Top Ten Tuesday: October 24, 2017 – Ten Unique Book Titles

It’s Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by the wonderful blog at The Broke and the Bookish! This week’s topic: 
Ten Unique Book Titles

YA tends to be a world of trends (well, all books in general but I notice it in YA especially) so it’s fun to come across very unique book titles that break the mold of “This & That” and a court/king/queen, etc. Here are some of my favorites to go with today’s Top Ten Tuesday theme!

BLUE LILY, LILY BLUE by Maggie Stiefvater | I used to not like this title because it didn’t fit into the pattern of the series but the more you get to know the book and the series, the more secrets it holds. Between the concept, the use of Blue’s name, and the mirror back on itself, it really is incredibly appropriate!

A SEMI DEFINITIVE LIST OF WORST NIGHTMARES by Krystal Sutherland | This was a recent read of mine and a very fun book! It combined a dash of magical realism set mostly in realistic fiction and the title is 100% accurate.

THERE’S SOMEONE INSIDE YOUR HOUSE by Stephanie Perkins | If this title doesn’t tell you what this book is, I don’t know what will!

KILL THE BOY BAND by Goldy Moldavsky | This title immediately tells you that you’re in for some dark humor! It’s silly and fun and I had such a blast reading it.

WINK POPPY MIDNIGHT by April Genevieve Tucholke | I actually don’t even like this title but it is quite unique. With names like “Wink” and “Midnight”, it certainly makes for a unique title. It mashes together the names of the three main characters which isn’t exactly creative but it does catch your eye and make you wonder.

SHADOWS FOR SILENCE IN THE FORESTS OF HELL by Brandon Sanderson | This book is a Sanderson novella, and isn’t it always the long titles that really stand out and scream “unique”? The title may be longer than the novella (just kidding) but it certainly does outline the feel of the book!

THE GIRL WHO CIRCUMNAVIGATED FAIRYLAND IN A SHIP OF HER OWN MAKING by Catherynne M. Valente | Speaking of long titles…. I haven’t even read these books but this title certainly does stick out in my mind and was the first book I thought of for this topic!

THE F-IT LIST by Julie Halpern | Apparently I don’t like unique titles because while this one stands out, I also hate it. It implies a swear (which is actually used in the book but for obvious reasons can’t be used in the title of a YA novel) but it’s like… just use the word or use a different title? Nevertheless, I remember it.

REVENGE OF THE GIRL WITH THE GREAT PERSONALITY by Elizabeth Eulberg | Ahhh, who else has been in that position? I immediately loved the title of this book and although long, it’s simply perfect for the book.

HOLD ME CLOSER, NECROMANCER by Lish McBride | This title is just TOO PERFECT. How clever and fun!

AN ABUNDANCE OF KATHERINES by John Green | The concept for this boo/title was so stupid (no one dates 19 Katherines by chance. That would be some sort of unhealthy mission/obsession) but there’s certainly nothing like it that I know of!

What are some of your favorite unique book titles? There are so many that follow a pattern that they’re sometimes hard to find!

Hi, I'm Brittany!
Hi, I'm Brittany!

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