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Welcome to the blog tour for
FAIREST by Marissa Meyer!

I was OVER THE MOON (oh my gosh, no pun intended but that worked out perfectly) to be invited to join this blog tour by Macmillan (whom I am always privileged and humbled to work with!) because if you know the bookish side of me at all, you know that Marissa Meyer’s Lunar Chronicles series is one of my all-time favorites EVER. You’ve seen me fangirling about these books and this series all over the internet, I’m sure, so to be a part of this blog tour was absolutely thrilling!

Well let me tell you a little bit about my journey with The Lunar Chronicles. I actually didn’t think I was going to like Cinder a whole lot (GASP) — I mean, I had the reaction that a lot of people do: “Cyborg Cinderella? Isn’t that a little too sci-fi for me? I’m just not sure it would be my thing.” But I saw so many bloggers start to rave about it — and people like me who weren’t sure it would be “their thing” either — so thanks to reviews especially from Alyssa (Books Take You Places) and Monica (The Fuma Files), I bought a copy of Cinder and totally devoured it in two days. I was totally impressed at the Cinderella retelling and at the same time fell in love with these new characters and absolutely original story line. Now THIS was how retellings should be! Naturally I was instantly craving Scarlet which I knew was coming out but I had to wait a little bit to get my hands on that one!

Things escalated quickly from there. I read Scarlet and fell even more in love with the series. Macmillan ran a special feature to have bloggers who reviewed Scarlet to send in their review links and their blog’s name would appear in a special thank you in the back of the paperback (they’ve done this for other books as well — including Cinder, actually, but I was too late to that party). So that led to me, of course, purchasing the paperback of Scarlet to go with my hardcover. Then I needed the paperback of Cinder to match. Then I couldn’t stop buying and/or collecting the series because I loved the books so much and really just wanted to have every possible edition I could find. (Now it’s an obsession but… I’m okay with that!) My amazing friend Amy (Tripping Over Books) gifted me the Cinder & Scarlet Spanish versions for my birthday last year and I’ve kept on collecting since! Once the whole series is out and I have all of my American copies of Cress, Fairest, and Winter, I’ll move on to collection more international editions and I’ll be forever fangirling to whoever will listen and constantly hoping to find new readers and fellow fangirls (or fan… boys?) of this series!

I FINALLY got to meet Marissa in October 2014 (she doesn’t come to Illinois often — or hadn’t since I first read Cinder!) and not only did I get to meet her at the Fierce Reads event, but I also got to interview her AND moderate the Fierce Reads panel. I was SO incredibly nervous but it was also so amazing!!! She was nothing but sweet and even personalized ALL of my Lunar Chronicles books (which was so nice because there were soooo many). I felt so embarrassed gushing my love of her books right to her but sometimes you just have to stop and flail a little bit when your favorite author asks you what your favorite books are.



I’ve raved about the series SEVERAL times on the blog (see the links below) and have many more plans to relive The Lunar Chronicles in 2015! Winter is coming (ha. I can never resist) so I have my own plans to re-read the whole series leading up to Winter’s release in November 2015. I’m hoping to host a series read along (or re-read along for those who are reading for a second time) so keep your eyes peeled for that event later on in the year!!!


Glitches (The Lunar Chronicles #0.5) // Cinder (The Lunar Chronicles #1) // The Queen’s Army (Lunar Chronicles #1.5) // Scarlet (The Lunar Chronicles #2) // The Little Android (The Lunar Chronicles #2.5 // Cress (The Lunar Chronicles #3) // Carswell’s Guide to Being Lucky (The Lunar Chronicles #3.5


 Quiz: Which Lunar Chronicles Character Are You? // My Latest Bookish Addiction: The Lunar Chronicles // Summer Showcase: Blockbusters // Fierce Reads Fall Tour 2014: Chicago Recap


I spread the Lunar love as much as I can… but I’m only one person! I know my fabulous fellow bloggers who love this series share their feelings on their blogs and social media as well, but we need to reach people who aren’t connected to book bloggers and publishers! Heck, if I wasn’t a book blogger, who knows if I would have discovered half of the books that I know and love today? Let’s spread the Lunar love to people who may not know of it yet!

