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What’s Your Winner’s Curse?

The ‘Winner’s Curse’ is an economics term that means you’ve gotten what you wanted – but at too high a price.  What would you pay too much for?

This is quite the interesting question posed to us bloggers by Macmillan and it really made me reflect on my life and see what my true “Winner’s Curse” would be. There really aren’t that many things that whip me into a frenzy, causing me to spend more money than I normally would (except, of course, books… which was the first thing that came to mind haha!) Ever since we bought our house and spent so much money on our wedding, my husband and I have gotten better about saving money… But the more I thought about it, there are two things that naturally are expensive and have me justifying the amount of money that I’d spend on them even if the cost is exorbitant: upgrades for my house and vacations.



My bookcase is one of the first upgrades/big projects we did for our house. After saying adios to my apartment, I left the crappy (and falling apart) bookcases behind. As much as that pained me, I knew we would build a glorious bookcase in our new home… And we did just that! It was a large sum of money but my husband has a friend who builds homes for a living and was wonderful enough to do this project for us on the side. We stained it ourselves which was a TOTAL pain (and I will never do that again — because it was already assembled) but LOOK HOW GLORIOUS! The money and time and effort was totally worth it and I’d do it all over again. We’re also getting a pantry build in our dining room because we REALLY REALLY need the storage space so as you can see… money is already going into some flashy home improvements!

God forbid we ever move (we will eventually, I’m sure), we cannot take this built-in bookcase with us. Alas. We’ve spent a lot of money on it and as much as I would LIKE to try to take it with, that’s impossible. BUT we can always build a new one someday… In the meantime, I’m always pinning more bookcases and libraries on my Shelf Envy Pinterest board! We may have to use these for inspiration someday ;D





Screen Shot 2014-12-20 at 3.39.04 PM

Shane and I got married this past November and we went to Aruba on our honeymoon. I’ve NEVER taken a trip like that before (we go on trips all of the time but usually always in the US and never quite so expensive) and I’ll be honest… we did not pay that all in one lump sum haha. I almost NEVER buy things if I can’t afford to pay for them outright (house, car, wedding, etc aside) so the fact that we took this very expensive (well, very expensive for us) vacation to Aruba was quite the splurge for us! We justified it because it was our honeymoon, but I’d also like to take some more expensive and/or “dream” vacations someday!

I think we’ll always love splurging on trips, though. It’s sort of become something that we do together and do often. It doesn’t have to be far but we’ll grab a hotel room up in Milwaukee for a weekend, take a stay-cation in downtown Chicago, or camp in the Snowy Mountains in Wyoming. No matter where we go, we always have a good time and our travel memories are some of my favorites! I love visiting new places (and some old ones too) with Shane and I look forward to doing this for the rest of our lives, even if it’s something that we spend maybe a little TOO much money on sometimes. These are the ways we treat ourselves!

I had SUCH a blast today on the blog tour for THE WINNER’S CURSE and THE WINNER’S CRIME! Thank you again to the always fabulous folks at Macmillan for putting this tour together. They’re always such wonderful hosts and they set up these fabulous tours so we can bring you wonderful books — and giveaways too!

Don’t forget that you can find out more about the tour as well as both books in the series so far at the links below! 

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  • You can also play Bite and Sting, the game in the book! (I’ve played the game myself and it’s a LOT of fun!!!)
  • Don’t forget to follow #TheWinnersCurse hashtag on Twitter as well!


Want to win a copy of THE WINNER’S CRIME? I bet you do! Enter the Rafflecopter form below for your chance to win! This will be a finished copy — not an ARC. Winner must be 13 years of age or older and a resident of the United States. Good luck!!!

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18 thoughts on “Blog Tour: What’s Your Winner’s Curse? (Plus Giveaway!)

  1. Kierra

    The obvious ones are books galore!! But less obviously, I would spend a lot of money to travel to different countries; I hope I can afford to spend too much on traveling in the future!

  2. Erin @ The Hardcover Lover

    I spend way too much money on books (but I don’t regret it) and nail polish. I went through this phase a few years ago when I always had to have my nails painted. I even attempted (and failed) nail art. So now I have a huge collection. I’m getting better at not buying nail polish all the time, but I always end up getting some when I see a color I really want on sale.

  3. Mary G Loki

    I would/do spend too much money on books and energy drinks. Put them together and I am reading all night long. I know it’s bad for me but I just can’t stop. :/

  4. ReadiculousGirl

    I would definitely spend a lot of money on a massive YA library! On the fantasy side of this question, I would pay a high price so I could meet my favorite characters in person.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. Valerie Pennington

    I spend a lot of money on books but I bargain shop so at least that’s good. I want to ride every roller coaster in the world and visit the cities that they reside in so that’s basically where I want to put all of my money!

  6. Kaitlyn

    My winner’s crime would be all my books and not have a place to put them all! And I spend way too much money on books!

  7. Misti

    Well, I don’t get to ever go on vacations sadly. I think the most money I ever spend on myself is to buy books. I know that’s a typical answer but it’s my only splurge. Thank you. I wish I could go to Aruba. Sounds exciting.

  8. Kayla

    Mine is learning and hobbies. I’ve spent way too much taking extra classes in college. I also spend way too much learning new crafts and buying the supplies to do them at home.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  9. Tammy (@tammygeo)

    Obviously the most money I’ve ever spent is on a house and sometimes the mortgage payment every month still hurts a tiny bit 🙂

  10. Maraia

    My winner’s curses are definitely food and traveling (which often involves lots of food). I can save money on clothes, books, movies, etc., but food is one thing I will not skimp on! I haven’t traveled in a while, but again, I’m totally fine skimping in other areas if it lets me travel!

  11. Natalie

    I’m trying to cut back, but I still spend way too much on books. Though I personally don’t think it’s possible to spend too much anything on books. Thank you for the giveaway!!!!!!!! I need me some Arin 😀

  12. Natasha

    I always spend too much on books and I’d spend too much on a good education, but I don’t feel guilty about either

  13. Darlene Cruz

    Thank you for the giveaway and your blog is wonderful. I surround myself with books to but it’s extra special when I win it in a giveaway. The Winner’s Crime is a book I look forward to reading. Again great blog and book tour!!!

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