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It’s week TWO of the IF I STAY read along, part of the five-month long Gayle Forman Read Along! Candice at The Grown-Up YA is hosting this leg of the Gayle Forman read along. Missed the post for week one’s questions? Find it here!

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Shortly after Kim arrives at the hospital, she goes to the hospital chapel to pray. How does this scene fit in with who she is?
I love that Kim is sort of tough-as-nails and she seems pretty sarcastic as well, but she still immediately goes to the chapel to pray. Her religion is just a part of who she is and I like that she doesn’t make a big deal about it one way or or the other. She knows what her faith is and how involved it is in her life and she’s totally comfortable with it. The fact that she’s Jewish plays a certain role in the sense that Mia has been able to experience new family and religious traditions by being a part of Kim’s life and we also get to see a bit of Kim’s humor when she makes a joke in the chapel.

In the pages we’ve read Mia begins to realize that it’s up to her if she wants to stay. What’s hard about this decision? Based on what you know so far, talk about where you think she’s at mentally and what her reaction to this knowledge might be.
That realization sort of blew my mind. I was actually legitimately tearing up because HOW IN THE WORLD DO YOU DECIDE THAT. I mean, I guess it should seem easy right? Stay. Who wants to die? Mia had a happy life… But oh wait, her parents are already dead and her brother may or may not be alive at this point. How could she possibly stay? It’s amazing to be put in that position and especially the way her grandparents brought up this issue and talked about it… Tears in my eyes.

Mia’s parents are definitely different than she is. How do you think their personalities affect Mia?
I love how their personalities affect Mia. At times I feel like she’s the parent and they’re the kids… Except they’re not actually immature. They just have the punk rock attitude and Mia has a more serious attitude. Their taste in music sort of shapes this generalization about the ages that listen to them and shifts the way we perceive them. I love how they bring a little more lightness into Mia’s life when she’s more serious. It’s fun to see that a different way than a parent always trying to reel the kid back in and it’s not annoying to the sense of the parents going way out of control, ya know?

The Halloween scene is one of my favorites – what do you think is significant about this particular scene in terms of Mia and Adam’s relationship?
HAHA I got to this scene and immediately updated my Goodreads saying that I forgot how much I love Adam. He was so incredibly sweet to Teddy. I love it when the guys are nice to the younger siblings (theirs or someone else’s) — It totally just melts my heart.
I also thought it was interesting how Adam dressed up as Mozart and Mia dressed punk rock to sort of impress it. Totally sweet that he told her he loved her for the way she is and that’s WHY he loves her. She doesn’t have to go all punk rock to impress him!

Mia desperately wants Adam and Kim to be friends, but it’s just not happening for them. Was it surprising to you to see Kim and Adam come together in the hospital? What are your thoughts on this?
It was surprising, but in a good way! It’s sad that it took a tragedy of their best friend/girlfriend to get them talking and working together… But also it’s hard to try to push people together when they just don’t mesh, so I totally understand! Just because you have a mutual person in common doesn’t mean you’re meant to be together too. I know Mia wanted them to be friends because they were both so important to her, but I also like that it was okay for Adam and Kim to be two separate parts of her life (even though Mia didn’t feel like that). They didn’t hate each other and they weren’t mortal enemies… They just weren’t friends.

Great questions for week two! I’m loving re-reading IF I STAY and really, I’m already excited for the end even though we still have two weeks left 😀
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