Sisters In Sanity/Gayle Forman Read Along – Week 1


It’s week ONE of the SISTERS IN SANITY read along, part of the 5 month long Gayle Forman read along! The lovely Judith at Paper Riot is hosting the SISTERS IN SANITY part of the Gayle Forman read along and if you missed any questions or posts, you can find them all here!

Haven’t signed up for the read along yet? Don’t worry! You can still join us for SISTERS IN SANITY or any of the other four books coming up!

So far I’m really enjoying SISTERS IN SANITY and I’m anxious to get this week’s questions!

1. What is your first impression of Brit? Do you like her as a character? And do you think she really has ODD, or is she just a teenager? I really like Brit (after all, we DO kind of share a name). I think she’s just a normal teenager, to be honest, and her parents are totally taking her appearance and “behavior” way out of context and blowing it out of proportion. I don’t for one minute think she has ODD, and I think as you read, you can tell that a lot of the girls at Red Rock don’t really have serious problems… More like overly concerned parents or ones who just want to avoid any kind of conflict or issues.

2. What is your first impression of the other girls? (V, Bebe, Martha, Cassie) Do you like them? Do you think they can be trusted? Who is your favorite? So far I don’t have them 100% straightened out in my head as characters since I met so many at ones, but I will say that they all seem to have taken nicely to Brit! I actually do trust them so far. Hmmm, who would my favorite be… I actually think V right now. She seems like kind of the ring leader and I like her role amongst the group so far!

3. We get a first glimpse of how things are handled at the Red Rock. How do you feel about this so far? Do you think the way things are handled is okay? Red Rock seems like…. a joke. It’s a place for scared or lazy parents to put their teenage kids that they don’t feel like handling and unfortunately it seems like a lot of parents have fallen victim to Red Rock’s charm! I’m curious to see if the place itself changes by the end of the book or just the characters.

4. What do you think about the story of Brit’s parents? Do you think this has anything to do with the way Brit acts now? That was a very interesting thing, finding out about Brit’s mom and also how her dad used to be. I actually don’t think Brit’s a rebel… In fact, the music, the tattoos… They were a part of her upbringing so it seems perfectly normal to me. Well, maybe I don’t condone tattoos at sixteen, but that’s how her parents used to live, especially her mom… Before everything went downhill. I think her mother’s condition definitely affected her, but not genetically and not in a way that would make her go “crazy”.

5. What is your first impression of Sisters In Sanity after the first 7 chapters? Are you enjoying it? Is this your first Gayle Forman book? I’m really enjoying it so far! It was hard to make myself stop but I’m trying to read just a little bit each week to keep along pace of the read along! By the way…. LOVED seeing Jed! Woo! I’m gonna like him, I think. This will be my 4th Gayle book so I’m no stranger 🙂 It is a little different so far from her other works. I feel less heavy right now but I feel like there’s a good romance coming on (at least a back story of a romance, hopefully more to come)!

Fun questions for week one! If you haven’t linked up yet, head on over to Paper Riot and link up your posts! 

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Hi, I'm Brittany!

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4 thoughts on “Sisters In Sanity/Gayle Forman Read Along – Week 1

  1. Judith

    Our answers are very similar! While V wasn’t my favorite character at first and I still don’t quite know what to think of her, she’s a very memorable and different character and I like that. I also think Brit’s upbringing is very interesting to read about. And the Red Rock…. well. I honestly got a little angry while reading because WTF is that?!

  2. Wendy

    Yeah, I feel like the parents are maybe just too lazy to try and deal with it themselves! It’s kind of sad. And yay on Jed! I’m looking forward to reading more about him!

  3. Maggie @ Just a Couple More Pages

    I am finally getting around to reading these posts. I really like how you just call Red Rock a joke, that’s the perfect word to describe it. I agree (and I can’t remember if I said this in my answers) that the friend characters don’t seem like fully formed people yet, but I fully expect them to become fully formed. I’m really liking this so far and I’m also really proud of myself for reading 7 chapters/week. Thanks for having this idea and hosting the read along so I finally had a reason to pick this book up!

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