What I Loved [November 2018]

In an attempt to get back into the blogging swing, I wanted to revisit my monthly recaps but in a much more casual way! Instead of focusing on stats and posts, I’m sharing some of my favorite things about this month, from books to merch to life and everything in between!


November was such a busy month and I shamefully only posted four blog posts this past month! I’ve really been wanting to keep up with blog even though I’ve been so busy with candles but I’ve been so wiped out from all of the Black Friday preparation and orders that I keep falling asleep on the couch after I get home from a day of candlemaking! Hopefully this month, I’ll be able to do some working ahead and getting back to some blogging! I really do miss it.


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This is almost definitely my “worst” month of the year but once again, I felt like doing a lot of binge watching and I just wasn’t in the mood for audiobooks. The only print book I managed to finish this moth was KINGDOM OF ASH but that was 1000 pages so I think that would normally count as like three books, haha! I did start THE BONE SEASON but I’m only halfway through so I wouldn’t have finished this month anyway, but I am really happy with my MISTBORN re-reads because there is SO much that I forgot!


In early November, I got to interview Marissa Meyer (see previous post) and attend her event in Naperville, IL! As always, it was so delightful to see her and I didn’t even make her sign 50 books haha! The event was a lot of fun with great energy and it was so much fun to attend for a book other than The Lunar Chronicles (I wasn’t able to make it to her last event in a previous year).


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Brittany (@bookswrotemystory), Megan (@meganthemeganerd), and I spent the weekend together for the event and we made a trip of it! We went out to Volumes in Chicago for some book-inspired coffee and some bookstore time and even stopped by a Friends-theme pop-up bar! I was kind of hoping for more with the pop-up bar, but it was still fun to pretend we were on the set of Friends!


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November was all about Dexter! I started a re-watch in October that led me all the way through November, finally finishing the series on the very last day of the month. There was a lot that I forgot in earlier seasons so it was good to refresh my memory and things were just absolutely crazy in the last few seasons! I really did enjoy every episode. I’m not sure I loved the way that it ended but it definitely made for an emotional finale and it was a good way to close things off. Now I only wish those season 9 rumors had been true! I googled just to make sure and nope, it was a fan-made poster that set the whole thing into motion. Not gonna happen.

Hi, I'm Brittany!
Hi, I'm Brittany!

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  1. April Books & Wine

    Soooo, I did not know about the TBR cart trend, but LOL I just went on Target saw there is a cart at my local Target, emailed my husband a link and was like I NEED ONE. Hopefully he gets me one for Christmas. So, thanks for teaching me today about TBR carts.


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