Guest Post from Johannah (The Broken Shelf): Homemade Personal Library

Hi, friends! I just got MARRIED and am now on my honeymoon in Aruba!!! I won’t be able to attend to my blog this week since Shane and I are having fun in the sun and relaxing, but not to worry — I’ve left my blog in good hands. All this week, I have a series of guest post-ers (and they all have some pretty great posts!

Today’s guest post is from Johannah who runs the blog over at The Broken Shelf. She came up with the idea for instructions on how to make your own homemade library which I think is pretty cute and fun! See her post below!

Homemade Library

Hi! Brittany had asked me to do a guest post while she is off getting married and enjoying her honey moon! I’m so excited for her! I can’t wait till I get married next year! I hope she posts pictures!

Anywho, I’m Johannah over at The Broken Shelf. I had a hard time coming up with a post idea – I really did. Then I was at the book store with a few of my girlfriends. My one friend was going to buy a book. I said, “Don’t you dare! I have that book and you may borrow it and it is a lot cheaper!” HA HA!

See, a week or so ago I became a new home owner. I bought my first house with my fiancé! I’m SO excited to make it mine! I decided it will be called The House of Books & Brews. Because most of my friends borrow my books and drink tea – or the occasional wine. Ha ha! It’s just fitting. I mean if you had seen how many bookshelves I had filled with books. You’d think I run a library. And If you need Tea – I generally have A LOT.  Once all my renovating is done and I put all my bookshelves up and together it will look like a library. Ha ha!

78954561     Library

Who wouldn’t want their own personal library?! I love the idea! I can spread my love of reading through my living room! So today I wanted to share with you a few sites I’ve found to helpful in my adventure in creating my own library.

First, you need a Library Card – which I’ve included as a JPG for you all to download. You can also just use this blogs creative awesomeness. I can’t draw a straight line to save my life and my handwriting is very close to chicken scratch. So I just plan on doing mine all in Illustrator.

Homemade Library Card

Second, you need those cool ‘old school’ date cards – I found a relatively inexpensive site to order them from and they can come in different colors. And since I’m way too lazy and busy right now to make my own – plus at that price I’d be nuts not to go that route. You can also download this handy printable library check out date cards as well.

Third, you will need a way to contact them. To send them reminds when their book is due or a way for them to extend it. The way I planned on doing this was – basically all the people that are borrowing books are my friends. So, I already have their phone numbers. I just need a current email address.

Also, keep a list of books that are checked out and to who – you can do this in excel spread sheet or just a regular note book.

Last but not least you will need to stock pile up on tea or coffee. Best place to get it? Well that depends on where you live. I go to my favorite Shop in Hanover called Merlin’s. They have their own special teas & coffee’s. I also get K-cup kinds from Bigelow tea brands. I’m a diehard fan. Ha ha!!!

classical workplace

Thanks, Johannah! What a fun idea. Do you guys loan books to your friends? Or WOULD you if there was a better system in place? Do you have any special items for your own personal library?

A huge thanks to Johannah from The Broken Shelf for today’s guest post! Don’t forget to visit her blog as well!

Hi, I'm Brittany!
Hi, I'm Brittany!

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10 thoughts on “Guest Post from Johannah (The Broken Shelf): Homemade Personal Library

  1. Krys

    I must say, as lovely as the idea is, I’ve only lent a few books out and I’ve never seen them again. Not that I’m against loaning out my books, I’d just not do it for everybody. Also, personally, I don’t like have my books written all over (unless it’s a self-help), so using the classic library stamp card for checkouts/ins would be a no-go in my books.
    Best of luck to everybody who decides to take this route!
    – Krys

  2. Candice @ The Grown-Up YA

    What a fun idea! I love giving books to people, but have a hard time loaning them out. Especially when they are my favorite books. I have some that will not leave my house and if they do I get a little anxious about them. But right now I feel like books have taken over my house I need to just get people to come shop at my house!

    Although, I would be up for a book trading library with some of my reader friends. Like you bring a book, you take a book. That would be great! 🙂

    1. Johannah

      that is an awesome idea!! Bring a Book Take a Book! LOVE IT! I have a hard time loaning certain books out too. If they are signed or First Additions. I lent out Tuesdays with Morrie so many times and then people lend out the copy I lent them and I never see it again. But both people that read it loved it, so I had to get TWO copies. One for myself and one to lend out.

  3. Kristilyn (Reading In Winter)

    I would love to have gorgeous floor to ceiling shelves for my books, but I’ve lent out my books so many times and never saw them again, that I’m against lending them out! I will give some to my mom to read since she’s really good at returning them, but I’m more likely to buy someone a book I know they’ll love rather than lend them my copy. Love the idea of having the old fashioned date cards in the books … that’s a good way to keep track of who in the family reads them, too!


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