The Best-Friend-Turned-Boyfriend Romance

Guys. I just finished watching New Girl the other day. THE episode…. You know the one…

And after immediately going to Twitter and gushing with Alyssa and Amy, I was like, YES! Another point for the best friend!!! I’m not 100% sure what it is I love so much about the best-friend-turned-boyfriend romance, but I CAN tell you that it is by far my favorite type of romance in almost any book. If I had to stop and think about it? YES. Here are my reasons:

  • It’s because this guy is someone you know so well and someone who gets you.
  • He’s always been there for you and it’s fiercely protective of you, but always in a good way.
  • He’s there if you’re happy or upset.
  • You don’t have to feel weird or stupid in front of him because he’s your friend — you’re already comfortable!
  • He’s already seen your boyfriends come and go and has known all along that none of them were right because it was always supposed to be him.
  • Because of that one incredible moment where his secret is revealed and there’s an incredible tension between the two… And you realize you feel it too… You always have.

EEEEP seriously. Giving myself goosebumps just thinking about it! So let’s go back to some of my favorite books with this relationship dynamic, shall we? WE SHALL!


Anna and the French Kiss - Stephanie Perkins

Review: Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins

Okay, so this isn’t a case of a life-long friendship, but you know what? Doesn’t need to be!! Of course there was an instant attraction between Anna & St. Clair, but as he was taken, they made a great friendship in the meantime. They were relaxed with each other and despite the ever-growing and unspoken tension between them, they made a great dynamic duo. Obvs we know how Anna feels about St. Clair (we know how everyone feels about St. Clair!) so we can see her true feelings from the start… But when we learn that — gasp! — St. Clair might actually feel the same way!? Wooooot!!! BEST THING EVER!!! My heart jumps for joy! All the feelings come rushing to the surface! THE WHOLE BOOK COMES TOGETHER. Words cannot express the feelings I felt at the end of this book. Just… just… love.


The Body Finder by Kimberly Derting

Review: The Body Finder by Kimberly Derting

THIS is one of my favorites. Violet and Jay!? Yes!!!! I’ve only read book one so far, but I loved seeing their relationship develop. When Violet first starts to see Jay in a different light and she’s finally starting to realize she has some feelings for her best friend… It’s like the whole book comes together and all the little butterflies are flitting and fluttering…
I just loved seeing those best friends get together!


Discussion: Saying ‘So Long’ to the Twilight Saga…

Yep. I’m going there. And I never thought I’d say it, but I honestly think Taylor Lautner helped this case (maybe he was the only person who could act in the movies…?) but I was totally on “Team Jacob” (I don’t know why but usually I have an aversion to “teams” – Jacob, however, seems natural). He had a lot of passion and he was just a better fit for Bella. Hey, he was closer to her in age than Edward was! (For real. It’s true) Anyway, I really think I was just a sucker for the whole friends thing. I know I’ve been in Bella’s shoes where there’s a friend that wants to be more and you’re like “No way! We’re friends, dude!” but still, that didn’t stop me for rooting for Jacob Black! I just really, really liked him.


Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (Harry Potter #1) – J.K. Rowling
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Harry Potter #2) – J.K. Rowling
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (Harry Potter #3) – J.K. Rowling
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (Harry Potter #4) – J.K. Rowling
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (Hogwarts Library #1) – J.K. Rowling
Quidditch Through the Ages (Hogwarts Library #2) – J.K. Rowling
The Tales of Beedle the Bard (Hogwarts Library #3) – J.K. Rowling

Okay, my FAVORITE ONE OF ALLLLLLLLL! Ron Weasley & Hermione Granger of my favorite series of all-time, Harry Potter. This was YEARS IN THE MAKING. We all saw it coming and yet, everyone was so thrilled to see it happen!!!! (If you weren’t…… We may not be friends anymore. No, kidding! But maybe not.) I absolutely loved seeing this relationship grow both in the books and on film and sometimes I think the actual actors Rupert Grint and Emma Watson really should be dating in real life….. Just saying, you guys….. Anyway. Definitely one of my favorite best-friend-turned-boyfriend romances. They faced trials and tribulations, fights, peril, even death together. You can’t get much closer than that. So let’s all fangirl over this one, please!!!


