Fortnight of Fright 2015 | A Novel Halloween (Christy & Erica from Novel Ink)


Welcome to our third annual FORTNIGHT OF FRIGHT event!
October 17th – October 31st, 2015

Thanks for checking out the THIRD annual edition of FORTNIGHT OF FRIGHT where Alyssa (Books Take You Places), Amy (Tripping Over Books), and I bring you two full weeks of Halloween-related posts! We’ve invited bloggers, authors, and book lovers alike to share their favorite things about Halloween and we feature a new person and post each day. 

Today, Christy & Erica from Novel Ink have prepared an awesomely fun Halloween Party post! Check it out below!

fortnight of fright

Do you dare pass through the doors? *wicked cackle* We welcome you to our Halloween Party. Come prepared. Wear a costume to scare us to death, bring an appetite to munch on fingers and be prepared to sip some blood. Now come along and join us for A Novel Halloween.


As you all come along and walk up the steps
You’ll feel a little weary and scared to death
You open the door and look inside
A doll and Zombie Alice will say “Hi”

COSTUME - PIC 1costume 2

We want to scare you but not too much
We have a table waiting and a fire hutch
Books and mini houses are awaiting you
Look out for the skeletons who scream out, “boo!”

decorations 3  decorations 1
decorations 4

We finally sit down as dinner is ready
Your fingers may be served so keep them steady
Dripping with blood and brains to be sipped
Don’t leave just yet, it’s just the start of our trip


After we eat our devilish snacks
We will watch TV and our backs
No Michael, Jason or Freddy can stop us now
As we’re just about ready to take our bow


Books are a final part of A Novel Halloween
Surely each one of these will make you scream
Always beware as they’ll give you a fright
Now drive safe and have a good night

the dead house2 say her name creed

Thanks, Christy & Erica! This is fantastic!!! I love your spooky and bookish Halloween. Thanks so much for sharing! This whole post has an amazing atmosphere to it — I feel like I went to a haunted house 😉 

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Hi, I'm Brittany!

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  1. Audrey Greathouse

    Oh man, now I just feel insecure about my little Halloween parties XD Those finger-hotdogs are BLOODY DISGUSTING!!! XD Also, I couldn’t stomach those horror movies if I tried. My guests know they’ll be in for a night of musical creepiness Rocky Horror or Devil’s Carnival style 😉

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