YA Aesthetics: The Scorpio Races

One of my favorite things to peruse on Tumblr is a little thing called the “YA Lit Meme” or “YA Aesthetics“. I haven’t seen much of it on book blogs outside of Tumblr but every time I see one, I pretty much fall in love. In case you’re not familiar with the masterpieces on Tumblr, YA Aesthetics are essentially photo collages (as well as other representations — but my favorites happen to be the collages) featuring physical representations of prominent things in the book — important places, what a character might look like or wear, special objects, even quotes.

I recently re-read THE SCORPIO RACES, bringing my total read count up to three. When I first read it a few years back, I wasn’t quite prepared for the beauty of the story. Once I re-read, I was totally in love. On my third read, I vowed to re-listen (yes, I listen to the audio each year because Steve West + Fiona Hardingham = perfection) every year and I hope that’s a tradition I will continue!

The story has really come to life for me and I love picking up more each read. I can really picture Thisby, Puck, Sean, the scenery, and the horses so instead of reviewing the book for a third time, I decided to share more the visual side and how the book comes to life for me!


the scorpio races aesthetics

So what do you think? Is this how you pictured The Scorpio Races? 

And if you love collages for YA Lit, you should definitely check out What Sarah Read! She’s been creating photo collages for her reviews and they’re just lovely! I adore this one she did for PASSENGER by Alex Bracken!

What do you think of YA Lit Memes & YA Aesthetics? Have you seen some awesome ones on Tumblr? Which books do you want to see represented next?

Hi, I'm Brittany!
Hi, I'm Brittany!

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7 thoughts on “YA Aesthetics: The Scorpio Races

  1. Ginger

    I love it! I haven’t read the Scorpion Races but that collage makes me want to! I’ve seen these around the web before but never knew what they were called. Off to the black hole which is tumblr to look for more ❤️

  2. Wendy

    Love this book, love your photo picks. I read it for the first time last summer, then read part of it aloud to one of my classes–sadly, not enough action to keep my struggling 8th grade readers engaged, so we had to swap it out for a shorter, snappier book. I think I must listen to the audio book now after your recommendation. I can’t get over how REAL Thisby feels, despite the strangeness, and I adore the pithy island turns of phrases. Do the voice actors have British accents? I kept imagining that Thisby was somewhere near the Hebrides.

  3. Audrey Greathouse

    Oh, neat! I’ve seen posts like these before while tumbling along tumblr, but I’d never heard the term YA Aesthetics before. I’m glad to finally have a name for this! There are so many good ones that capture books perfectly…as you clearly understand how to do!

  4. Morgan @ Gone with the Words

    Love it Brittany, you captured the book so well! I LOVE all the aethetics posts on Tumblr, I found some really good ones for Scorpio Races after I read it last month. I’m already excited to reread it someday. And YES Sarah has the best collages!!

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