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It’s week ONE of the IF I STAY read along, part of the five-month long Gayle Forman Read Along! Candice at The Grown-Up YA is hosting this leg of the Gayle Forman read along. Missed the post for week one’s questions? Find it here!

Haven’t signed up for the read along yet? Don’t worry! You can still join us for IF I STAY or any of the other three books left on the GFRA!


What was your initial reaction to the accident? Did you have an OMG moment?
Well, I’m re-reading IF I STAY, so it wasn’t a total OMG moment, but WOW. I forgot how graphic it really was! I mean, I consider IIS a contemporary book that’s mildly sci-fi with the out of body experience Mia has, but man. I forgot how intense that accident scene really is.

Adam and Mia are about as opposite as can be. Based on what you’ve read so far, what do you feel makes them such an intense couple?
I think their relationship is adorable. Obviously Adam has that rocker-guy-sex-appeal, but he just has some flat out amazing charisma and attitude about him that just makes everyone love him. It’s so cute that Mia keeps thinking, “Why me?” like she’s not special enough. I feel like their relationship is intense because they both share a passion of music which I always feel really fuels emotions — happy songs make me happier and I revel in sad songs, etc — but also they both FEEL like they’re opposites. Sometimes Mia feels like she has to hold onto Adam to make sure he doesn’t slip away from her.

Mia is watching what is happening to her in the hospital. How do you think she is handling it? Do you think her reactions to everything is natural or is it something else?
I guess since she can’t really feel it happening, it doesn’t really quite sink in. I think she’s grasped that this is real, this is happening, and it’s not just some kind of dream. I think she’s handling it better than I probably would (which I’m assuming would be crying and running around the hospital trying to make people hear me or see me).

We’re introduced to Mia’s family before and after the accident, who is a group of varied individuals. Have you developed a favorite yet? If so, why? What makes that person special to you?
I always loved Mia’s dad. I love how he’s such a rocker dude, but he’s converting into English teacher so I keep picturing him looking basically hipster. He’s got such a fun personality — funny, happy, proud of his kids, in love with his wife. He just seems like a wonderful person. So really learning about him and what his life was like before the accident is just so bittersweet. It really makes me sad! I really think that’s what I take away from the whole book… (Okay, I may be jumping the gun by a few weeks here, but still) I love Mia’s whole family and to get to know them AFTER the accident… It just really rips my heart out!

We ended this week’s reading on one of the sexiest scenes ever. What was your reaction to this? Cigarette? Cold shower? Sneaking ahead to read more?
Haha! Not quite, but it was interesting to read it the second time around. The first time I read IF I STAY, I had really just started blogging and barely knew anyone yet. I didn’t get to talk to people about this scene. Maybe I’m being naïve or maybe Gayle Forman meant to keep it a little vague, but I’m not 100% sure what exactly went down with Adam & Mia! Playing each other like instruments…….. I actually still don’t quite get it. Maybe that would be easier to understand by seeing it (although that might be a little TOO intense of a scene?) but I just didn’t a visual and I kept picturing them strumming each other all goofy-like. It actually wasn’t quite the scene for me, but maybe I’m just not picturing it right! *shrugs* It feels good to be honest though!

Great questions for week one! I’m loving re-reading IF I STAY and really, it’s hard to put down!
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Hi, I'm Brittany!

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5 thoughts on “If I Stay/Gayle Forman Read Along – Week 1

  1. Candice

    Ha, maybe I’m the only who really felt the “playing” scene was super steamy… I listened to the audio the first time I “read” this one, and the narrator… wow. Maybe it was her fault the scene was so steamy!

    I think you’re absolutely right about getting to know Mia’s family AFTER the accident. It makes it all the more sad! I hate knowing just how awesome all these people are and start loving them, only to be reminded – rather bluntly might I add – that they’re dead.

    Great answers B!

    1. Brittany Post author

      No, a lot of people did! I think I was just one of the few who didn’t get it. I bet it’s TOTALLY different on audio too! I bet that makes it a lot more special. I almost re-read this one on audio but I own the paperback and I just really wanted to read it again with my own copy 🙂

  2. Maggie @ Just a Couple More Pages

    I’m glad you said that about the sexytimes (or not sexytimes?) scene. I said in my answers this week that there’s a level of intimacy there which I think makes it pretty steamy and also slightly uncomfortable for me to read about, which is true. But I also don’t really get the logistics of the whole thing. I feel like if I were in Mia’s place (even though I seriously love Adam) I would just be cracking up from the oddness/awkwardness of the situation. I don’t know what that said about my maturity level at 28 years old, but yeah.

    1. Brittany Post author

      Haha to be honest, I’m sure I would have been ridiculously giggly too if that was me! And OHHH Adam. I do love him. I’m just happy to be re-reading because I’ve wanted to for such a long time! 🙂


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