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I love blogging and writing and recommending books… but I know that I tend to get a little long-winded in my blog posts! FAST FIVE FRIDAY is a means for me to recognize some favorite books and round them up for recommendations without talking your ear off.


I previously compiled a list of my Harry Potter recommendations with a whole ton of suggestions for adults who grew up reading the series. Today I’m sharing five quick recommendations for books that had a sort of Harry Potter feel because after finishing Sherry Thomas’ Elemental Trilogy, I can’t stop thinking of all of the HP feels that it gave me! With everyone either trying to push CURSED CHILD out of their minds or hungry for more magic after being back in the world of Harry Potter, I thought this would be a great time for some more recs!

What: The Burning Sky (Book one of The Elemental Trilogy)
Who: Sherry Thomas
Why: Boarding school, a chosen one, a parallel that totally just dawned on me but I can’t tell you now because it spoils a character’s twist, giant serpents, an evil villain, and an Umbridge archetype. Oh, and magic of course.
Where: Goodreads | Review (to come)

What: The Rithmatist (Book one in the Rithmatist series, number of books TBD)
Who: Brandon Sanderson
Why: Magic, Snape archetype, boarding school, magic and non-magic wiedlers, a character with a thirst for knowledge and a best friend who doesn’t really care about school.
Where: Goodreads | Review

What: The Name of the Wind (Book one in the Kingkiller Chronicle)
Who: Patrick Rothfuss
Why: Orphan main character, evil villain crew, boarding school, learning magic, great friend crew, wacky teacher who lends great support, teacher who seems out to get MC
Where: Goodreads | Review

What: Alanna: The First Adventure (Book one in the Song of the Lioness quartet)
Who: Tamora Pierce
Why: General Harry Potter feels, from the age range (starting at middle grade and moving to young adult) to the friendships to the general tone and feelnigs it gave me
Where: Goodreads | Review

What: The Night Circus
Who: Erin Morgenstern
Why: “Harry Potter for adults” — real magic, competing wizards, a beautiful love story, a motley crew of family
Where: Goodreads | Review

That’s my fast five for today! What are your go-to recommendations for Harry Potter fans? Which books do you think are the best read-alikes?

Hi, I'm Brittany!
Hi, I'm Brittany!

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