Pushing The Limits Read-Along: Week 4

It’s week four of the Pushing the Limits read-along!

This event is hosted by Candace Book Blog, Natalia @ Dazzling Reads, The Page Turners, Mary @ The Book Swarm and The Bewitched Bookworms. Here’s the breakdown from the hosts themselves: For 6 weeks, we will discuss the amazing emotional roller coaster that is Pushing the Limits. We will tear up with Echo, swoon over Noah and thoroughly enjoy this unbelievably fantastic book! Every week will have awesometastic giveaways sponsored by HarlequinTEEN and we have an epic, unique and absolutely adorable Grand Prize sponsored by Bewitched Bookworms and Katie McGarry herself!
Here are the fourth week’s questions:
  1. ­­At a certain moment, Echo tells Noah that she feels safe with him. Echo thinks that because of this comforting feeling, she may be able to finally have a full night of peaceful sleep. Why do you think it is important for Echo to feel safe? And why no one else but Noah has been able to provide this to Echo?
    Answer: Seems like Echo hasn’t felt safe for a long, long time. Even before she was attacked, she was fearful of her mother when she’d go off her meds and swing into her manic episodes. Correction: Someone other than Noah was able to make Echo feel safe and that was her brother. Since he’s been gone, there hasn’t been anyone since. After the attack, she’s been having nightmares and no one can really protect her from her dreams, but on the occasions that she and Noah can spend the night together, that’s someone to at least be there for her. Also, Noah’s the only person who’s even shown Echo that he’s not afraid or ashamed of her scars and she’s able to just be herself and relaxed around him.
  2. Beth, Noah’s friend, also have a very complex life situation, plus she also does drugs. However, what grabs my attention is her mean behavior towards Echo. Why do you think Beth hate/dislikes Echo so much?
    Answer: Firstly, we know that Beth is afraid that Echo will destroy Noah. Beth, Isaiah, and Noah are all very protective of each other, so she doesn’t want some whirlwind romance with Echo to tear him to pieces if it falls apart. I also thing she’s just a little bit jealous. Not in a romantic sense, but in the sense that a girl she doesn’t know is taking up a lot of her really good friend’s time and emotions. I really do think it’s fear more than anything else though.
  3. At some point, we finally get to know how Noah’s parents died at the fire and how it started. Unfortunately, this is something that has happened before. What tips to avoid a fire (especially when there are kids at home) do you know about? List a few! Recommendations to avoid tragedies are very valuable. 🙂
    Answer: Oh, come on. We’re all adults now. I’m not playing Fire Safety 101.
  4. Echo finally discovers more about what really happened to her the day she got her scars at her mother’s place. Unfortunately, this also involved Echo’s father and Ashley. What do you think about them and to what point do you think it makes them responsible to what happened to Echo?
    Answer: That’s actually a good question. It’s really hard to place blame on them. I’m sure everyone feels guilty, and to a certain extent, Echo’s father and Ashley are, but at the same time, they deserve to be able to live their life too. I think their mistake was exactly what Echo’s father said – He was in a hurry and didn’t bother to check to see if Echo’s mother was in an okay state of mind. It’s hard since Echo was a teenager and for the most part can handle herself. Sometimes it’s easy for that to slip the mind when they were leaving her with a parent and someone that should have been trustworthy. That being said, they certainly have their part in that incident, but I couldn’t say they’re to blame. They didn’t cause it to happen – That fault still lies with Echo’s mother.
  5. On p.303 (from arc) Echo said to Noah: “I love you…[y]ou love your brothers more. I’m okay with that. In fact, it’s one of the things I love about you. You were right the other day. I do want to be part of a family. But I’d never forgive myself if I was the reason you didn’t get yours… I love you enough to never make you choose.”  What do you think of Echo’s decision to break up with Noah? What does it mean to you?
    Answer: I can totally understand her reasoning although I don’t think I’d be a strong enough person to do it. Echo sees herself as a liability to Noah if he has a chance to get custody of his brothers since she might inherit the gene of her mother’s instability. She also wouldn’t be able to bear it if she had inflicted on a child (much less Noah’s brothers) what was done to her as a child.
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Hi, I'm Brittany!

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  1. Vyki

    Great answers! I was very mad at Echo’s dad that he left her there knowing how her mother could be, and I don’t know if I could be a strong enough person to leave someone I love like Echo did, either.


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