Something Strange and Deadly Read Along: Intro and Sign-Ups

October 10 – October 31, 2012

Okay my blogger friends! It’s time for the Something Strange and Deadly Read Along! I know I’ve got Something Strange and Deadly in my queue of Halloween reads and I thought it would be great to get even more people involved! It was such short notice that I have no co-hosts so I will be coming at you with all of the posts! Here’s how I have it scheduled:

October 3rd: Intro post and sign-ups
October 10th: Week 1: Chapters 1-7 (through page 90)
October 17th: Week 2: Chapters 8-14 (through page 178)
October 24th: Week 3: Chapters 15-20 (through page 278)
October 31st: Week 4: Chapters 22-end 

Grab the button for your sidebar here:

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Now since I’m actually participating in the read along that I’m hosting (yep, I haven’t read it either yet – I get to enjoy it with everyone at the same time!), that means this read along will be a little less formal. I’ll have some questions for us to answer along the way and some themed discussions for us to have about the book, but with each week’s post, we’ll all be sharing what we think of the characters, our favorite parts of the book, and any great quotes we happen to find! Whether you’ve read it before or this is the first time, anyone is welcome to join… but you do have to actually read the book! 🙂

At the very end on Halloween day, I’m doing a giveaway for all of the participants! It will be your choice of a book by a 2012 debut author (purchased and shipped from The Book Depository) and the runner up of the book giveaway will get a prize package including some Something Strange and Deadly swag!

UPDATE 10/11: Susan Dennard has graciously donated an “Aim For the Knees” T-shirt as a giveaway as well!! This will be for participants only, so don’t forget to add your links! One automatic entry for signing up (as long as I see your participation posts) and additional entries for each week you link up with the read along!

The first themes and round of questions will go up on Saturday, October 6th and you can start reading at any time! Then we’ll start posting things for week one next week on October 10th. If you’re running a little late, no worries! You can link up a few days later, but please remember to link each week’s post to the linky on the host page on my blog. Each link that you post will earn you a few extra entries for the final giveaway at the end of the read along!

UPDATE 10/4 7PM: The questions are ready!!! Here are the 1st round of questions to cover chapters 1-8 (through page 90) for the post for week one to go live on 10/10:

Week 1 Questions:

Character impressions: Clarence
What are your first impressions of Clarence? Does he seem like a trustworthy person, or is he hiding ulterior motives behind good looks?

Character impressions: Eleanor Fitt
What are your first impressions of Eleanor? It seems like her mother always wants to put her family’s reputation above all else. How do you think Eleanor feels about this?

Character impressions: Daniel
Daniel is quite brash with Eleanor when they first meet in the Spirit-Hunter’s lab. Do you see potential for a friendship? For a romance?

1. Mrs. Fitt decides to hold a seance as a last minute fill-in for the party’s entertainment. How would you feel about this if you were a guest at the party? Do you think that’s wise with the Dead running around?

2. Eleanor lives with only her mother and the live-in help since her father passed away and her brother is in New York and possibly taken by the Dead. I feel like the absent family member – especially a parent – is a theme I see a lot in YA novels. Why do you think that is? What aspect does this add to the story?

3. We first see the steampunk feel when Eleanor wanders into the Centennial Exhibition to find the Spirit-Hunters. What do you think of machines and science fighting the zombies and paranormal?

4. What do you think really happened to Elijah? Do you think he was captured by the Dead, or are there more secrets hidden behind his disappearance? 

EXTRAS: Also add any of your favorite quotes, scenes, or other thoughts about the book so far! 

Below is the link for the sign-ups (click the icon below). The sign-ups for the read along will be open until halfway through the read along (October 17th). Hop to it, and I look forward to discussing Something Strange and Deadly with you!!!
Please also spread the word to your blogger friends! Please tweet or post the link after signing up so we can have fun discussing with even more people 🙂

Hi, I'm Brittany!
Hi, I'm Brittany!

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27 thoughts on “Something Strange and Deadly Read Along: Intro and Sign-Ups

  1. Kelly

    Just added the button to my sidebar, meant to do it last week but I forgot, sorry!
    I have a quick question though – my copy is arriving tomorrow. Are we meant to have read the first eight chapters by then and put up a post? I can have it done by Friday I think but I don’t think it will be tomorrow 🙁

    1. Brittany

      No worries at all!!! This is just the first opportunity to post for the first week – You can post any time you’re ready (preferrably before the 2nd week goes up, but it doesn’t really matter!) and the linky will be open to link up for a whole week after. Take your time 🙂 It’s supposed to be fun, not stressful so I want you to have fun with it! 🙂

  2. Kiki

    This is my first-read along. I’ve had the book on my e-reader so I decided this would be a fun way to read it!

  3. vmcarswell

    This will be my second read along! Button is on my sidebar 🙂 I love Halloween, too and it is a top three for my favorite holidays right up there with Thanksgiving and Christmas. Can’t wait to read this book!

  4. Candice

    Eep! I LOVE this book! Such a fun read and zombies!!! I’ll definitely participate, even though I’ve read it. Good luck! 🙂

  5. Addie R.

    I’d love to join! It feels like SSaD has been sitting on my shelf FOREVER! 😀 I’ll probably reading more chapters every week though since it’s due to the library soon. :3

  6. jonababez

    I’d like to join! 😉
    But I’m kinda new, this will be my first time to join a read along, so please bear with me. 🙂
    I think this is fun!

    1. Brittany

      Yay, I’m so excited to have you join in! Don’t worry about it being your first read along – It’s my first time hosting one so we’re in the same boat 🙂

      1. Brittany

        I’m putting together somet fun questions to answer for us to talk about each block of chapters (sorry I’m behind on this!) so that post will go up Saturday at the latest. Then all you have to do is finish that selection by next week (week 1 posts on 10/10) and do your own blog post with the questions or you can just talk about whatever you liked related to those chapters! characters, quotes, scenes – It’s more of just a fun way for us to read the book together and talk about the book. I wanted to keep some questions in there, but make it a little less formal since I’m actually reading the book at the same time 🙂

  7. Kelly

    Hey Brittany. I’m hoping to join in. Just checked Amz UK and SS&D is nearly £10 in hardback, a bit too much for me at the moment. Have tweeted Susan Dennard to see if their is a Kindle version because I can’t find it if there is. If I do get one though I’m definitely in!

      1. Kelly

        Argh! I had a typo in my comment! I hate typos! I do know the difference between their, there and they’re, I promise! I’ve found out that there isn’t a Kindle version so I’m thinking I will just go ahead and get the hardcover copy because I wanna join in on this so bad! So I’m going to go and sign up NOW!

      2. Kelly

        Hey, not your fault 🙂
        I just find it easier with a Kindle. I take it everywhere with me and of course, they’re usually cheaper too!
        I took 2 of my sons to their martial arts class this evening and read a book instead of watching their class! Naughty mummy!

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