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Welcome back to BOOK AND A BEVERAGE!

In case you don’t know the deal about Book and a Beverage, it’s a very simple yet fun feature: We read books, we drink beverages, we take pictures of them and then I share your photos and a little about you to the blogging world!

Let’s all say hello to Natalie from Books, Etc!




Name & Blog Name: Hi everyone! I’m Natalie, and I run the YA book blog Books, etc.
Tell us a little about your blog! My blog focuses mainly on reviewing YA books from various genres such as contemporary/romance, dystopian, paranormal, science fiction and fantasy. I also try to participate as often as I can in the weekly memes Top Ten Tuesday and Waiting on Wednesday. I have my own feature, Flashback Friday that I try to post every Friday that recaps the events of my week, bookish and otherwise. Sometimes I post pictures of when I attempt to do my nails to match my book cover too! The last thing you need to now about my blog is that it’s still a baby! It’s only been about three months since I started running my blog, but I love doing it!
What’s been your favorite post you’ve written so far? (Link us up!) Hmmmm, this is a tough question! I’d say my favourite post so far is my review of Someday, Someday, Maybe by Lauren Graham. I feel that it is one of my better reviews and that I really captured my feelings about the book in it.
Got anything special coming up we should know about?
Well, I am participating in the Gayle Forman Read-a-long hosted right here by Brittany, and it is my first time reading Gayle Forman so I am SUPER excited!


Whatcha reading? If You Find Me by Emily Murdoch
Where did it come from? (Library, purchased, publisher, etc) I borrowed this one from the library.
Any special reason you chose to feature this book? Not really, it just happened to be the book I was about to start!
What’s important that we should know about this book? Would you recommend it? It’s important to know that this book comes HIGHLY recommended by Judith from Paper Riot. Honestly, I haven’t started it yet, but I’m certain I’m going to love it!


Whatcha drinking? Tazo Passion Tea 🙂
What’s your favorite thing to drink while reading? Tea or coffee, or water! I drink a lot of water, so I usual have some with me when it’s not tea or coffee!
Favorite beverage of all time. Go! Tropical Tornado smoothie from Booster Juice! It’s the perfect blend of pineapple, mango, strawberry and peach, and it’s absolutely TO DIE FOR!


What are your top three books you would recommend to other people? 1) The Lost Girl by Sangu Mandanna: I loved this book, and I think it’s highly under-appreciated. More people need to know about this book! 2) The Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling: Honestly, if you haven’t read this yet, GET ON IT! This series can be appreciated at any age, and don’t judge them by the movie adaptations! The books have SO much more to offer. 3) The Giver by Lois Lowry: A quick read that really grabs you, and makes you think. You will DEVOUR this one.
What’s your proudest blogging/reading/writing moment? I’d have to say that getting my first actual print ARC not from a giveaway was really exciting! For me, it meant that I – the girl who loves to read but hated to write – had somehow managed to become a successful book blogger!
Anything else you’d like to share? I just want to let y’all know that I love all the blogging friends that I’ve made, and I feel so close to some of you even though we’ve never met! I love you all! <3

Thanks, Natalie!! So lovely to hear more about you!

You can find out more about Natalie at her blog, Books, Etc, on Twitter, and Goodreads.

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Hi, I'm Brittany!

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6 thoughts on “Book and a Beverage [5] – Natalie from Books, Etc.

  1. Judith

    IF YOU FIND ME!!!!!! Book pushing FTW! It makes me so happy that I got Natalie to read (AND LOVE) this book because it’s so beautiful and I can’t fangirl enough about it. Also, I just finished The Lost Girl and it impressed me. I really liked how different it was. Harry Potter is ALWAYS the best choice. And I actually haven’t read The Giver though everyone seems to love it. Should I give that one a try? PERHAPS.

  2. Alexa Y.

    Harry Potter is a solid choice. I will always and forever love and recommend that series to EVERYONE. But I must admit to being guilty of not having read The Giver yet – perhaps I should remedy that?

    1. Brittany Post author

      The Giver will always be how I think of my “first dystopian book” — It honesly fascinated me as a young teen and I knew I always wanted to read something like it ever since! (I also still loved it as an adult!)

  3. Candice

    Ooh, love the mug! And the tea sounds extra yummy! Definitely LOVE The Giver; it’s one of my favorite childhood books!

  4. Wendy

    This is such a fun feature! Tazo passion tea is soo good. Also, totally agree with the HP books/movies thing. I thought the books were 10x better. =)

  5. Vyki @ On The Shelf

    Fun interview! I am definitely going to have to read The Giver soon. Love the beautiful mug and I’ll definitely be adding Natalie to my reader list 🙂 Love this feature!

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