Sisters In Sanity/Gayle Forman Read Along – Week 4


It’s week FOUR of the SISTERS IN SANITY read along, part of the 5 month long Gayle Forman read along! The lovely Judith at Paper Riot is hosting the SISTERS IN SANITY part of the Gayle Forman read along and if you missed any questions or posts, you can find them all here!

Haven’t signed up for the read along yet? Don’t worry! We have lots more books coming up in the next few months!

Questions week 4
1. Brit realizes that they have nothing to fear from Red Rock. The only thing that’s keeping them back is fear itself. In what way do they fear Red Rock? What will happen now that Brit is no
longer afraid?
Well, all the girls were afraid of what the authorities would to do them if they got out of line but then they realized… It’s not much. They don’t need to be afraid because they really do hold a lot of power in their own hands. The place runs BECAUSE the authorities know they’re afraid so if they take that fear away, it takes away Red Rocks’ effectiveness.

2. Brit finds letters from her mother and grandmother. What did you feel about them? Do you think there is still hope for Brit’s mother? And how did her grandmother feel about Brit being sent to Red Rock?
Oh my gosh, the letter from her mom. I teared up a little! And her grandmother’s words too. They were so nice and I’m so glad Brit got to read those!! I think her grandmother was really unhappy with her father sending her to Red Rock but she kiiind of understood where he was coming from (even though no one liked it).

3. We find out the truth about V. What really happened to her? How do you feel about this? Were you expecting something like this?
Poor V. She was traumatized by what happened to her father and she never recovered or felt safe after that. I don’t blame her. I mean, I know it’s hard to move past something like that and I would probably feel the same way (although not for the same amount of time, I’m guessing). You know what… I actually wasn’t expecting that. To be honest, for some strange reason, I never really guessed anything about V. I guess I let the story take me where it did and I didn’t give a ton of thought to V’s story line! Shame on me.

4. What did you think of the way this book ended? Do you feel satisfied? Were there things you
didn’t like that much? What was your favorite part?
Hmmm. I liked the ending, but I also hoped for just a bit more! I’m still mad at Brit’s dad… I personally didn’t want to forgive him in the end, after all that. I’m so glad we got to see an ending with Jed! How cute is he!? I kind of melted at their reunion!  

5. What is your first thought of Sisters In Sanity? Did you enjoy it? Do you think you’ll want to read it again? If you have read Gayle Forman’s other books, did you like this one more or less?
I enjoyed it, but this is probably a one-read book. I really liked the book, but it wasn’t as…. emotional as Gayle’s other books and the thing I love the most about her other books is how raw they are (plus the romance) so I was just itching for a bit more with SIS but if you like Gayle Forman, I’d say this is a quick, easy read with the same kind of tone & feeling, just not as intense 🙂

That was so much fun! Thanks to everyone who joined us for the SISTERS IN SANITY leg of the Gayle Forman read along!

There are still FOUR MORE BOOKS left in the read along and Candice is hosting IF I STAY, coming up next week! Will we see you there?

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Hi, I'm Brittany!

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2 thoughts on “Sisters In Sanity/Gayle Forman Read Along – Week 4

  1. Danielle

    Yup I agree! I’m still mad at her dad. I wanted more to be honest about what happens with the Stepmonster etc. I liked that they took that awful place down. I can’t wait to read more from GF, She’s excellent.

  2. Maggie @ Just a Couple More Pages

    I agree about not wanting to forgive Brit’s dad. Not that I think she should hate him, but I think she should make him pay a little (that sounds kind of nuts, but hopefully you know what I mean). I also agree that I was hoping for more with Sisters in Sanity, I don’t exactly know what I want more of, but the book, although I liked it, kind of fell short all around.

    I’m really excited for If I Stay. I’ve only read it once (I’ve read Where She Went several times) so I’m sure I could use a refresher.

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