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After five years of blogging, sometimes it’s hard to come up with new ideas. So much has changed over the years, including my blogging style, many times over, and I’ve gotten so much more into taking photos and posting on Instagram as a part of my love of books and bookish merch!

In an attempt to keep things interesting and fun, I wanted to started a little something new for me where I take a post that I had originally shared on Instagram — or “bookstagram” for those in the book community — and took it a little further in a blog post. There’s a limited  number of characters that you can share on Insta and the point of those posts is more to get to the point, rather than writing a whole narrative, but sometimes each post deserves a few extra words, and “As Seen on Instagram” is a fun way for me to do that!



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All the internet can talk about lately is the Netflix release of To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before!

Even the Netflix Twitter account agrees Peter Kavinsky is goals and people are just loving this movie! I’ve watched the movie three times now and I still think it’s just adorable. Where so many fantasy, dystopian, or simply drama-filled novels have been hitting the big screens, this romcom was exactly what we needed and Netflix was the perfect place for it! This easy, happy, fun romcom is the perfect kind of movie to watch and love, and in the age of the Netflix binge, when you only have one of them, what do you do? Watch it again! So many fans have watched the movie multiple times and I think Netflix was exactly the perfect places for this sort of feel-good movie.

With all the hype of the movie, I finally decided to read the series for the first time! I listened to the audiobook for all here and plan on posting reviews for the series, but I’m actually super thankful for the movie and maybe feel a little blasphemous saying that I loved the movie so much more. While some things are lost from page to screen (as it is with literally any adaption), I think the movie made Lara Jean and Peter easier to relate to no matter your age. Their relationship is something to appreciate and the movie amped up the “romcom” factor, adding in more humor and taking out some drama, just changing the tone slightly, in my opinion. I actually really enjoyed this change because I had a hard time with some of the unnecessary drama.

One issue I had throughout the whole series was Lara Jean’s narration/stream of consciousness. She was very young for her age and I found myself annoyed with a lot of her immaturity. I’m not sure if that was me reading this series for the first time as an adult and being more sensitive about that, but that aspect really did hinder how much I enjoyed my reads. I still read a lot of YA books but I’ve been having issues with some immaturity lately and I can’t tell if it’s the actual book, the writing style, or just me growing out of some of these YA level books. I felt like the movie still got Lara Jean’s character right and she is still naive, a dreamer, and young, but not being in her head 100% of the time really helped and it was more fun to see a lot of things unfold rather than hearing them in Lara Jean’s own voice.

I personally hope that Netflix ends up taking on some other YA adaptations! I know I’m not the only one hoping for a Stephanie Perkins Anna/Lola/Isla adaptation and of course, I still want to see the rest of the To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before series hit the screen because there’s still a lot left to tell in this story! With its success, I feel like it has to happen! Hopefully this craze will bring us the rest of the series and will open the door for other adaptions to come through!

How many times have you watched the To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before movie? What other books would you love to see adapted on Netflix?

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Hi, I'm Brittany!
Hi, I'm Brittany!

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3 thoughts on “As Seen on Bookstagram | To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

  1. Amaris (

    This was the first time I saw a movie and wanted to do a re-watch right after it ended! Yes, I totally agree that the movie made Lara Jean and Peter much more relatable. It seems a lot of people also think that Lara Jean sounds childish for her age in the book, but you really can’t tell in the movie.

  2. Angelica @ Paperback Princess

    I haven’t read the books but watched the movie after it was all over Instagram. I loved the movie, watched it 3 times in 3 days, but then I watched the Kissing Booth and fell in love with Jacob Elordi…a tale for a different day LOL, but I’m now so scared to read the book, your not the first to say that LJ was somewhat annoying in the book.

    So I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled to see the consensus and if most people didn’t like the book, I might give it a miss.

    Great post and feature.


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