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After five years of blogging, sometimes it’s hard to come up with new ideas. So much has changed over the years, including my blogging style, many times over, and I’ve gotten so much more into taking photos and posting on Instagram as a part of my love of books and bookish merch!

In an attempt to keep things interesting and fun, I wanted to started a little something new for me where I take a post that I had originally shared on Instagram — or “bookstagram” for those in the book community — and took it a little further in a blog post. There’s a limited  number of characters that you can share on Insta and the point of those posts is more to get to the point, rather than writing a whole narrative, but sometimes each post deserves a few extra words, and “As Seen on Instagram” is a fun way for me to do that!


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I recently shared a post featuring this Little Mermaid print from Nerdy Post‘s Disney box from a few months back on top of some book cozies from The Cozy Life. The photo just started out as me digging through my “Instagram Prop Box” to see what I hadn’t photographed in a while — if ever — and I hadn’t even taken a close-up of this beautiful print with a quite from The Little Mermaid! I tend to play around with the layout of my photos a lot and didn’t like the first shot of the print by itself, so I put it on top of my stack of book sleeves from my favorite book sleeve company, The Cozy Life.

Even more inspiration to write this post today was that I went a little overboard on Steffani’s restock yesterday with some really fun fall and flannel prints! I realized that I didn’t have a book sleeve big enough to fit my RENEGADES ARC and since I tote my books around in my purse, it really needs one! My purse is a tad too small and I’m not exactly gentle with it so I need that extra cushion and protection so I don’t beat up my books!

On my Instagram post, I had shared a little bit about how I came to purchase from The Cozy Life. Book Beau was the big name in book sleeves on the scene at the time but I never had luck snagging one before they were all sold out, and I got really discouraged in many ways. I gave up for a little bit until I found The Cozy Life! I purchased one of Steffani’s book sleeves and fell in love! I was hoping to grab a book sleeve before I had to leave to stay in Indiana at the hospital with my husband for two months and I REALLY wanted to get a sleeve before I left so I knew I could keep my books safe, both in transit and while I was staying somewhere new. I had ordered my very first and left a note in the comments for Steffani, letting her know my situation and that I had to leave in a few days, requesting if possible for it to be shipped quickly but being a small business myself, I know that’s not always possible so I totally understood if she couldn’t. My Cozy shipped immediately, arrived in lovely packaging, and was just beautiful! I became an instant fan and have only shopped at The Cozy Life since!

Steffani has three different sized book sleeves (and I love that they’re named after trees): Sapling, which is meant to hold ereaders and mass market paperbacks; Pine, which is meant to hold paperbacks and smaller hardcovers; and Redwood, which is meant to hold larger hardcovers and thicker books! I had instantly purchased a Pine and later followed up with another Pine and a Sapling. I just snagged my first Redwood yesterday and I can’t wait to receive it!

I’ve loved everything I’ve received so far and I’m so excited for my new fall book sleeves! I got a few flannel prints that will also work well for winter and I can’t wait to show them off on Instagram too!

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Do you have any book sleeves from The Cozy Life? Which prints have been your favorites? I didn’t think I needed more than one in each size but I’ve somehow become addicted and need different seasonal ones! Damn you, collector’s spirit!

If you want to read the original post, check it out above or head to my Instagram page where you can follow for all kinds of bookish photo updates! 

Hi, I'm Brittany!
Hi, I'm Brittany!

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  1. Chrystal

    Wow how awesome was that. She shipped ASAP and you love the quality. So WIN WIN!

    I’ll be checking her shop out for my next purchase. I finally received my first Book Beau after being part of the kickstarter campaign, but I’m always looking around to support small businesses as much as I can so a sleeve from The Cozy Life sounds like my next purchase.


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