What I Loved [September 2018]

In an attempt to get back into the blogging swing, I wanted to revisit my monthly recaps but in a much more casual way! Instead of focusing on stats and posts, I’m sharing some of my favorite things about this month, from books to merch to life and everything in between!


I did more Netflix binge-watching this month and ended up reading the same amount as August (11 books), which is still highly respectable! I just ended up reading what I felt like and even put a couple books aside that just weren’t working for me.


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I had a lot of fun with new releases in my latest series binges like Alex Verus #9 and October Daye #12! I basically ruined myself for any new books because between those and re-reading The Raven Cycle, I just haven’t wanted to read much of anything else unless it’s a favorite author or book. Maybe October will be the month of re-reading… I always like September and October to be witchy months but I feel like I’m striking out on those!


I actually had quite a few candle orders come in this month! I took advantage of a few sales and of course needed everyone’s fall candles!

  • MY WICK OF TEA:  Sweater Weather, Pale Daughter, Nikolai Lantsov (trade)
  • CANTERBURY ROAD CO: Rowan, Currently Reading: Trick or Treat Yo Shelf, Reading in the Library, Currently Reading: Autumn Edition, Something Wicked This Way Comes, The Belles, Love Simon, Reading by the Fire
  • FROSTBEARD STUDIOS: Winter Keep, The Inklings
  • THREE KNOCKS CANDLES: Physical Kids Cottage, Stalking Jack the Ripper box (trade)
  • ALCHEMY & INK: Sirius Black, Ravenclaw, King of Scars, Reading Nook
  • WICKY WICKY CANDLE CO: Illyrian Warrior, Lazlo Strange, House of Mist

I also bought my first-ever Shelflove Crate box! I loved all of the fandoms involved and Shelflove did a great job of curating the box… But I think I’m still just struggling with feeling the need to keep anything in sub boxes. There’s a gorgeous pillow case (like for a throw pillow) but it’s something I’ll never use and I have so many little stickers and bookmarks that things just end up in cabinets or shelves. As wonderfully curated as it was, I’m not sure I’ll continue getting any sub boxes. I wanted to try a new one to see if it worked better for me but I’m just too picky and I have too much stuff! (Thanks, #bookstagram haha)


I did a lot more binge watching this month! I was still on a sci-fi kick so after finishing Continuum last month, I watched the only season (so far) of Ascension and it was neat! There were some good twists but I also still didn’t totally love it. Then I moved to Dark Matter which had some REALLY good episodes but then there were a lot of in between ones that were blah. I watched all three seasons and I’ll definitely keep watching if/when there are more episodes but I felt like it could have been a little more cohesive going from episode to episode.

Now I started Castle Rock on Hulu and I’m six episodes in! (Yes, that was all from one day.) I have no idea what’s going on but it’s really interesting and I’m dying to find out!


September was a chill month! The weather FINALLY started to cool down and I have been loving it! Shane and I went to a few local beer events and they were a lot of fun, but now I think I’m done with them for a while too haha! We got to try a lot of great new beers but we’re also in our 30s and while that was really enjoyable, that was a lot of drinking that we’re not used to doing haha!!

Hi, I'm Brittany!
Hi, I'm Brittany!

I'm an avid reader, candle-maker, and audiobook lover! Here you'll find book reviews, fun blog posts, and my other loves of photography & craft beer!

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  1. April Books & Wine

    Order ALL the candles! I love it! Also, yeah, these fall months make me want witchy/Halloween-esque books too. I’m in the middle of Hocus Pocus and The All New Sequel, It’s okay but nothing that has been super excited.


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