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When I saw a post about a hop for bookshelf pictures… I couldn’t resist! Ever since I had my bookshelves built two years ago (was it two years already??), I’ve been kind of obsessed with them and I’m not ashamed to admit that I love showing them off! I recently rearranged everything to look a little better as far as decorations and arrangement go and I’ve been meaning to find a way to show them off somehow… so how could I pass up this opportunity?

Kristen My Friends Are Fiction,  Sarah from The YA Book Traveler Chasing Faerytales, and Crystal at Bookiemoji came together to organize #TheShelfieHop on November 16th, allowing book lovers everywhere to post pictures of their bookcases for others to ogle. I mean, admire. I personally LOVE seeing other people’s bookshelves too and I naturally had to join in as well!

Well, you didn’t come here for words so let’s get to those pictures!! 


My bookcase! 

For the sake of viewing ease, I’m separating the bookcase into six “columns”, going from bottom to top in each photo below so you can see everything else close up!


(From bottom to top)

  • YA contemporary paperbacks, unread (with exceptions of Liz Czukas books which I have read)
  • More YA contemporary paperbacks (and a couple hardcovers), unread
  • YA contemporary hardcovers, unread
  • Harry Potter foreign and special editions, incomplete series (from L to R: UK HC Goblet of Fire, Greek Deathly Hallows, Portuguese Goblet of Fire, Spanish Philosopher’s Stone, UK PB Goblet of Fire, original paperbacks 1-3, mass market paperbacks 1-2

Untitled design


(from bottom to top)

  • (Lower left) YA contemporary hardcover, read; Rainbow Rowell collection
  • (Upper left) YA contemporary hardcover, read; Stephanie Perkins collection
  • (Upper right) Gayle Forman collection; YA contemporary paperbacks, read
  • (Lower right) Harry Potter UK hardcovers, new editions

gayle forman stephanie perkins rainbow rowell


(from bottom to top)

  • (Bottom left) His Fair Assassin collection; fantasy favorites; Erica O’Rourke collection
  • (Upper left) “Tall books” (the large hardcovers): Sarah J. Maas books, The 5th Wave series, Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy (pardon the gap where Days of Blood and Starlight should be! I’m sharing the love and it’s out on loan!)
  • (Upper right) Lunar Chronicles collection (before WINTER arrived)
  • (Lower right) Harry Potter special paperbacks, Hogwarts Library, original US hardcovers

lunar chronicles throne of glass


(from bottom to top) 

  • (Bottom left) Adult fantasy — A Song of Ice and Fire, The Kingkiller Chronicle, Gentleman Bastard, The Princess Bride
  • (Upper left) The “Raven” shelf (happened totally accidentally like that) — Maggie Stiefvater collection, Six of Crows collection
  • (Upper right) Grisha collection (from L to R); UK PB Shadow and Bone, The Gathering Dark, B&N special edition Ruin and Rising, German PB Shadow and Bone, US HC trilogy, US PB trilogy, Shadow and Bone ARC, Siege and Storm ARC, Polish trilogy
  • (Bottom right) Harper hardcover favorites, Fierce Reads hardcover favorites

grisha stiefvater


(from bottom to top) 

  • (Bottom left) Fantasy, sci-fi, paranormal HC, unread
  • (Upper left) Brandon Sanderson collection
  • (Upper right) Sci-fi & dystopian favorites, read
  • (Bottom right) “Vampire & Zombie” shelf

twilight vampire academy


(from bottom to top)

  • (Left) Sci-fi & fantasy paperback, unread
  • (Left) Paranormal & fantasy, unread; Antigoddess series + Neil Gaiman
  • (Right) The Spellman Files; Meg Cabot
  • (Right) Sci-fi, dystopian, fantasy; unread

sci fi fantasy

So those are my shelves! I’m always rearranging one way or another but I do like how they’re set up now! Though I’m sure I’ll get one new book that causes me to rearrange the entire thing again!!

Don’t miss everyone else on #TheShelfieHop! Check out the other blogs below!

Question of the day: How do YOU organize your bookshelves? As you can see, mine are VERY specific!

Hi, I'm Brittany!
Hi, I'm Brittany!

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17 thoughts on “#TheShelfieHop | A Bookshelf Tour

  1. Dreams

    You have an epic collection! So neat and organized with load of great books. And those shelves themselves are awesome. One day I will have a set of my own.

  2. Alexa S.

    I really do love your built-in bookshelves, B! They’re fabulous, and something that I aspire to have in my own home one day. Loved getting a peek at them in detail, as I’m always interested in seeing how people arrange their shelves 😉 Love all the details in yours!

  3. Nikki Lemmons

    I organize my books mostly alphabetically by author. Graphic novels are separated. My Harry Potter books are separated. My husband’s favorite books, LOTR and ASOIAF, are also separated.

  4. Holly J

    Your bookcase is GORGEOUS, and I loved seeing your pictures! And your collections are to-die-for. I love how you have whole shelves for a certain author/series. It’s awesome!

  5. Nikki

    You’ve got one of the prettiest bookcases of ALL TIME. I love built-ins, and your shelves are arranged so gorgeously!! The Raven and Grisha shelves are probably my favorites *_*

  6. Kate @ Mom's Radius

    Wow. That’s a lot of books! You’ve shelves are so pretty. Are they that neat all the time? 🙂

    I am not really a collector of actual books. I use the library a lot and when I buy books, they’re usually Kindle versions. I only have 2 shelves of books (not bookcases, just 2 shelves on one bookcase). I have then arranged by author and by size, so they look nice.

  7. Pili @ In Love With Handmade

    Ooooh, I really love your bookcases! They’re really amazing!!
    I’m loving seeing how everyone have their bookcases sorted because now that I’m building my library room I’m wondering how to sort my books once I get them on the shelves!!

  8. Becky @ A Fool's Ingenuity

    Ugh, your shelves are giving me major shelf envy. I have one lone book shelf which is heaving with books so I can only dream about the pretty organisation existing on your bookshelves. I love how you have lots of different sections and you can see all your books (I’m having to double up wherever possible so a lot of my books are hidden being another layer) and you’ve carefully integrated other bookish things as well. I am currently planning a major shelf reorganisation in the hopes my shelf will somehow grow into a Mary Poppins’s bag type shelf where I somehow manage to fit all my books (deluded, me? I think not.)

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