Redesign Reactions [9]: Carry On by Rainbow Rowell


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On this edition of Redesign Reactions, let’s talk about
Carry On by Rainbow Rowell

The paperback version of CARRY ON is coming out in May and the cover got a redesign! I feel like most paperbacks come out with new cover designs and I like the marketing behind this decision! It’s a chance to give the book a fresh look, grab new readers who weren’t grabbed by the original cover, and collectors will want to add these new beauties to their collections. Let’s take a look at the new paperback cover for CARRY ON!


OLD COVER: Rainbow Rowell is a BIG name nowadays, so I remember being very disappointed when the original cover reveal happened. Messy silhouettes? Funky type that also looks disorganized? Yellow and light blue and red? It was all just so boring and pretty lack-luster for a Rainbow Rowell cover. I’ve loved the simple and yet adorable covers of her previous books and I understand that CARRY ON is very different and doesn’t need to look the same, but this was a total miss for me.

NEW COVERS: When I saw the new cover for CARRY ON my first reaction was YEAHHHH!! Okay, so I still haven’t read the book (oops), but this is everything I was expecting for a major author with an epic new book coming out. Dudes! Wands! PURPLE! A dragon! A badass scarf and blazer and this is the kind of typography I was looking for! It still looks a little doodled and hand-drawn but it’s not sloppy and all over the place. It’s more structured and placed much better.

Which do I like better? It’s a np-brainer for me. Literally EVERYTHING about the paperback cover is more appealing to me and that’s what would draw me in if I knew nothing about the book or author. I think this redesign was a slam dunk!

So tell me! Which design do you like better? Take the poll below and let me know in the comments which you prefer and why! I’d love to hear your reactions!

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Hi, I'm Brittany!

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5 thoughts on “Redesign Reactions [9]: Carry On by Rainbow Rowell

  1. Beth W

    Baz and Simon? Yes. It’s so meta! I love it. I agree that the first (hardcover) looks sloppy and gives zero clues about the book. I vastly prefer the paperback.

  2. Morgan @ The Bookish Beagle

    I’ve gotten used to the hardcover but I really love the paperback!!! It reflects the characters and the book so well (which is super fun, you should read it!!!). I don’t love the dragon eyeball (it’s a little scary) but everything together looks great. Redesigns are always so hit or miss.

  3. Nicole @ Nicole's Novel Reads

    The paperback cover design is full of magic and epic adventures with Simon and Baz. Also, the cover definitely screams fantasy compared to the hardcover design. The hardcover design markets the book as a contemporary read just by looking at it. I definitely think the paperback cover would be fitting for a graphic novel as well.

  4. Elisquared

    Oh the paperback cover is clearly so much better! It still has that drawn feel, but it is much more focused and dynamic. Which, as far as I can tell from reviews, there is a lot of action in this book, so something dynamic gives people a better sense of the plot.

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