the same time and I’m selecting this one as the next one to read.

Hi, I'm Brittany!
Hi, I'm Brittany!

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14 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – June 19, 2012: Top Ten Books on my Summer TBR list

  1. Nafiza

    Shades of Grey is fantastic. Jasper Fforde is one of my favourite authors though his brand of crazy does not have as universal an appeal as I think it ought to. I have Glitch on my list too but the early reviews are mixed (well, okay, bad) and my enthusiasm for the book plummeted. Happy reading!

  2. Grad Student

    I have read some of Jasper Fforde’s Thursday Next novels and they are hilarious and smart. This sounds great, too.
    I hope you like The Scorch Trials. I had the same response to Maze Runner- I devoured it-but am still mad at Dascher for the final book in the series. I would love to hear someone else’s opinion!

  3. Merin

    Great list! I’ve actually read Monument 14 and enjoyed it. It was very post-apocalyptic-light, which I’m a fan of. Struck and Glitch are both on my to-read lists as well, although I have no idea when I’ll finally get to them.

  4. zettew

    I’m still so envious of your attendance to the “Fierce” book signing! I also really like your Top Ten list for the summer. Some of these books are also on my TBR list. I’m feeling overwhelmed with all the books I’ve got to review, and just want to read books I think are fun! 🙂 I read 50 Shades of Grey under duress – I told my friends it was literary peer pressure – and I didn’t like it at all. However, The Shades of Grey, the dystopian novel, looks great!
    Thanks for sharing your list!

  5. Candice

    I love how diverse this list is. Lots of different reads! I’d really like to check out the Meg Cabot series… she’s one of my faves and I really want to read more of her adult lit!

    1. Brittany S

      I feel like I’m the opposite of everyone! I’ve read her entire adult lit collection and I haven’t read a single one of her YA books! I really enjoy the adult ones 🙂

  6. Lucy

    Struck and Glitch are two I’ve had my eye on. And that Meg Cabot series sounds wonderful.
    Happy summer reading!

  7. Gone Pecan

    OMG! Such a great list! I LOVE Jasper Fforde! Have you read the Thursday Next books? He’s just amazing. And I love Mary Kay Andrews, I really do need to get the past two books. Maggie had Monument 14 on her Waiting on Wednesday & I just had to add it to my TBR pile, too, as well as Maze Runner. Ugh. We’ll never finish! 🙂 ~dixie

  8. KateB

    I can’t wait to read the Heather Wells book either! I loved the first three. I think I’ll probably be buying the book brand new too – although I bought the other three second hand.

    And you refuse to read 50 shades? I only read it out of curiosity but now feel completely justified in disliking it 😛

  9. Cassie

    Ou, I love Meg Cabot books in the summer on the beach. YAY! And was Shades of Grey written before Fifty Shades of Grey? I refuse to read it too, I just hope it was written before so Fordes can say he got there first!

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