What I Loved [February 2019]

In an attempt to get back into the blogging swing, I wanted to revisit my monthly recaps but in a much more casual way! Instead of focusing on stats and posts, I’m sharing some of my favorite things about this month, from books to merch to life and everything in between!


I had a couple DNFs in February that screwed up my reading flow! Then I just decided to do a series re-read and getting into some more TV show binges, because that’s become quite a norm for me now! As much as I love spending all my time listening to audiobooks, I’ve really been enjoying this break from listening and I watched some great shows this month! But anyway, this part is about the books so let’s get to it!


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  • Suspicious Minds (Stranger Things #1) by Gwneda Bond
  • The Vanishing Stair (Truly Devious #2) by Maureen Johnson


  • # BOOKS READ: 8
  • # BOOKS DNF: 2
    • 5 STARS: 2
    • 4.5 STARS: 1
    • 4 STARS: 2
    • 3.5 STARS: 0
    • 3 STARS: 3
    • 2.5 STARS: 0
    • AUDIOBOOK: 8
    • ARC: 0
    • HARDCOVER: 0


I stopped by local indie Harvey’s Tales again while I was in the area, just to stop in, and also made it into local Indies The Bookshop of Glen Ellyn (to drop off more candles!) and Prairie Path Books in Wheaton. I had never been into the Wheaton bookstore before and it was great to see the Glen Ellyn bookstore after its remodel!


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I started a bullet journal this year in part because I wanted to make my own reading journal but also so I could keep track of TV shows! I realized how much I actually watch while I’m working and when Shane and I sit down to watch things at night so I started keeping track of the shows I’ve been binge watching!

Here’s what I watched in February:

  • THE OFFICE (Netflix): Finished Season 5 (started in January), watched all of seasons 6-9 | SERIES FINISHED
  • BETTER CALL SAUL (Netflix, Amazon): Finished Season 3 (started in January), purchased Season 4 to watch via Amazon | SERIES FINISHED THROUGH CURRENT RELEASES
  • THE SANTA CLARITA DIET (Netflix): Started and finished Seasons 1 and 2 | SERIES FINISHED THROUGH CURRENT RELEASES

I had a lot of fun completing my re-watch of The Office because I hadn’t seen the later seasons until earlier this year (which is what prompted my re-watch) and I still hadn’t seen all of the episodes! I had missed some here and there so it was great to really know that I’ve seen everything.

Shane and I loved Breaking Bad and we’ve been loving Better Call Saul! We dropped the money to buy the 4th season from Amazon so we didn’t have to stop watching it even though it’ll probably be on Netflix later this year.

I absolutely LOVED The Umbrella Academy and thought it was so good!! It was so enjoyable, I loved the abilities, the characters were great, and there were some awesome twists I didn’t see coming!

And lastly, I binge watched The Santa Clarita Diet in two days, basically watching the first season in one day and the second season the next day, both while I was working. It was so funny while being dark and I just had so much fun watching it!

I also watched all four Hunger Games movies after listening to the books as re-reads and I had never seen the last movie, actually! It was the perfect reason to re-watch the movies and finally see the very last one.

Hi, I'm Brittany!
Hi, I'm Brittany!

I'm an avid reader, candle-maker, and audiobook lover! Here you'll find book reviews, fun blog posts, and my other loves of photography & craft beer!

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