Pushing The Limits Read-Along: Week 5

It’s week five of the Pushing the Limits read-along!

This event is hosted by Candace Book Blog, Natalia @ Dazzling Reads, The Page Turners, Mary @ The Book Swarm and The Bewitched Bookworms. Here’s the breakdown from the hosts themselves: For 6 weeks, we will discuss the amazing emotional roller coaster that is Pushing the Limits. We will tear up with Echo, swoon over Noah and thoroughly enjoy this unbelievably fantastic book! Every week will have awesometastic giveaways sponsored by HarlequinTEEN and we have an epic, unique and absolutely adorable Grand Prize sponsored by Bewitched Bookworms and Katie McGarry herself!
Here are the fifth week’s questions:­­

1. By finally returning to her art, Echo is working through her issues and taking control of her life. While she’s not ever going to return to her previous “normal”, she uses her art as a way to work her way to a place where she’s more comfortable with herself. How do you deal with the issues and stresses of your life?
I usually talk to my sister and/or boyfriend about anything and everything! Music also helps me a lot. At any given time, really, there’s always a perfect song for something!

2. Once Noah gives his brothers and their soon-to-be adoptive parents a happy ending, he decides to get his own by winning Echo back. Why does he think stealing her file is the best way to do it? Any other (better) suggestions for the poor boy?
He’s still trying to help her and give her the answers she’s looking for. Sometimes I think he doesn’t really know how to do it any other way! He also seems like someone who shows people and isn’t quite the best with words!

3. Echo finally uncovers the terrible truth of what her mother did to her. Now that we know the truth, do you think Echo’s father did the right thing by covering up the incident and keeping it from her? How do you think he should have handled it?
It’s a really tricky situation that I don’t think anyone really handled well. It was a hard thing to revel to Echo in any way once her mind had repressed the incident. You don’t really want to just go out and tell her and her mind did get “broken” once after trying to help her remember the first time around. I don’t think, however, that actually hiding it from her was the right thing to do. He should have helped her and encouraged her to seek help and slowly help her come back around instead of trying to put it all in the past and hush it up.

4. Mrs. Collins plays an integral role in helping Echo and Noah find a new normal and happiness in their lives. Tell us about someone in your life who helped you, someone who changed your life, was there for you, or offered help/comfort when you most needed it (or when you didn’t know you needed it).
Firstly, I just loved Mrs. Collins. She was such a great force in this book and it would have been totally lacking something without her.
As cheesy as it sounds, I really give my boyfriend a lot of credit for helping me get to a better place in my life even though I didn’t know I needed it (and I haven’t really told him that either because I never wanted to admit I wasn’t really in the best place). I was hanging around with a lot of people who were a ton of fun, but it was still the college crowd that I used to hang out with every weekend and go to the bars, playing our fair share of drinking games, etc. I really wasn’t making the wisest decisions – not dangerous decisions, but I was putting a lot of strain on my body by going out every weekend and maybe still trying to live out college even after it was over. He just really grounded me and it kind of opened my eyes to how my life actually affects other people and not just myself. I’ve been so much happier and much more relaxed ever since we started dating! 🙂

5. Another major truth is revealed when Echo’s father finally opens up to his daughter and tells her about her mother and how his relationship with Ashley evolved. Knowing this, how do you feel about Ashley now? And what did you think when you learned the name of the baby?
I always thought Ashley was treated too harshly! I understand why Echo was upset about her and I’m so glad in the end that she finally got to see a different side of her and realize that she’s not an enemy. Sure, it’ll still take work, but I saw a lot of hope for their relationship to develop!
And awwww, the baby. I liked the name! I think it was a great choice.

6. Echo and Noah ride off into the sunset together. *happy sigh* If you had the chance, who would you ride off with and where would you go?
Oh, you guys and your silly questions. I’m hoping there’s a sunset with ring in my not-too-distant but not quite immediate future. Possibly within the next year or so I’m hoping for a certain question! I feel stupid talking about it since it hasn’t even happened yet, but it’s somewhere out there in the future for me!

Hi, I'm Brittany!
Hi, I'm Brittany!

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2 thoughts on “Pushing The Limits Read-Along: Week 5

  1. Vyki

    Great answers, I agree with a lot of it. Poor Ashley was treated badly by Echo, but not all step-parents get along with their step kids. I was lucky enough to have a step dad I actually call my dad, but my step-sister didn’t take to my mom as well as I did my step-dad. I’m waiting for that question myself, lol. I know it is gonna happen, but I’m getting impatient, ha!

  2. Candace

    I hope you get that question in your not to distant future!
    I too thought Ashley was judged a bit harshly. I understood Echo’s feelings, but felt kind of bad for Ashley cause she was in the middle of everything.
    I wish that her dad had at least told her some things, like that he felt partially responsible. I think she would have reacted a bit better to everything.


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