Okay, enough gushing from me. Which are you favorite best friend romances? Not a fan of the best friend? Who do you root for in books? Can’t wait to hear!Enjoy the best friend romance? Here are a few other posts you may enjoy!


Hi, I'm Brittany!
Hi, I'm Brittany!

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29 thoughts on “The Best-Friend-Turned-Boyfriend Romance

  1. Kasey @ The Story Sanctuary

    Okay, well now I have to cancel all my plans tonight and read Anna and the French Kiss, which has been sitting on my bedside table since much earlier this year! 🙂

    My very favorite best friend to romance is from an out-of-print book called Hawk’s Flight by Carol Chase which I’ve read like twenty times at least. It’s a fantasy about two merchants who are BFFs, but one is secretly a girl running from a dark past. So maybe I’ll read that after Anna and go for an even twenty-one times. Great post!

  2. Tamaradw

    I actually LOVE the best friend turned boyfriend trope. Consistently one of my faves, when done correctly. The relationship between Jay and Violet was one of my fave parts of The Body Finder. Also loved the romance in Anna and the French Kiss. I think one of the reasons I enjoy that kind of romance so much is because it is so much more REAL than a lot of the other kinds. The thing is–real love–true love–better be with someone you consider your best friend.

    Because, speaking as someone who married my best friend twenty-seven years ago, it’s not the romance or sex or attraction that gets you through the hard times. It’s the friendship. If my husband hadn’t first been my best friend, I don’t think we would’ve lasted because we got married SO young. (Too young, looking back) But he WAS and, because of the genuine affection we had for each other as people, we made it work and managed to stay madly in love all these years.

    So that is MORE than enough about me. haha. But, again, the “best-friend romance” just speaks to me on a level that other romances don’t because there is such a core of reality in those feelings. LOVE Ron and Hermione’s relationship. It is adorable.

    And I could NOT agree more that Bella and Jacob made a way better couple than Bella and Edward. Jacob made her laugh. He supported her and encouraged her to push her boundaries and grow as a person. Edward just wanted to keep her in a glass case. haha

    At any rate, if you like this kind of book, I have one up on Wattpad titled Skipping Time. It’s free, so you might want to check it out if you ever get the chance. (Also, on Wattpad it’s titled: The Bad Boy in Disguise) but that’s just to gain the attention of my younger readers on the site. They love their bad boy books. haha. But I promise it’s not a cliche book–there is actually a really beautiful romance buried under the hokey title. haha

  3. Morgan Manning

    I toooottally love this trope too! It’s my favorite! Books, movies, tv, you name it. I love the best friend turned boyfriend thing. I so badly wanted that in real life too haha! Oh hey, you’re my best friend? Look at that, I have a crush on you LOL.

    Anyway. ANNA AND ETIENNE <3 <3 <3 Yessss. Ron and Hermione is a no-brainer. Perfect. I also love Mr. Knightley and Emma Woodhouse! Esp from the movie version with Gwyneth Paltrow, but it's just as good in the book also. And Ask Again Later- just read it, it's adorable and perfect and best friend boyfriendy 🙂 Great post! Glad I found your blog!

    1. Brittany Post author

      Oh yay!! Thank you SO much! I’m glad you found me too haha!
      So glad you liked this post! This is seriously one of my all-time favorite tropes. It just hits me in the feels! 😀
      I should update this list with Ask Again Later! I LOVED it.
      Thanks so much for commenting!!

  4. Farzy @ Boooks Keep Me Sane

    I also love best friend romance. I’ve been in the same situation before and it really feels nice to fall in love with a person that you really know even before you developed feelings for each other. Also, I love New Girl and I ship Jess and Nick! <3

  5. Rosie @ Paper Town

    Ron & Hermione seriously is the best friend-turned-boyfriend! It’s so awesome, because at first, Ron makes fun of Hermione, and then as the characters grow, so does their relationship! Love it.
    I was always a Team Jacob fan as well… I think he was just a better match for her as well :p

  6. Sara

    Cool. I got into this kind of story, when my sister wrote a really neat essay in High School. She made it into her first book and we loved it. I am reading a lot more like this now that i find that i like them.

