What I Loved [August 2018]

In an attempt to get back into the blogging swing, I wanted to revisit my monthly recaps but in a much more casual way! Instead of focusing on stats and posts, I’m sharing some of my favorite things about this month, from books to merch to life and everything in between!


I took a little Netflix break since I was so far ahead on my Goodreads challenge and didn’t read as many books this month, but it was still a very respectable amount! I even finished a few print books too by giving myself time to read on the weekends!

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I caught up with the October Daye series, tried a few new firsts in other series, finished a couple ARCs, and started re-reading The Raven Cycle. I didn’t know what to start and wanted to spend time with those characters again and now seemed like a great time to do it! I took a nice break and binged some Netflix shows so I didn’t read as much as I normally do in a month but it was nice to take that break and pay attention a little less!


I really didn’t get anything new this month! I purchased a few candles from Canterbury Road Co (which is pretty much a monthly thing for me. I need those babies). I finally got my first candles in Alchemy & Ink’s latest restock but I don’t have them in-hand yet so I’ll have to show them off next month!


I took a little reading break to watch some shows this month and I did a lot of Netflix binge-watching! I continued watching Lost In Space (the reboot, obviously) and it was really, really enjoyable! I didn’t realize it was one season so I was bummed when I finished and it ended on a cliffhanger! I’ll definitely be waiting to see when that comes back.

After being left hanging there, I wanted to find another show that was already complete or at least had more seasons and being on a sci-fi kick, I started watching Continuum. Its premise is that a bunch of terrorists were about to be sentenced to death when they traveled back in time and one “Protector” (aka future cop) got pulled back with them. The concept was neat and the show was definitely action-packed but I really didn’t like the lead of the show. I found her very flat most of the time and when she was showing emotion, it felt super cheesy. She just seemed so robotic so I was bored and in a state of disbelief all at the same time. The show was four seasons and it seemed like it got cancelled and the fourth season was cut short just to wrap things up instead of keeping it going.


August wasn’t a super eventful month! We took a trip up to a bakehouse in Wisconsin with my family and it was a really nice, relaxing time. Other than that, Shane has been trying to really get  back into the swing of home brewing again to try to get some good, solid beers. It’s something he’s always enjoyed and the ideal goal would be for him to open a brewery someday so you have to start somewhere! But luckily for me, that means lots of good, home-brewed beer and lots of trips to the home-brew store/microbrewery that makes amazing beer!

Hi, I'm Brittany!
Hi, I'm Brittany!

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  1. Sam@WLABB

    I am very excited to see Wildcard earning 5-stars. I loved Warcross (and Marie Lu, for that matter), and am glad to see people are enjoying the next book in the series.


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