Holiday Gift Guide for Book Addicts

I know it’s only mid-November but admit it. You’re already doing some Christmas shopping. With Secret Santas, holiday parties, and gifts that we need to mail to our loved ones across the country, the holiday shopping starts early! I had so much fun with the Top Ten Tuesday post all about bookish gifts back in April and I thought things from those posts would also totally come in handy when shopping for your favorite book lovers this holiday season!

** Please also note I am NOT getting any sort of commission for mentioning these companies. Just sharing the love and gift ideas! **


Candles aren’t necessarily something you’d consider to be literature-related but there are some amazing shops that combine the two perfectly. The first is FANDLEMONIUM (who so graciously sent me my very own Hermione candle a few months ago after seeing my Top Ten Tuesday post and including them! Thank you again! (Though I still haven’t had the heart to burn it. Love it too much!!!!)) They have an awesome selection of candles that have been carefully put together with scents to represent not only book fandoms but others as well! Their tagline is “Candles for Geeks” so trust me — there’s something there for all you proud-to-be nerds out there!
They have 16oz jars — featuring fandoms like Harry Potter, Doctor Who, and even Disney Princesses — and 8oz tins (more variety in the jars) OR you can create a custom jar as well with your hand-picked selections! Be sure to check them out if you know of a self-proclaimed geek who would love to get a fandom candle this holiday season! // Website: Fandlemonium

Another VERY popular place to seek out fandom candles is FROSTBEARD STUDIO Etsy Shop. They have 8oz jars, and sets of 6/3oz tarts with a few variety packs to choose from as well. You can pick some fandom specific ones like The Shire, Winterfell, Sherlock’s Study, and Butterbeer or just plain old bookish scents like “Old Books” and “Bookstore”. I already have a few of these in my cart to buy some for my friends for Christmas too! I’ve received one as a gift (“The Cliffs of Insanity”) and I love it! // Website: Frostbeard Studio Etsy Shop


Book lovers are notorious for loving coffee and tea as well. Me personally? Yes, but I also do love beer (and wine goes well with books too), so what better presents to get book-lovers than some glassware? GLASS BLASTED ART has a variety of mugs, pint glasses, wine glasses and more with some of your favorite literary references! (Personally, I’m a fan of their Harry Potter stuff!) // Etsy Shop: Glass Blasted Art



You got them the glasses… why not get them the beverages to go inside?

TEA: Adagio Teas has quite a few fandom samplers to choose from! Their tea is delicious (I haven’t had these but I have tried some fruity ones) so these should be a safe bet for the tea lover you need to buy for! // Website: Adagio Teas


Of COURSE bookworms need bookmarks, right!? Right! I know bookmarks are collectibles for some book-lovers (I’m that crazy who just uses scraps of paper BUT I do love my fancy-looking bookmarks too!) so here are some places to find some really neat ones: CRAFT’ED Etsy Shop specializes in magnetic bookmarks (thanks to Jessie from Jessie Reads Everything to sharing this one with me!) and they are just too cute! Game of Thrones, Sherlock, Harry Potter… there’s a number of them to choose from! // Etsy Shop: Craft’ed

LILLYTALES SHOP also has some wonderful wooden bookmarks with some great fandoms as well!There are quite a few Harry Potter ones to choose from but OMG this Anna/Lola/Isla one! There are also some more just with general reading and book quotes and art. So much fun! // Etsy Store: Lillytales Shop

Lillytales anna lola isla bookmark


Alyssa got me this amazing print as a gift and I LOVE it. I mostly just love things printed on book paper too. OWL’S NEST COTTAGE has a ton of prints as well as recycled book page crafts featuring Harry Potter, Divergent, classic lit + more! They also have tons of jewelry options too! // Etsy Shop: Owl’s Nest Cottage


I’ve also purchased an item from POSTERTEXT, a company that makes posters featuring an image of the selected book using that entire book’s text. It’s a VERY neat idea and I loved how the poster turned out (I bought The Wizard of Oz for Alyssa last year!) and I think they also have very reasonable prices for what you’re purchasing. (The only below is an example for Dracula!) Currently it looks like they only have classic literature but they’re working on contemporary and popular literature as well!  // Website: Postertext
If Postertext doesn’t have what you want, you can also check out websites like Litographs, Spineless Classics, and Novel Poster!


There are also quite a few blogger-run stores (mostly through Etsy, that I know of) and these amazing bloggers create their very own fandom-related and book-related merch! They are QUITE fantastic and I’ve been yearning for some of these myself!

TOTE BAGS: Becca from Pivot Book Reviews makes some AMAZING designs on tote bags! I’ve seen a few of them on her blog, but some of my personal favorites are her Anna and the French Kiss and Fangirl totes and I am green with envy staring at them! // Etsy Store: Pivot Book Totes

Pivot Book Totes Anna and the French Kiss

T-SHIRTS: Appraising Pages has an AWESOME Etsy shop featuring their original designs on T-shirts! From quotes to references to images… Divergent to The Fault in Our Stars to The Hunger Games and more — they’ve got your bookish fandoms covered! // Etsy Store: Appraising Pages

Appraising Pages Snitch ain't one

appraising pages literal heart of jesus

Oh gosh, you guys, there are SO many more amazing bookish gift ideas that I haven’t included in this post so that is where YOU come in. Tell me some of your favorite bookish gifts! Do you have a favorite Etsy store? Some great gifts that you’ve given or received in the past? We want to hear it! Help our your fellow bookworms (or maybe just someone who stumbled upon this post) in purchasing the best holidays gifts a book-lover can get! Pretty please leave your favorites + links in the comments below! I’d love to check them out!


Hi, I'm Brittany!
Hi, I'm Brittany!

I'm an avid reader, candle-maker, and audiobook lover! Here you'll find book reviews, fun blog posts, and my other loves of photography & craft beer!

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24 thoughts on “Holiday Gift Guide for Book Addicts

  1. Alexa S.

    What a great gift guide, Brittany! I’m obsessed with Frostbeard candles, thanks to Alyssa, but I just learned of Craft’ed because of you. It helped me buy a few presents for friends — and I was lucky enough to get an entire set from my TBTB Secret Santa this year!

  2. Angie

    This is a most excellent post. Someday I will got to a place here in MN with Frostbeard so I can smell all the things. I can get super weird about scents, even though I kinda want the Slytherin candle just to look at it even if I don’t like the smell. I bet Dumbledore’s Office and the Butterbeer candles smell amazing.


    Gillian’s shop is going to eventually end up taking all my money.

  3. Erin @ The Hardcover Lover

    I know I’d love to receive candles as gifts; they are some of my favorite things, but I’m so iffy on sending them because I know a lot of people have allergies and can’t tolerate scents. I wanted to send my #TBTBSanta giftee candles in the worst way, but I didn’t just in case.

    Also… I did a lot of browsing at Marshall’s and TJMaxx over the weekend, and they have a lot of awesome goodies! They even had a lot of bookish stuff, and cool activity books.

    Great post! I love that you introduced me to some cool new shops and ideas! 🙂

  4. Rachel

    Great post! I have one going live on Friday that features some of these sellers, where they have kindly offered discount codes for between 10-20% off, and there are some new ones too that aren’t mentioned here (mostly as they are UK based sellers, I imagine!). Really hoping it gets a good response, as it’s great to mention and purchase from the talented independent guys!

    R x

  5. Kelsey

    These are all so awesome!! I love the idea of the candles too. At the moment I don’t have anyone bookish to buy for but I’m bookmarking this page for later 🙂


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