The Stages of Starting A New Book by Your Favorite Author, As Told by The Princess Bride

It’s a precious thing when your favorite author announces that they’re writing a new book. But let’s be honest… we as book lovers go through quite the range of emotions while waiting for said book and while reading said book. Somehow this reminded me of The Princess Bride (well, a lot of things do), so without further ado, here is my interpretation of those stages as told by The Princess Bride gifs. (I hope you find them QUITE appropriate.)

Your favorite author announces that they’re writing a new book. YAASSSSS!

This is excellent news. You need it. You’re DYING for it. This book may kill you. IT SOUNDS AMAZING. Dead. Dead. Dying. Must have.

Then you wonder, “What if the new book isn’t as good as the previous ones!?”

And… it won’t be out until… next year!?

You try to be patient but the need for another book by your favorite author is TOO GREAT!

Then suddenly, the release date gets pushed back.

Sad as it is, you understand because you WANT the author to take their time to write this perfect book.

So in the meantime, you re-read all of their books to feel the magic again.

FINALLY, the magical release day is drawing near. You thought it would never come!

You wait patiently for your book to arrive but of course, your pre-order is late.

So you head out to the bookstore, ready to fight anyone if GOD FORBID there is only one copy left.

NOOO. Someone just grabbed the ONLY copy on the shelves.

But you calmly convince them that you NEED it and point them to another fantastic book instead.

They hesitate…

BUT they give in. You finally got the book. YES! Time to cancel all plans, go home, and read.

You crack open the book, hoping to find all kinds of swoons, adventure, and amazing plot.

You get totally sucked in.


WHY? How could the author do that!?

You don’t want to believe it.

You try to share your feelings with your friends but they just don’t understand.

When you explain your fandom to them…

…they just laugh.

So back to your only TRUE friends… your books.

You finally finished and PHEW. It was amazing (although RIP favorite character).

As you expected, it was indeed perfection.

But then you need to wait for the next book…

It’s only two more years (again)… right?

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Hi, I'm Brittany!
Hi, I'm Brittany!

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14 thoughts on “The Stages of Starting A New Book by Your Favorite Author, As Told by The Princess Bride

  1. Romi

    I don’t think this could possibly have been done any better- looking at all those Princess Bride gifs again, I’m positive it couldn’t. I mean to say, you combined my two passions: The Princess Bride and books! It’s bookish wonderment! We book lovers face trials, don’t we, for the ultimate goal of getting the book!
    Indeed, this post was so good I’m following your blog right away! Nice to meet you, Brittany! Xx

  2. Layla

    Um, so this just makes me want to watch The Princess Bride again. Love how perfectly the GIFs worked here, though!

  3. Amanda Marie

    This is great! I was trying hard not to laugh too loud because then I get strange look for laughing at a computer. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Nikki

    SO MUCH YES TO THIS WHOOOOOOOOOLE THING omg, this is flawless!! XDD Though I’m having flashbacks to when the TRK push-back was announced, and now I’m FREAKING OUT about WHAT IF MY PREORDER IS LATE OH GOD NO.

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