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Book Title Buzzwords

I love noticing title trends in the YA world (and in adult books too!) and I can also tell that there are certain words I latch onto. Book Title Buzzwords features books that I’ve read (or want to read) that follow some recent trends! 

Fall is here, Halloween is almost upon us, and the days are getting shorter. What better time to talk about shadows!? It’s a word I’ve seen in a lot of books titles lately and let’s be honest… they’re all pretty good books, plus plenty more I want to read!


Shadow and BoneSHADOW AND BONE | Book one in The Grisha Trilogy | Macmillan| June 5, 2012

SHADOW AND BONE is the first book I think of when it comes to shadows. I read this shortly after its debut and just loved it. I quickly became obsessed with the series and Leigh Barudgo has been one of my most favorite authors ever since! If you’re unfamilar with the series, it’s a fantasy world with Russian inspiration. Leigh Bardugo’s magic system is wonderful, entertaining, although magical, also scientific. I just love the complex relationships throughout the series and how each character really grows and changes. If you haven’t yet picked up this series, you totally should! I wasn’t super into fantasy when I started it so it’s great for those easing into the genre as well!
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Queen of ShadowsQUEEN OF SHADOWS by Sarah J. Maas | Book four in the Throne of Glass series | Bloomsbury | September 3, 2016

QUEEN OF SHADOWS is my favorite book in the Throne of Glass series so far. If you’re not familiar with the series, the fifth book, EMPIRE OF STORMS, just released this September and the last book in the series will likely come out next fall if the pattern continues and everything stays on schedule. Sarah J. Maas does some amazing plotting, connecting all the books together in QUEEN OF SHADOWS and builds some amazing character relationships as well. I think this is her best work out of any of her books she’s written and although there were some things in EMPIRE OF STORMS that I didn’t totally love, I’m still really excited to see how she wraps up this series!
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ShadowlandsSHADOWLANDS | Book one of the Shadowlands Trilogy | Disney-Hyperion | January 8, 2013

This book had some seriously surprising moments! I loved that it was mystery and thriller and a little something extra spooky. It was a great read for someone like me who doesn’t really do horror. The suspense was just great and there was more than one moment where I literally shouted out loud! I actually have yet to finish the series!! I read book two but still have to find the time to read the very last one. I really enjoyed SHADOWLANDS quite a bit but the second book wasn’t quite what I was hoping for so I guess my enthusiasm waned a little bit. I think it just wasn’t what I was expecting so the new direction put it on the back burner for a while but I do still want to finish!
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Speading of Shadowland(s), I still want to read the Mediator series by Meg Cabot! I love her adult books and need to catch up on some YA!
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SHADOW SCALE by Rachel Hartman
I loved SERAPHINA but still haven’t read the second in this duet. It’s just so large that I haven’t had the time but I seriously need to!!
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My best friend Alyssa loves Cat Winters… and I still haven’t read any of her books! She bought me this one ages ago and I still need to read it!!
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THE SHADOW SOCIETY by Marie Rutkoski
I loooved Marie’s Winners Trilogy and really want to go back and read her earlier works like THE SHADOW SOCIETY!
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Which of these “shadowy” books have you read? Any top your favorites list? Or your TBR?

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