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After five years of blogging, sometimes it’s hard to come up with new ideas. So much has changed over the years, including my blogging style, many times over, and I’ve gotten so much more into taking photos and posting on Instagram as a part of my love of books and bookish merch!

In an attempt to keep things interesting and fun, I wanted to started a little something new for me where I take a post that I had originally shared on Instagram — or “bookstagram” for those in the book community — and took it a little further in a blog post. There’s a limited  number of characters that you can share on Insta and the point of those posts is more to get to the point, rather than writing a whole narrative, but sometimes each post deserves a few extra words, and “As Seen on Instagram” is a fun way for me to do that!


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As we all know, KINGDOM OF ASH, the finale to the Throne of Glass series, is almost here!

I’ve been a complicated jumble of thoughts regarding this series conclusion and the Throne of Glass series has been such a roller coaster of feelings for me! I really enjoyed THRONE OF GLASS and then positively loved CROWN OF MIDNIGHT, HEIR OF FIRE, and QUEEN OF SHADOWS. QUEEN OF SHADOWS was even my top, top favorite book of 2016.

Then came the downward slide, for me. I had also adored A COURT OF THORNS AND ROSES and didn’t quite feel the love for A COURT OF MIST AND FURY, despite it being nearly everyone’s favorite sequel ever. I was very disappointed in EMPIRE OF STORMS and couldn’t believe how bad A COURT OF WINGS AND FURY felt and now I’m still struggling to even finish TOWER OF DAWN. I’m so disappointed still that Chaol’s story was shoved aside in EMPIRE OF STORMS and that TOWER OF DAWN was even “necessary”. I’ve been told it’s important but I’m about halfway through and so far, it really doesn’t feel like it.

It’s so sad to feel so apathetic about a series I once told people they must read, something I bragged about and shared, and now I don’t know what to feel! I really am interested in seeing how the series will end and how everything will wrap up. EMPIRE OF STORMS and TOWER OF DAWN aside, one thing I really liked was how the whole series kept folding in on itself and things from the first books were constantly brought up again, now known to be important. I’m hoping she knew how the series would end the whole time, so I’m hoping to see a lot more of that in the final book and I’m hoping it will bring back those feelings!

After the conclusion of A Court of Thorns and Roses with ACOWAR, well…. it makes me really nervous. You’d think a series conclusion would have ended a lot better than that but since Throne of Glass is a much longer series, I’m hoping there will be a lot of things ready and waiting to wow us.

How are you feeling about the upcoming release of KINGDOM OF ASH? Are you excited? Nervous? Apathetic? I’m such a jumble of feelings!

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Hi, I'm Brittany!
Hi, I'm Brittany!

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  1. whitney

    Thanks for this post. It came at exactly the right time for me! I have not read anything by this author previously but just picked up A court of mist and fury. I am always wary of reading books with lots of hype because i worry that it wont live up to it. I am still undecided about how i feel about this or if i want to put this down and try a throne of glass instead.

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