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Welcome back to BOOK AND A BEVERAGE!

In case you don’t know the deal about Book and a Beverage, it’s a very simple yet fun feature: We read books, we drink beverages, we take pictures of them and then I share your photos and a little about you to the blogging world!

Let’s all say hello to Amy from Tripping Over Books!


Amy is one of my very good blogging friends and I’m so glad she’s participating in Book and a Beverage! I had the pleasure of meeting her at BEA and I’m so glad I did! 🙂


Name & Blog Name: Hello, friends! My name is Amy and I blog over at Tripping Over Books! You can also find me over at, where I review Middle Grade and occasionally recap a bookish TV show or two (you know, books that are  TV shows). *waves*
Tell us a little about your blog! Surely! Tripping Over Books is mostly a YA book review blog, although I do also review Middle Grade, because I LOVE it, and also get my nerd on–I’m a big fan of A Song of Ice and Fire, Supernatural, Arthurian legends, and Legend of Korra. (That’s a small list, though.) My blog is the closest thing I’ve come to a journal that I actually keep, so I talk about things on my blog that I don’t have anyone to share them with in my real life.
What’s been your favorite post you’ve written so far? (Link us up!) WOW. SO HARD. Umm…I guess my favorite review…nope, I can’t choose. But I just recently started a feature that I REALLY love called Five Favorite Things, where I gush over my five favorite things about a book that I love to death. My first FFF was for the audiobook of Maggie Stiefvater’s The Scorpio Races, but I’ve got another one going up this week for Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour by Morgan Matson! And I always love my Excuse Me While I Fangirl posts. Those are always a blast for me to write. 
Got anything special coming up we should know about?
 Ooops. I think I just answered this question! But you know something special that I’d love to START? I’m thinking about rereading the American Girl books–in chronological order, starting with Kaya. I’m seriously mulling this over. When that becomes a THING, I’ll let you all know because I’d love to do it with you!


Whatcha reading? I am currently reading Handbook for Dragon Slayers by Merrie Haskell.
Where did it come from? (Library, purchased, publisher, etc) I bought it! (Thank you, wallet!)
Any special reason you chose to feature this book? Couple of reasons. One, I just happen to be in the middle of it, so there’s that practicality out of the way. But two, it’s a middle grade (yay) fantasy (double yay) featuring dragons (triple yay) and a main character with a disability who rocks my socks (QUADRUPLE yay). Good times.
What’s important that we should know about this book? Would you recommend it? Well, it’s probably important that it’s very good so far! But also that the main character is pretty awesome. Her name is Mathilda, and she has a club foot. She get’s ridiculed by some and overprotected by others when all she really wants to do is write books. Oh, and also she goes on a quest with her crush and her lady’s maid to SLAY DRAGONS. Honestly.


Whatcha drinking? This right here is coffee. I got this Abbott and Costello mug on a road trip I just went on with my sister. We stopped in Cooperstown at the Baseball Hall of Fame (yay baseball!), and this mug was the biggest one they had, which I loved, and it has their whole “Who’s on First?” routine on the back. Good memories.
What’s your favorite thing to drink while reading? Depends on what time of day I’m reading. If it’s during the day, usually iced tea. If it’s at night, probably coffee. Or, if I finish my coffee, more iced tea.
Favorite beverage of all time. Go! I’d probably have to go with iced tea. I have a HUGE soft spot for Coke slushies, and Coke in general, but I try not to drink it a lot. And coffee. I love coffee!


What are your top three books you would recommend to other people? HOLY CRAP. No mercy with these questions huh, Miss Brittany? I should probably say that it depends on what I know of their likes and dislikes or if they’ve asked for specific recs, but that’s the librarian in me. If I’m speaking strictly as a hardcore lover of books, I’d probably say Graceling, The Sky Is Everywhere, or The Scorpio Races. I also always rec ASoIaF to fantasy lovers, and I just finished The 5th Wave the other day–I’d rec that, too. So, whoops! That’s more than 3. 🙂
What’s your proudest blogging/reading/writing moment? My proudest blogging moment…probably starting my blog. It’s not always in my nature to put myself out there, so actually starting my blog and doing just that, even about something I love like books, was a big deal.
Anything else you’d like to share? Just a big old thank you to Brittany for running this awesome feature, and a big, BIG thank you to everyone who’s ever visited my blog–you guys are LEGIT.

Thanks, Amy!!! It was a pleasure to host you here 😀

You can find out more about Amy at her blog, Tripping Over Books on Twitter, Goodreads, and Instagram!

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Hi, I'm Brittany!

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  1. Estelle

    I love love love that mug. That’s so cute. Both my husband and dad would enjoy it. Amy, I like you because you like baseball and reading and coffee. Those are very important in my book.

    Another great feature! 🙂

  2. molly @ wrapped up in books

    I love this feature, because it introduced me to a totally new-to-me blogger! I have trouble reading middle grade a lot of the times, because I am often drawn to the romance in YA, but I want to know more about the titles because i feel like a lot of the readers who seek help at the library are from that age range. The Handbook for Dragonslayers sounds really cute!

  3. Alexa Y.

    I ADORE AMY. She’s one of the bloggers I absolutely trust, since we’re very similar in taste when it comes to books! Her blog is awesome, and I too love her fangirl posts. (AMY IF YOU DO AN AMERICAN GIRL EVENT, I AM SO THERE.)

  4. Asti (A Bookish Heart)

    Ew coffee! The current read sounds interesting though. I like that the MC has a club foot! It’s always good when a book can feature a disability, especially when it doesn’t seem to slow the MC down! I mean, dragon-slaying? Heck yeah.

    I haven’t read any of the recommended books, but have always wanted to check out Graceling. I really should, especially since the entire series is out. There’s just soooo many books! ><

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