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I was brainstorming future blog posts and I thought it would be really fun to some sort of a personality quiz! At first I wanted to do something along the lines of 2013 releases but there are honestly too many that I still have to get to so I realized that was going to have to be scrapped and I had to start with something that I really knew well. With the release of CRESS coming up and my over-the-top obsession I have with The Lunar Chronicles, I thought it would be fun to do a personality quiz related to that so… without further ado…


Here is my personally designed personality quiz (just for fun, of course) to tell you which character you would be in Marissa Meyer’s Lunar Chronicles series! So which character do you think you’ll be? Are you more of a Cinder, a Scarlet, or a Cress? Or maybe even Kai or Thorne? Take the quiz and find out!

So who did you get? Let me know!! Did you like who you paired up with or were you wishing for someone else? Do you identify with Cinder or are you more of a Scarlet?

(Yes, I took my own quiz… I was Scarlet!)

Update: Post originally coincided with pre-order giveaway for CRESS (book #3). Giveaway now closed.

** Want to take an even MORE updated quiz with characters from WINTER? Check out the latest version of The Lunar Chronicles Personality Quiz here! **

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Hi, I'm Brittany!

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59 thoughts on “Quiz: Which Lunar Chronicles Character Are You?

  1. Katy

    I got Carswell! Fitting since I named my cat after him! (Though, the cat’s full name is Carswell Thorne Millay – we typically just call him Thor – since my fiance has no clue who Carswell Thorne is hahaha)

  2. Chiara

    I love this quiz! I got my favorite character, Levana lol. I am not evil… but i guess I am like Levana! I love this series! My favorite books EVER! Great site!

  3. Audrey Greathouse

    Hahahahaha, I got Iko! I love it. My book club is reading Cinder this month, and I’m so excited to see so many people getting introduced to the Lunar Chronicles world! I’m having so much fun re-reading it, especially since I didn’t do the Lunar Chronicles re-read prior to Winter’s release.

  4. ........

    I wasnt able to take it…… I dont understand why…. its like it wont go past the first question of hair colours

  5. WildFeather484


  6. Skylar

    Yay! I got Cinder, just the one that I wanted! But the other characters are pretty cool too and I will been ok if I got any other characters.

  7. CressintheTARDIS

    I’m not sure what went wrong, but my quiz won’t let me continue to question two. :(. I was really looking forward to the quiz, too. I bet it would’ve been awesome.

  8. Tam

    Love the quiz, I got Cinder. Can’t wait for Fairest and Winter to come out next year, just read Cress so good.

  9. Nicole @ The Quiet Concert

    “Congratulations! You’re Scarlet. You’re pretty smart, can be bold at times, but most importantly, you stand up for your family. You’re a pretty loyal person and appreciate honesty. ”

    Aww I love this! I can’t believe you made this yourself. This was so much fun!

  10. Tory

    Oooh, I got Scarlet as well! Sounds about right since I have a thing for Wolf, lmao. 😛
    Also, this is a pretty dang neat quiz! I think you should do more of ’em! :3 I am sooooo excited for Cress too!

  11. Sophia

    I got Cinder…I feel like no one else has? I am very happy with getting her though, one of my favorite characters!!!

    1. Lizett

      I got Cinder too. Glad to know I’m not alone. She’s probably my fave character. Well, maybe Prince Kai….. :/

  12. Rebecca @ The Library Canary

    I love this!!! So fun. Seriously for a minute there, I thought I was going to get Queen Levana… because I answered that I always get what I want and that I’m good at getting people to do what I want. I was like great, I’m going to be the villain, what does that say about me?? Lol. Good thing I got Scarlet! *wipes brow* Thanks for the giveaway! And for putting together this awesome quiz!

  13. Rachel

    Umm, girl, you made this yourself?? THAT IS SO AWESOME! I got Captain Thorne. I don’t know much about him (I’ve only read Cinder), but from the short description, I like it! Fantastic job with this!

  14. kym

    Yeah had a go and ended up as Scarlet love my result. Still half way of finish reading Scarlet now and really liking her character. Can’t wait for Cress

  15. Annie

    I haven’t read Scarlet yet but this quiz sounded so fun I couldn’t resist! I got Iko which I was really excited about because she was my favourite character from Cinder. And when she… GAH, that was so sad.

  16. Stormy

    This was so fun! It feels sort of like the era of Myspace and internet quizzes when I use to spend HOURS taking personality tests for all my favorite book & TV characters. I am Scarlet! That makes me happier that it should, probably, but hey, Scarlet is AWESOME!

    1. Brittany Post author

      Thank you!!! I came up with the questions myself and used a site that allows you to create your own quizzes, then embedded in my post 🙂

  17. Alice in Readerland

    I love quizzes, so I think this is so cool!
    The Lunar Chronicles is my favorite series, so I was excited for Cress, but I just got Cress on your quiz, so now I’m even MORE excited!!! 🙂

    Alice @ Alice in Readerland

    1. Brittany Post author

      YAY!! I’m so excited and happy that you got Cress too! 🙂 Very fun! Thanks for taking the quiz & sharing!!


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