  7. Candice

    This post…. THIS POST!!!! How did I miss this?! Love love love the best friend turned romance relationship. Mostly because I want that to happen to me. Seriously, so cute! 🙂

  8. Kara

    I love New Girl! And you’re so right about everything in this post. Best friend turned boyfriend is such a lovely way for the romance to happen. Also, you’re book picks are great. Totally agree! There was one scene in The Body Finder that I reread several times I gotta admit. 😉

  9. Alyssa @ Books Take You Places

    Here are my thoughts:


    I STILL haven’t read Anna and the French Kiss but I think I have to. Also perfect Rachel gif.


    Ohh Ron & Hermione…there isn’t much to say really except that I was SOO happy that it finally happened. It was perfect the way JK Rowling did it..and I was so happy it wasn’t a Harry Hermione thing because that’s what happens, ya know? IT WAS THE BEST. I love when she thinks about the love potion and how she smells spearmint toothpaste…


  10. Stormy

    I’m a big fan of the best-friend-turned-boyfriend romance as well, though I don’t think it’s *quite* my favorite. I think it’s an appealing romance because it pretty much wards against insta-love since characters already have a relationship with each other, and that’s such a pet peeve for most readers. I have to say that the Ron + Hermione romance is one of my favorites as well–just brilliantly done.

  11. Rachel

    I actually don’t like the best friend turned boyfriend thing AT ALL. Mainly because I fell for my best friend in high school and it caused all sorts of problems, so I guess that’s just not something I’m into at all. I’m more of a random encounter kind of girl, a la Just One Day. And that’s probably because that’s a lot more likely to happen in my life and I like when I can put myself in the girl’s position lol.

  12. Amy @ Tripping Over Books

    YAY!! I love this!! I love it so much when best friends become MORE, and I especially love that you shouted out Jay and Violet from The Body Finder! You should definitely read the second book–it gets better (and also maybe a little worse, but BETTER too!).
    I’m not sure it can get much better than Anna & Etienne and RON AND FREAKING HERMIONE. That one is seriously the best. I can’t think of many others off the top of my head right now because so often the bff is the one who gets SHAFTED!! But have you ever read any of The Penderwicks? If yes, then I think that Jeffrey and Skye, perhaps, are going to be together forever. But Jeffrey and one of them for sure! If no, then first of all, HIGHLY recommend, if MG is your thing. Two, it’s basically Little Women, but different, and Jeffrey is Laurie. DESTINED to get with one of them. Skye is like Jo. This is a tangent.
    Love this post, though! I’m totally with you!!

    1. Brittany Post author

      Ohhhhh I have NOT read any of The Penderwicks… Sounds like I need to! Thanks for the tip 🙂
      And yes, NICK AND JESS!!!! Did you watch this week’s episode? AH.

  13. Quinn @ Quinn's Book Nook

    Seriously, the whole Ron and Hermion thing. Totally perfect. I loved that, it is also my favorite friends turned boyfriend/girlfriend relationship.

    The friend turned boyfriend isn’t my favorite romance type out there. Well, I don’t know if I really have a favorite, but it isn’t necessarily one I’m automatically drawn too. I like the tension and wonder of meeting someone completely new a lot.

    But I just read How to Be Popular by Meg Cabot (which was totally adorable!) and it featured that type of romance, and I LOVED it.

    1. Brittany Post author

      Oooh a new one for me to look into! I LOVE Meg Cabot, but I actually am embarrassed to say that I’ve only read her adult books and NONE of her YA!! It’s a must now.

    2. daphne

      how to be popular was the first book I ever read by Meg Cabot. Needless to say, it was far from the last. it’s pretty good. but her adult book series, queen of babble, also has this type of romance and that’s probably one of my favorite series ever. hilarious to boot.

  14. Corrie

    I loved how Maggie Stiefvater did Finn and Puck’s relationship in THE SCORPIO RACES. It’s very simmering and quiet and totally believable.

  15. daphne

    this is my favorite type of romance, too. that and brother’s best friend or best friend’s brother. great examples, too. Ron & Hermione are my OTP, also. they really made the whole series for me. I remember reading parts about harry thinking “where are Ron & Hermione!” and especially in DH, I had to look forward to find when Ron was coming back 🙂

  16. Christina

    I read a very clever romance book called Sultry With A Twist by Macy Beckett that has one of the best friends turned lovers story lines. Also, Flat Out Love by Jessica Park has a very good one, with a twist.

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