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Book Title Buzzwords

So far I’ve read fourteen books in 2016 and as I was reviewing my list of books read so far, I was surprised to note that three of them had the word “KISS” in the title. Not surprisingly, “kiss” is a popular word for book titles, especially when it comes to contemporary romances, but I feel like I’ve been noticing it more often lately than I usually do!

Since it’s Valentine’s Day this weekend, this is the perfect opportunity to kick off this feature with an appropriate word! I’m sharing some recent reads featuring the word “kiss” in the title as well as some of my all-time favorites! Check ’em out below!


26 KISSES by Anna Michels | Simon & Schuster | May 24, 2016

I just finished 26 KISSES the other week when I was craving a fun contemporary. I was immediately drawn in by the colorful cover and the cute concept for the book. Main character Veda has just been dumped at the beginning of the summer before her senior year and her best friend Mel devises a plan for her to kiss her way through the alphabet in order to get over her heartbreak and have a little fun. I had an absolute blast reading this book and there are so many good things to say about it! The characters and setting were wonderful, the concept was a blast, and the whole story felt really well put together. I also appreciated how there were possibilities to fall into stereotypes or the same old, same old and 26 KISSES easily side-stepped those and really stood on its own. I’d say it’s perfect for fans of Kasie West and Stephanie Perkins!
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THE WINNER’S KISS by Marie Rutkoski | Book three of The Winner’s Trilogy | Macmillan | March 29, 2016

Woooo boy, this series is FULL of some glorious romantic and sexual tension. The number of “almost”s and “could have been”s still continue to rack up in THE WINNER’S KISS but I did love that there were also so wonderful resolutions to the book and to the series. Marie Rutkoski never fails to stir up some emotions and stakes are high in book three when war finally rears its ugly head. I just love these characters who really have a quiet sort of strength and also start to take charge in this final book. The supporting cast is also phenomenal, the setting is incredibly vivid, and Marie Rutkoski’s writing is simply divine. I found myself swooning, screaming, crying, and cheering the whole way. This is one heck of a finish!
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ONCE UPON A KISS by Robin Palmer | Penguin Random House | January 5, 2016

I adore time travel books and ONCE UPON A KISS was a really fun take on time travel as well as alternate universes. When Zoe has a choking incident involving Fun Dip in good old 1986, she somehow wakes up thirty years later in 2016… But the 30 years later she wakes up in isn’t just a time travel to her own future. She’s still surrounded by all of her family and friends who are acting like they’re been a part of the 90s and 2000s all along. Zoe’s left to figure out what happened, how to fix it, and what the heck all of these futuristic gadgets are! The book was definitely cute and a super quick read. It was a laugh a minute and definitely on the lighter side! It really had a 13 Going on 30 meets Mean Girls feel.  I think I wanted a bit more depth and explanation on why/how she time traveled but overall, it was just plain cute!
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ANNA AND THE FRENCH KISS by Stephanie Perkins
This book is my all-time favorite contemporary novel. It doesn’t get better for me than Anna and Etienne St. Clair who are one of my favorite couples EVER. Naturally, this book had to find its way on this list and it’s one I’ll recommend until the end of time!
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MY LAST KISS by Bethany Neal
I loved how this book was so many things wrapped up into one! Part mystery, part paranormal, part contemporary, and all felt so natural. The concept of Cassidy revisiting her life after she died really reminded me of IF I STAY and readers have to follow Cassidy and try to solve the mystery with her of why she died and if there was something strange going on!
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SHADOW KISS by Richelle Mead
The Vampire Academy series was one of the first YA series I really go into after The Hunger Games and Delirium. It had its up and downs for me but I really enjoyed every single book and Richelle Mead was always full of surprises that I did not see coming! SHADOW KISS was one of my favorites of the series!
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This actually isn’t one of my personal favorites but I know SO many people who loved this series! I’m actually still anxious to read the second book but this one had a few bumps for me. I hit a lull in the middle and wanted a bit more magic to keep me hooked but I still can’t wait to see what the rest of the series is all about!
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What are your favorite “kiss” books? Any of these make it on your favorites list? What other ones do I need to read?

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6 thoughts on “Book Title Buzzwords | KISS

  1. Rachel @ A Perfection Called Books

    Wow there definitely are lots of “Kiss” in titles. I’m so glad to hear you liked 26 Kisses, I’ll have to bump that one up on my TBR. The cover is so cute, and if you compare it to Kasie West then you know it must be good 🙂

    I’m relieved to hear you enjoyed The Winner’s Kiss. I had a feeling Rutkoski would give a devastating end that would leave us writhing in pain, but it seems like she was merciful.

    Shadow Kiss and the Kiss of Deception are two of my favorite books! They definitely feature some wonderful romances.

    Great post! Happy Valentine’s Day 🙂

  2. Laura@125Pages

    I have the arc for 26 Kisses and love the sound of it, so I’m glad to see a good review of it. The only one of your favorite kisses I have read is Shadow Kiss and I really liked the whole series. A good kiss book I have liked recently is Blood Kiss by J.R. Ward. Great Valentine’s list! 🙂


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