My personal policy is that I post a review for every book that I read (or if I decided not to finish with enough to discuss, I will post my thoughts on why I chose not to finish). All reviews are posted on my blog and I cross-post on Amazon, Netgalley, and Edelweiss (when available). I will always post my honest feelings, even if they happen to be negative!


I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com.
What does this change about my blog? The answer is absolutely nothing aside from the fact that when you click on any link that takes you to Amazon, should you choose to purchase something in that session using my specific affiliate link, a tiny portion of that sale will go to me. ANY and ALL money that I get from this affiliate program all go straight back to my blog. Books purchased to review, more giveaways, domain updates — you name it. All of it goes straight back to The Book Addict’s Guide to help me support the financial aspect of running this book blog!
As required by Amazon for affiliate purposes, I am declaring that no content on my blog is directed at children under the age of thirteen.

I am not currently looking for an advertisement offers on my website. I do not approve of my email address being shared for advertisement opportunities.


  • I am not accepting review requests or guest post/feature requests at this time. My schedule has gotten quite so I will not have the time available to dedicate to any new requests to review or schedule a new blog post. Please no emails to ask if I can make an exception — the reason I can’t accept review requests is because I simply don’t have the time and I can’t accept a request to let the book go unread. I am also behind in my blogging efforts and do not currently have the extra time put together a feature or spotlight request.
  • (When accepting requests), I will review in: physical print, ebook/egalley, audiobook.
  • I will never sell an ARC (I think that goes without being said, but you never know). I treat ARCs with respect, but I may pass it along to my close friends/family to enjoy as well. If you would prefer I do NOT share an ARC, please note when sending.
  • Due to the main focus of my blog, when requests are open I will only accepting young adult review requests.
  • Please only ask if you want a fair review, regardless of outcome. All of my reviews are honest every review gets posted on my blog as well as Goodreads. Not everyone will like every book so there is a chance I may post that I was not a fan of the book or aspects of the book. Please be aware that this is a possibility.

The best way to reach me is by email. (Link located in my sidebar!) Email is always the preferred method as requests get lost on social media and are often ineffective book pitches!

Please note that I do NOT approve of my email address (or other methods of contacting me) for newsletters, mailings, or other forms of mass communication that I did not sign up for. I do not currently have the time to participate in blog tours, blitzes, guest posts, or book features at this time.

Thank you for considering me for your request and for reading this page before contacting me. I appreciate your respect for my preferences and requests. As always, much appreciated!

Hi, I'm Brittany!
Hi, I'm Brittany!

I'm an avid reader, candle-maker, and audiobook lover! Here you'll find book reviews, fun blog posts, and my other loves of photography & craft beer!

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