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Book Title Buzzwords

I love noticing title trends in the YA world (and in adult books too!) and I can also tell that there are certain words I latch onto. Book Title Buzzwords features books that I’ve read (or want to read) that follow some recent trends! 

HEARTLESS is here and it had me thinking of all of the books that have similar themes. “Heart” is a pretty common word for a book title and I love how each of these books features it in a little different way! Here are some of the “heart” titles that I’ve noticed recently!


heartless marissa meyerHEARTLESS | Macmillan| November 8, 2016

Naturally one of the first “heart” books I thought of was HEARTLESS! I just came out (on my wedding anniversary!) even though I read the ARC almost as soon as I got it! I absolutely love Marissa Meyer and The Lunar Chronicles is one of my favorite series ever so I was very excited for HEARTLESS! I didn’t love it as much as I had hoped but I’m also not a big Alice in Wonderland fan so that had a lot to do with it! The book is much closer to the original story than The Lunar Chronicles — more of a retelling in truth (or prequel, rather) than an adaptation based on a story, so that was neat! I was expecting more of an adaption so I was a bit surprised but the book was still very enjoyable. I think those who are more into whimsy and the original Alice tale will love it!
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STEELHEART by Brandon Sanderson | Book one in the Reckoners trilogy | Random House | September 24, 2013

Brandon Sanderson became a favorite of mine after I read MISTBORN (the first book of his that I read) and I quickly inhaled anything I could find that he’s written. I had forgotten I received an ARC of STEELHEART from the publisher for the longest time since I didn’t know who Sanderson was at the time and eventually actually grabbed it on audiobook. Macleod Andrews, who is one of my favorite audiobook narrators, does this series and both books and narration are absolutely fantastic. If you haven’t read any Sanderson books, these are a lot of fun and a great YA option if you’re still iffy about starting an adult fantasy.
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The Book of Broken Hearts - Sarah OcklerTHE BOOK OF BROKEN HEARTS | Simon & Schuster | May 21, 2013

It’s been a while since I read this book but I was just oh so in love with it! I still hate the cover (what a stock photo! And so not relevant to the book) but the contents are much, much better. Sarah Ockler does an amazing job with every single relationship in this book, from parents to siblings to friends to romance. I just loved how much each character really cared and the personalities just leaped off the pages. The romance was also so swoony, with a little bad boy with a heart of gold. Plus the addition of the location (Colorado) and subject matter (motorcycles) were near and dear to my heart from my own experience with my husband. This was such a beautiful novel and one I still recommend years later!
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I was excited for this book before its release but still haven’t read it. It’s still on my TBR! Anyone read and loved it?
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BLACKHEARTS by Nicole Castroman
I feel like so many people have loved this book! It definitely caught my interest and it’s a PIRATE story. We all need more pirate stories, right?
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This book has a December release date and it’s on my radar because the main character is an aroma expert. Perfect book for a candle-maker, right!?
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This book has a Night Circus feel to it, according to its blurb! It doesn’t sound exactly like it in premise but if it has the same feel, I’m totally in.
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Which of these books got to your “heart”? Looking forward to any of the same new releases?

Hi, I'm Brittany!
Hi, I'm Brittany!

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3 thoughts on “Book Title Buzzwords | HEART

  1. tiare

    Heart is a really common word in YA titles! I can thin of four additional ones off the top of my head (Mortal Heart by Robin LaFever, The Heart of Betrayal by Mary E. Pearson, The Fiery Heart by Richelle Mead, The Peculiar Night of the Blue Heart by Lauren DeStefano–although this one is technically middle-grade).

    I love this post series that you do! There’s something weirdly fun about looking at trends, haha.

  2. Lauren @ Bookmark Lit

    I did read and love THE ANATOMICAL SHAPE OF A HEART! It was really interesting and definitely a quick read.

    I’m suuuuper excited for SECRET OF A HEART NOTE but tbh just because of the cover. heheh.

  3. Alexa S.

    I loved Heartless! It’s such a wonderful, whimsical story 🙂 And I definitely enjoyed The Anatomical Shape of a Heart (the relationship in that one is adorable), and The Secret of a Heart Note (which is super cute). Hope you love them both!

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