A Book and a Candle | Harry Potter + House of the Wise (In the Wick of Time)

I was chatting with my dear friend Andi from Andi’s ABCs the other day, mulling over what kind of new blog post I could possibly come up with for my blog. After blogging for five years and feeling like I’m repeating so many things and having candles take over my life with Novelly Yours (in a good way), I just don’t have as much time or energy to create some of those fun graphics and infographics that I used to love to spend hours and even days creating! Book and a Beverage really kind of died out with so many people having already done it and me having a hard time keeping track of blog posts sometimes so she suggested I switch things up to fit my life with more of what I’m doing now… and do a little switch from books & beverages to books & candles! I already post quite a bit of books & candles on my Instagram account and it seemed like the perfect way to really tie everything back together!

Here on A Book and a Candle, I share two of my favorite things! I started my own candle shop about two years ago and ever since then, my candle addiction has only grown exponentially! I share a lot of my photos on Instagram but not many really make it to my blog so this seemed like a great opportunity to talk some more about books and candles and how one enhances the other!

Today I’m sharing a photo of my newly purchased candle from In the Wick of Time! I had purchased two mini tins in a holiday sale from Kaylan’s shop last year and loved her fragrances so I finally broke down and bought some more after her most recent restock, and of course, I had to have her take on the Ravenclaw candle!

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THE BOOK: HARRY POTTER AND THE SORCERER’S STONE (20th anniversary edition) | Goodreads | Review
THE CANDLE: House of the Wise from In the Wick of Time | Buy it here
Candle scents: Earl Grey tea & books

The question more so nowadays is who ISN’T a Harry Potter fan more so than who is one. There’s no doubt my love for the series runs deep and I’ve recently become obsessed with buying all things Ravenclaw, specifically candles. It’s really fun to see the different takes and most shops happen to include tea and books as Ravenclaw scents (for obvious reasons) so it’s interesting to see how differently some of them turn out as well!

One thing I really like about In the Wick of Time is Kaylan’s detailed blends. Obviously I don’t know what goes into her candles but they really do smell like they have many different layers to them and I like being able to get that candle FEEL. House of the Wise does smell like books and tea, but the tea is a little more potent than some of the other Ravenclaw candles that I own (or even just candles advertising tea scents) and I like that it really stands out! I know tea fragrances can sometimes be really good blends and base notes and I feel like I can really smell it in this candle! There’s also a nice comforting woody, papery note for the essence of books that works pleasingly well with the tea! This really is one of my favorite Ravenclaw representations, especially since so many shops have a book and tea combination. It’s hard to get something different but I love this interpretation from In the Wick of Time!

And naturally, I don’t really have to talk about HARRY POTTER AND THE SORCERER’S STONE as a book in itself, but I can’t resist showing off these anniversary editions! When I started seeing them around Instagram, I was sure they were bank-breakers but they were actually super cheap from Book Depository! The hardcover is around $15 and the paperback is under $9! I was only going to buy one but at those prices and free shipping from Book Depository, I bought them both and I’m SO happy that I did. They’re gorgeous in photos but they’re even more beautiful in person. I keep forgetting that there’s extra info for the selected House, depending on which one you buy, and I need to go back and read up more on my Ravenclaw gang!

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** All candles featured in A Book and a Candle have been obtained by my own choosing, whether by direct purchase or in a candle swap and there have been no exchanges or free product sent to me to feature. Candle shops featured are of my choosing and each candle summary/review are my own words and opinions. I have not been influenced in any way to write these posts other than my own pure enjoyment of each candle! I’m just sharing what I love! ** 

Hi, I'm Brittany!
Hi, I'm Brittany!

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