The contest rules are as follows:

  • SPREAD THE WORD ABOUT THE LUNAR CHRONICLES: Try to find someone who hasn’t read the series yet and erm… gently (strongly) encourage them to read it! Loan a copy to a family member, buy a book for a friend, slip a note in a couple library books, slap a Lunar Chronicles sticker or flyer somewhere in public (somewhere you’re allowed to leave stickers/flyers — please don’t litter or deface public property!), or any other creative & appropriate ideas you can think of!
  • SNAP A PHOTO OF YOUR CONTEST ENTRY: In order to be entered into this contest giveaway, I need to SEE what you’ve done! Post your contest entry on social media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, etc) with the hashtag #LunarLove and enter the link to your post in the Rafflecopter form below!
  • SNAP A PHOTO OF YOUR LUNAR CHRONICLES COLLECTION: I want to see your personal Lunar Chronicles collection too! Share a picture of the TLC books you own with the #LunarLove hashtag and share them on social media! (Also link it up to the Rafflecopter form!)
  • DON’T FORGET THE BONUS ENTRIES! There will be more ways to enter than just spreading the word but sharing those pictures of your #LunarLove will earn you oooooodles of entries into the giveaway! See the Rafflecopter form for more ways to enter!
  • THERE WILL BE TWO WINNERS: One winner will receive a FULL set of the series so far in paperback edition from Macmillan. This winner must be a resident of US/Canada for shipping purposes. The second winner is for the hardcore fans who already own all three books that are out right now (I can’t forget about you guys!) and that person will win a pre-order of Fairest OR Winter. Winner #2 must be 13 years or older and Amazon and/or The Book Depository must be able to ship to your country (so international is welcome)!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Hooray! Now go forth and enter! I can’t wait to see who your share The Lunar Chronicles with and how! <3

Hi, I'm Brittany!
Hi, I'm Brittany!

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9 thoughts on “Fairest Blog Tour: Spread the Lunar Love!

  1. Lesley Anne

    That’s so fun you got to moderate the Fierce Reads panel AND meet and interview Marissa Meyer! She looks so nice and personable! I haven’t read the Lunar Chronicles yet and was mainly waiting on the release of Winter so I could binge read the entire series, but I might have to join in on your read-along later this year. Looking forward to more details!

  2. Lesley Anne

    That’s so fun you got to moderate the Fierce Reads panel AND meet and interview Marissa Meyer! She looks so nice and personable! I haven’t started the Lunar Chronicles yet and was mainly waiting on the release of Winter so I could binge read the entire series at one time, but I might have to participate in your read-along later this year. Looking forward to more details!

  3. Olivia

    I actually own every single book in the Lunar Chronicles so far (Christmas gifts!) but I have yet to start them! I think I will buddy read Cinder, which makes me all the more excited. This is an awesome giveaway, so thank you! 😀

  4. Munnaza

    Thank you so much for this giveaway! I’m curious about Fairest, and extremely excited about Winter. The Lunar Chronicles is such an exciting series, and I can’t wait to see how it all pans out!

  5. Danielle @ Love at First Page

    I am so so so excited for Fairest and even MORE excited for Winter! I can’t believe this series will be coming to an end! Scarlet is my favorite of the series, but I love all three so much.
    If i had a top 10 list of authors I want to meet, Marissa Meyer would definitely be on it. She seems like such a sweetheart!

  6. Kritika

    looooooooooove this series! I’m not entering the contest but I’m excited to see everyone’s book pushing 🙂 I have beenpushing this series on my friends and so far everyone has enjoyed it. I’m SO EXCITED for Fairest and Winter!

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