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Book Scents

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Ever since I started making candles I’ve been so much more in tune with the sensory notes in the books that I read. I feel like the aromas in a book are easily skipped over and forgotten once a reader has finished because noticing and committing a smell to memory is such a unique experience that it’s harder hang onto if you haven’t experienced it first hand. I know at least for me, when a book draws on a familiar smell, I’m instantly hit with memories and nostalgia that have the potential to tie me to a book more than any other scenic description so I feel like those smells that add to the atmosphere are not to be overlooked!

Drawing upon my newly heightened awareness, I’ve started keeping track of specific scents described in books and how they really paint an even more vivid picture for the reader! Today I’m sharing some of my favorite aromas from 26 Kisses by Anna Michels because, thanks to these scents, these moments lingered long after the book was over! They immediately had me thinking back on what fragrances I would use to mimic each experience and I’ve included each one below. (Now how do we make these posts scratch and sniff?)


Dune Days

Dune Days is the annual carnival/parade/fair that’s held in Veda’s hometown of Butterfield. From rides to food to fireworks, tourists from all over flock to Butterfield to soak up the summer and fun each year.

Inspiration: ice cream, churros, funnel cakes, mini doughnuts, summer, sunshine, outdoors

Fragrances: chocolate, vanilla cupcakes, pink sugar, fresh outdoors


Float & Boat

The Float & Boat is the water recreation center owned by Veda’s friend Mel’s dad, Mr. Flaherty. Veda ends up working here over the summer and it just reminds me of the canoe trip I took with some friends a few years back! The scents are also spot on of how I would imagine the scene. Veda also mentions flopping down on the pine needles and I can just picture the bed of needles and the combination of a piney and earthy smell!

Inspiration: river, pine needles, trees, outdoors, breeze

Fragrances: pine, rain, fresh outdoors, freshly fallen leaves, sea mist


Flaherty Home

The Flaherty home is where Veda’s friend Mel lives with her parents Manuela and Bob. Manuela has an awesome vegetable garden and is always looking to feed the girls with some homemade delicious food. There’s always something cooking at the Flaherty home so what better place to select for some aromatic inspiration!

Inspiration: vegetable garden, fruit, cherry bars

Fragrances: basil & herb, meadow, garden dirt, lemon, grapefruit lemongrass, cherry


Fireworks Party

Veda attends a little gathering organized by Mel to bring her together with some friends and (as Mel plans) a possible boy to flirt with. They watch the fireworks down by the Float & Boat after everyone has left for the night.

Inspiration: pine trees, fireworks

Fragrances: pine, crackling firewood, campfire

So what do you think? What are your favorite scents from 26 Kisses? What scents bring back the most memories for you?

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Hi, I'm Brittany!

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