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Today, Nisha from Paper Cranes is sharing her Halloween reading recommendations! Check out her recs below!


Hi! I’m Nisha from, and I unapologetically love Halloween. There’s candy, dozens of corny horror movies, and there’s this irreplaceable feeling of something exciting about to happen as soon as its over.

But, I also love books. (Don’t we all?) And what’s better than Halloween themed reads? I’ve read dozens of books that gave me this creepy, Halloween-esque vibe, the ones that are perfect for this time of year. So, in the spirit of everything spooky, here are some of my favorite Halloween books recommendations!

station eleven
emily st. john mandel


I thought I’d start this off with an eerie, yet dazzling tale of STATION ELEVEN, a post-apocalyptic story that was like nothing I’d ever read before. It’s a story that weaves its way through the past and future to meet in the middle and create this beautiful story that talks about the nature of people.

When I read this book, it kept me up for half the night because I just couldn’t stop reading. The story is a little bit creepy, but there’s also a lot of philosophy that makes you think about humans and the way our civilization works (though, that may be creepy, depending on your personality). I would recommend this to people who want that spine-tingling experience, but also something that gets you thinking.

this savage song
victoria schwab


Let’s get on to monsters, shall we? THIS SAVAGE SONG is a Young Adult book that takes place in a city split by two major families, but, the city is overrun by different types of monsters, which creates this whole other twist to the book.

The two best things about this book were the monsters and the writing. I thought that the way the monsters were introduced and expressed throughout the book was a way that made them intriguing and easy to understand. As for the writing, I honestly expected it to be wonderful. Victoria Schwab has an amazing writing style, and because of that, all of her books are an insta-buy for me. All in all, this is creepy, yet oddly beautiful novel that I think is perfect for Halloween.

the end games
michael martin


If you’re more The Walking Dead type, then maybe you should try this book out. This is a zombie-slash-video game themed novel, and if that doesn’t intrigue you, I’m not really sure what will. In this book, a boy named Michael is in the wilderness with his little brother Patrick, and the two of them are listening to somebody called the Game Master, who creates tasks for them, like in a video game. But, there’s a catch: they also have to stay away from the “Bellows”, which are the flesh-eating monsters that roam the woods.

I read this book a couple of years ago, and every time somebody wants Halloween recommendations, this is always on my list to them. There’s something about this book that makes it equal parts heartfelt and creepy. There’s a wonderful sibling friendship that made my heart happy, and there are also zombies. What’s not to love?

stalking jack the ripper
kerri maniscalco


This is a recent release, one that will definitely be on my top books of 2016 list, and it’s a book that I found a little bit creepy and definitely very entertaining. This book takes place in the 1800s, and our badass main character is Audrey Rose Wadsworth, who hides a career of work in her uncle laboratory behind frilled skirts and silk shoes. When her work reveals a series of gruesome corpses, she searches for her answers by herself.

If you’re someone who loves reading about conspiracy theories and unsolved murders, I highly recommend this for you. It gives a YA twist on a famous story, along with spine-chilling photographs and epic characters. I also love how badass the main character was and how she continually breaks the stereotypes of a women in that era.

So, did you find any books you like?



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Thanks so much, Nisha! These are excellent recommendations and I LOVE Stalking Jack the Ripper and Kerri Maniscalco!!! 

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  1. Amy

    Oh, these all look so GOOD! I haven’t read any of these, but Station Eleven and This Savage Song were already on my TBR, and I’ve just added the other two. I really need to accept that it’s Halloween and embrace the creepiness! 🙂

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