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Book Title Buzzwords

I love noticing title trends in the YA world (and in adult books too!) and I can also tell that there are certain words I latch onto. Book Title Buzzwords features books that I’ve read (or want to read) that follow some recent trends! 

With Laini Taylor’s latest release STRANGE THE DREAMER coming out in just months (NOTE: I found out this actualyl got pushed back to 2017 after I drafted this post. Wahhh!), I’ve been daydreaming (ha) about so many incredible books that are coming up! The title had me looking back on all of the “dream” books I’ve read and heard of recently and just like that, a new Book Title Buzzwords post was born!


The Dream Thieves - Maggie SteifvaterTHE DREAM THIEVES| Book two in The Raven Cycle | Scholastic | September 17, 2013

Naturally, THE DREAM THIEVES is the first up on the list. I still remember standing in line for this at BEA back in 2013 (my first one!) and how special it was to have it be one of my very first BEA ARCs that I ever read. The experience was even more special just because the book was so amazing. It was more than I expected it to be and if you haven’t read this series yet, it’s truly unique and something you need to experience! THE DREAM THIEVES continues the saga of Blue and her Raven Boys and what happens when things start to get a little dreamier, departing a bit more from the normal even more than there was in book one. The gang gets tighter, things get weirder, and pulses sky rocket!
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Dreams of Gods and MonstersDREAMS OF GODS AND MONSTERS by Laini Taylor | Book three in the Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy | Little, Brown | April 8, 2014

Maybe Laini Taylor just really likes dreams… This is another book with the same buzzword! DREAMS OF GODS AND MONSTERS was the conclusion to the beautifully sweeping Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy. The books are hefty in size but the content is amazing. This was actually my least favorite of the three books, simply because I felt like it spent a little too much time away from the main action, but it still delivered a satisying ending to this tense war and forbidden romance. I just love Laini Taylor’s writing so it was sad to say goodbye to this series but that makes me that much more excited for a new book coming up!
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dreamstriderDREAMSTRIDER by Lindsay Smith | Macmillan | October 6, 2015

I’m including DREAMSTRIDER on my list for its originality, even though it wasn’t a favorite read of mine. I immediately picked it up because of the dreaming concept, but in the book I actually found it to be a bit confusing. I’d dub the book “fanta-sci” (fantasy + sci-fi) because of the fantasy world and concept but using dreams (which I consider to be a sci-fi aspect, although that could also fall under the fantasy umbrella too) and the two just didn’t quite mesh the way I had hoped. The book did have so many creative concepts and really interesting facts that kept me reading and looking for more. I really wanted to get lost in this world and understand the whole dreaming aspect, plus there was a curious political conflict going on!
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Obviously! It’s the book that inspired this post!
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DREAMOLOGY by Lucy Keating
This was another book that grabbed my eye smply with the dreaming concept. I meant to read it as soon as it came out but life got in the way again. It looks so darn cute!
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My best friend Alyssa loves Cat Winters… and I still haven’t read any of her books! They’re pretty much all on my TBR though.
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I still haven’t read any of Kerstin Gier’s books but I want to! Her sci-fi concepts sound exactly like something I would enjoy!!
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What are your favorite “dream” books? What else would you recommend for fans of dreams and dream concepts?

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Hi, I'm Brittany!

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3 thoughts on “Book Title Buzzwords | DREAM

  1. Dana @ The Unprinted Protagonist

    I didn’t realize so many book titles contain the word dream. I recently read Dreamology. It was so fluffy and adorable! I loved it! I think I find myself so attracted to “dream” books because dreams offer endless possibility. They’re so mysterious because psychology still can’t explain them. They seem magical.

  2. tiare

    Don’t forget Libba Bray’s Lair of Dreams (The Diviners #2) or Jennifer Latham’s upcoming Dreamland Burning!

    I hadn’t realized how often “Dream” was used in book titles. I guess it’s just one of those words that evokes a certain mysterious feeling that publishers love.

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