Top Ten Tuesday – September 18, 2012: Top Ten Bookish People I Want To Meet

It’s Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by the wonderful blog at The Broke and the Bookish!

This Week’s Topic is: Top Ten Bookish People You Want To Meet (Authors, Bloggers, etc.)

JUST TEN!? You have to be crazy. There are way more people I want to meet than just ten. So I’m going to cheat AGAIN and take 10 bloggers AND 10 authors.

Oh, and let’s have a great big blogger convention/party. Yes?


1-5. My fellow Casting Call bloggers: You haven’t seen our Casting Call feature? Well check it out! Last Friday was the first day and we all picked the actors who we thought should play the characters in The Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson. I would absolutely love to meet and hang out with all of these awesome ladies because they’re an absolute blast to talk to! (And sorry I grouped you all together)

Tee @ YA Crush
Sandie @ Teen Lit Rocks
Dixie @ Gone Pecan
Maggie @ Gone Pecan
Candice @ The Grown-Up YA

6-10. Alyssa @ Books Take You Places, Alison @ The Cheap Reader, Elizabeth @ Don’t Take My Books Away, Amy @ Tripping Over Books, Vyki @ On the Shelf: Just so I don’t blab forever, sorry guys, I’m grouping you together too! Some more awesome bloggers who I love following and/or who have shown me a lot of support with my blog as well! I think (hope) we’d get along pretty great!


1. JK Rowling: Duh.

2. Wendy Higgins: I absolutely loved Sweet Evil (as you all know) and Wendy is so sweet! She’s one of the authors who always responds when I tweet her or comment on her blog or her Goodreads page. Thanks, Wendy! You’re an absolute delight.

3. Meg Cabot: Oh, Meg. I love you. Not to be creepy or anything… If Ms Meg Cabot is anything like the personalities in her novels, I don’t see how meeting her could be anything short of a blast!

4. Janet Evanovich: Same with JE. I’d love to meet the mind behind Stephanie Plum! Easily one of my favorite series – I think it would be great to meet Janet!

5. Lauren DeStefano: I loved Wither and Fever and I always see Lauren’s tweets, blog posts, Instagram photos. She just seems like a really fun person, totally care-free.

6. Richelle Mead: Don’t take this the wrong way, but since I just got done with Shadow Kiss, I want to meet Richelle Mead just to shake and say “WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME!?!?” Seriously. The endings of these books positively kill me!

7. Lauren Oliver: I would love to meet Lauren Oliver! She writes such beautiful books and they’ve been some of my favorites.

8. Gayle Forman: Same as above! 🙂

9. Stephenie Meyer: Yes, I do still love Twilight.

10. Suzanne Collins: And yes, I LOVE The Hunger Games.

Shout outs to authors I’ve already met (if only briefly): Anna Banks (I love her! She’s SO much fun), Leigh Bardugo (same – Leigh is a riot!), Jennifer Bosworth, Emmy Laybourne, Dan Krokos, Veronia Roth, Susan Dennard (is so sweet too) – and looking forward to more authors signings coming up!

Hi, I'm Brittany!
Hi, I'm Brittany!

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20 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – September 18, 2012: Top Ten Bookish People I Want To Meet

  1. KateB

    I love Meg Cabot too. I just finished reading Size 12 and Ready to Rock. For some reason I had it in my head that it was the last book in the series – I was thrilled to discover it wasn’t. I just love her books. I’d love to meet her… except I’m more than slightly afraid that I’d come across as a squealling fangirl…

  2. DannyBookworm

    Just like you, I’d sooo love to meet Wendy Higgins! She’s adorable!!! High on my list is also J.R Ward and .. Karen Marie Moning, I’d loooove to meet this woman and tell her how much I LOVE her books!

  3. Elizabeth

    Yay! You are on my (mental) list of bloggers I’d like to meet, too! I always have fun tweeting with you and reading your reviews. If you’re ever in my neck of the prairie (not enough trees in Texas to qualify as woods), we’ll have to get together!!

  4. ocdreader/Elisa

    That is a great list! It is hard to narrow down who to meet though. Patricia Briggs and Kim Harrison are awesome, but I would like to meet Ilona Andrews and Jeaniene Frost. 🙂

  5. Ashley @ Wholly Books

    We have several that are the same on the author’s list. I really want to meet Lauren Oliver, Gayle Forman, Stephenie Meyer and Suzanne Collins (though somehow I forgot to have her on my list!) Obviously, there are just too many awesome authors out there! I did get to meet Richelle Mead (twice!) and she was super nice both times!

    Hope you get to meet some of the authors on your list soon!

  6. stuckinva

    Janet Evanovitch! I meant to have her on my list….should have put her instead of Laurel K Hamilton, really. 😀
    I think Meg Cabot would be awesome to hang out with–would we even talk books?

  7. Quinn

    Hehe. I saw the same phrase “JK Rowling – Duh” on another blog today. I almost wrote it on my post, too. I mean, JK Rowling is listed there (of course) but I didn’t add the “duh.” I wish I did now.

    I would love to meet Janet Evanovich! I didn’t add her to my list, but seriously, I bet she is hilarious!

    And there is nothing wrong with liking Twilight! I totally feel like it is trendy now to be in the I Hate Stephenie Meyer and Twilight bandwagon. I think we should support her. She didn amazing things with bringing interest to YA Lit.

  8. Candice

    I seriously think we need to have like an annual bloggers’ retreat for all of us to go to and hang out and do bookish things. Or just hang out and gossip about our favorite books! I also really want to meet more (or okay… ANY) authors. One day!

  9. Jamie B. (@brokeandbookish)

    Out of your list I’ve meet: Richelle Mead (super sweet!), Gayle Forman (omg I want her to be my friend) Lauren Oliver (so super nice and TALL …very tall!) and Lauren DeStefano (so nice but definitely much more quiet than I thought she’d be from Twitter!) I hope you get to meet everyone on your list!!

    Glad to have stumbled across your blog!

    My list!

  10. Vyki

    Yay, happy day! You are on my list, too! I wish this list could have been longer, lol. There were still a bunch of people I could have put on here! Like J.K. Rowling and Stephenie Meyer. I was half asleep when I did my list, so there were others I didn’t think of right away, haha.

  11. Alyssa

    Yeahhhh girl!! I totally want to meet you too!! I didn’t add bloggers to mine because then I would just have wayy too many!! Let’s plan this!!

    1. Brittany

      Umm for sure!! That would be awesome 🙂
      I know, I put bloggers on there, but really I’d like to meet sooooo many people because bloggers are awesome! I just limited it to the people I chit chat with the most 🙂

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